Top 10 U.S. States Pharmacist Salary

The most amazing thing about this country is that you have many options available in the same country to live in. So, if you are a pharmacist and planning to shift your place then, must check these 10 states that have the best opportunities available to you. Below is a list of the top 10 U.S. States Pharmacist Salary.

Top 10 U.S. States Pharmacist Salary

10. Minnesota

Minnesota - U.S. States Pharmacist Salary

Minnesota may be a cold place to live in but when you an option of working at a place which is safer than the previous one and also offers a higher pay rate then don’t think much. The residents over here are well aware and educated about health insurances and hence they take complete care of prescribed medications. This is how the state offers you with an average annual salary of around $123,000 which is one of the states highest pharmacist salary in the US. Also, it holds a great reputation amongst all the other states.

9. Wisconsin


Wisconsin offers more than $124,000 to the pharmacists which accounts for a couple thousand dollars more than the national average salary provided to this profession. The major benefit of working in this state is that it has the maximum amount of job openings. More jobs clearly mean that you have more opportunities and hence the employers will also offer more salaries to attract you. The crime cases and robbery reports are not much and hence it is a safe place to work. This is why the state has easily made its place in the top 10 states highest pharmacist salary in the US

8. Iowa


The pharmacists looking for a life with lesser stress and more salary can opt for the Iowa state. The crime ranking of the state is quite low. However, the robberies happen at an average rate. Health insurance coverage rates of the state are quite high which means people are aware and active towards prescription medication. The pay is however not so high but the place is not so expensive hence the salary is more than sufficient to fulfil all basic leisure requirements of a person.

7. Vermont

Vermont - U.S. States Pharmacist Salary

A quiet and the safest place for pharmacists in the U.S. is, Vermont. This is the perfect state for you if you’ve been searching for a place where you can continue your pharmacist profession without much fear of any kind of robbery or any other crimes. The annual salary of the pharmacists over here is more than $128,500 which is higher than the national average salary of this profession. Holding the third rank in the top 10 states highest pharmacist salary in the US, the state has also become the 49th state with the highest number of pharmacists in the world.

6. New Hampshire

New Hampshire

The sixth rank in the top 10 states with the highest pharmacists salary in the US. This state is also known as the granite state and offers the best average salary of more than $128,000 to the pharmacists. The robbery and other crime levels are fairly average in this state. However, people haven’t reported a good job satisfaction but the educational level and stress is on a higher level and hold good attraction of the people.

5. New Jersey

New Jersey - U.S. States Pharmacist Salary

Moving to New Jersey to continue your pharmacist business can be a great decision. The pharmacists working there earn around $117,000 annually which is $5000 less than the national average salary provided for this profession. The state has a very low crime rate which is a very good sign but the robbery cases are very high in this area. The people of the state are quite aware of health and medications. The financial savvies and educational rates are at a respectable level over here.

4. Connecticut

At Connecticut, the pharmacists along with all the other professions enjoy a high rate of education level with low crime rates. There were only three burglary cases reported last year. Hence the state is quite safe for your business. The sate holds the tenth rank in the insurance coverage criteria prepared by the constitution state. The state provides an annual salary of $120,750 to the pharmacists which are just a few thousand dollars lesser than the average national salary provided to them.


3. Massachusetts

MassachusettsIn Massachusetts, the pharmacists have many things that they can brag about. Overall education level and health insurance coverage areas of the pharmacists working here hold the first rank which is quite appreciable. According to a report in of 2017, the state had a total of 96% of the population covered for medical insurance benefits. The state has the fourth rank in the cost of living criteria and hence the people know how to save for future which has made the state the sixth state in savvies criteria.

2. Nebraska

Nebraska - U.S. States Pharmacist Salary

In Nebraska, there is a great platform for the pharmacists to develop their business and earn more than their yearly wages. The city stands second amongst the top 10 states highest pharmacist salary in the U.S. Here, the average annual salary of a pharmacist is $108,600 which is quite higher than the salary offered in the other states of the US. Also, the crime rates are considerably low in Nebraska than the other places. There were only three robbery cases reported last year which is a great sign of security for your work.

1. New York

New York - U.S. States Pharmacist Salary

New York ranks fourth in the number of pharmacists working over here. There are more than 20,000 people working as pharmacists in this city. Hence, they experience an interesting mix of high and low numbers in case of the salaries and bonuses paid to them. In New York, the pharmacists make around $128,500 annually which is still $4000 less than the national average salary for this field. However, some added medical benefits are provided to them by the employers. Also the job satisfaction rate at this place is quite higher.


These states have the lowest crime and robbery chances and also have the best packages available for you as compared to the other states of the U.S. job satisfaction rates and health insurance awareness among the people is also very high and hence the people are ready for prescribed medication for every illness which accelerates your business.

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