Young Buck Net Worth 2018 – How much is Young Buck Net Worth?

Just a walkthrough at his first attempts to get into the music industry, particularly Hip-Hip would be great. His background will let you know what inspired him to do Hip-Hop, his changes through different labels and most importantly his career growth which is related to his net worth. Do you know how much is Young Buck Net Worth in 2018?

Young Buck Net Worth 2018

Young Buck Net Worth 2018 - Young Buck Net Worth

Young Buck is an American rapper who came to the lime light in the late 90’s and early 2000’s through Cash money records at a teenage state. His net worth grew due to the Hip-hop career that he had surrounding him. Likewise, he has his own record label, Cashville, it was formerly known as G-unit south before some changes were done. He is famously known for being amongst the G-unit’s crew from way back then around 2004 before parting his way and coming back to the crew later. He has some hot singles such as “Get buck” and “shorty wanna ride”. Although his net worth at the moment is fairly good, he made a fortune out of his Hip-Hop career. But before we get deeper into Young Buck’s the net worth, let’s take a look at what brought him to his topnotch spot of his career right from the beginning.

Biography & Wiki

Biography & Wiki - Young Buck Net Worth

Born on March 15th 1981 in Nashville, Tennessee, David Darnell Brown is famously known by his hip-hop stage name of Young Buck. Starting from a tender young age of about 12 years, Young Back was rhyming and rapping. Inspiration mixed with jealously feelings towards his friend Cole led him down the path of rapping to become better than him. By 14 he was already in the studio. Later on, at the age of 16 he was given a chance to perform to the co-founder of Cash-Money record label. He performed ‘’baby’’ and got lucky enough to get signed to Cash Money. In 2000, Young Buck dropped an album “Thuggin’ Till the End” which he partnered with T- Day. The following year Young Buck joined UTP record label he was to release two albums under that label but that could not happen. 50 cent had offered him a place in G-unit.

Still, under G-unit, Young buck released “Straight Outta Cashville” in 2004. This album was a success since it sold over 2.3 million copies worldwide to the point which it was certified platinum. In 2007 Buck released another album under G-unit “Buck the World”. Later on, young Buck was in a kind if a brawl with G-unit which made 50 cent to release a recorded phone call of him in a low mood where he was crying and being apologetic. To get back to 50 cent in a vengeful way, Young back released some songs to shake off 50 cent and G-unit. In 2010 he released another album which was independently done, “The Rehab”, it got about 7000 sales in the first week.

After Young Buck’s ups and downs with G-unit, surprisingly, he reunited with them in 2012. This got him back to the G-unit studio again where he recorded another mix tape titled ‘’ Before the Beast”. He featured some of G-unit’s artists and rappers such as Lloyd banks, Tony Yayo and a newly signed artist Kidd Kidd. In addition to that, he was also featured in two of the group’s albums that were released in 2014 and 2015.

How much is Young Buck Net Worth? How much is his income?

How much is Young Buck Net Worth? How much is his income? - Young Buck Net Worth

Young buck is worth $100,000 in 2018. Right, it is not what you expected. Still, it is a fortune that came through Hip-Hop and the albums he released under G-unit and also some of the alums he did independently.

How did Young Buck amass his wealth?

How did Young Buck amass his wealth? - Young Buck Net Worth

Young Buck’s wealth started accumulating back from 2004 through the album “Straight outta Cashville”. With 2.6 million sold worldwide, it is clear that the album thickened his pockets. In addition to that, he had another album by the name T.I.P which he was doing independently in 2002 before he was signed to G-unit, it was released in 2005. During the first week of sales it made about $26000. 2007 came with another album from Young buck “Buck the World” and this accumulated $0.14 million giving him more financial stability.

After a long time of lying in the low away from G-unit, he came back and appeared in two of G-unit’s EP albums. “The Beauty of Independence” which was released in 2014 and “The Beast is G-Unit” which came out in 2015. Young buck’s cut from the two albums was about $34000 in total.

However, it is important to note that he underwent some financial dilemma which started in 2010 when he filed for bankruptcy protection. He went back and forth to stop seizure of his property through many court proceedings but in the end he had taxes of about $638,500 to pay up.

Awards & Achievements

Awards & Achievements - Young Buck Net Worth

Through his music career Young Buck was awarded for some of his work, he was also given big nominations. Here are some of the awards and nominations that Young Buck got. 3 MTV music awards. When it comes to the nominations, Young buck got plenty of those, in his career he got more than 7 different nominations. Some of the awards he was nominated for were: artist of the year and mix tape of year by Southern Entertainment Awards between different times, from 2009-2013.

Interesting things that you need to know about Young Buck

1. Young buck is an American rapper.

2. He owns his own music label and has some several artists signed up already.

3. Young Buck was born in Nashville, Tennessee.

4. His music career began at 16 when he was signed to Cash Money.

5. He was a member of G-unit before quitting and re-uniting.

6. Young buck has three children two daughters and one son.

7. Young buck filed for bankruptcy protection in 2010.

8. He has 13 nominations in his music career.

9. Young Buck has also been involved in some filmography time and again.

10. He has been in prison at least once.

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