Tyler Henry Net Worth 2018 – How much is Tyler Henry Net Worth?

So how much is Tyler Henry Net Worth in 2018? Before we get deeper into Tyler Henry’s net worth, let’s take a look at how he came to know he has the clairvoyance ability and his background in general. How he went slowly through various stages of his life to get to the peak of his career in becoming a Hollywood Medium personality.

Tyler Henry Net Worth 2018

Tyler Henry Net Worth 2018 - Tyler Henry Net Worth

Tyler Henry is an American who is known for playing reality show personality roles. He started out on a reality show “Hollywood medium” which is aired on E! Television network just as Tyler Henry but what makes him stand out in that series is his Clairvoyance ability. This is the ability to get and have information about almost anything or anyone through extrasensory perception. Yep, the ability is that unique but that is on you to decide. Some believe it is not truly “psychic” it is all research and close understanding.

In addition to that, he practices his psychic medium abilities on celebrities mainly but he also has a personal website where you can do a booking. His memoir is also all about relating to the psychic abilities, which he kind explains through the book.

Biography & Wiki

Biography & Wiki - Tyler Henry Net Worth

Tyler Henry was born on 13th January 1996, in Hanford, California. By the age of 10 years, he had already discovered that he had clairvoyance ability. Later on, he joined Sierra Pacific High School and that did not hold him back from exploring his gifts. Still, while he was in high school he started doing readings on teachers and his fellow student. After graduating from high school, it did not take long before E! Television network noticed him at a tender age of 19 years. He worked with them acting some of the episodes of the series “Hollywood Medium” which premiered on January 24th 2016. This was just after Tyler Henry turned 20 years.

The first season was a total success and this brought the ordering of the second season to bring a continuation. In that same year, 2016, Tyler Henry released a memoir “Between Two World”. What really brought him to the top spot is the reading he did on Alan Thicke months before he died. He talked to him precisely about heart attack. Months later, unfortunately, Allan Thicke passed away. Some believed that Tyler Henry had predicted that.

In addition to that, Tyler Henry has done readings on celebs. He has even appeared on the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. His career is all based on doing readings on celebs, he has done readings on other celebs such as Amber Rose, The Kardashians, Matt Laeur and Tom Arnorld.

How much is Tyler Henry Net Worth? How much is his income?

How much is Tyler Henry Net Worth? How much is his income? - Tyler Henry Net Worth

As of the present day, Tyler Henry’s net worth is about $2 million. The reality show “Hollywood medium” has given him a fortune. “Hollywood Medium” has two seasons already, and a third season is to come. In the first year of premier, this reality show gained a huge fan base. In season one, after three episodes were aired the show had already attracted 3.2 million viewers becoming the most viewed non-script reality show since 2014.

How did Tyler Henry amass his wealth?

How did Tyler Henry amass his wealth? - Tyler Henry Net Worth

The deal with E! Television network made him so big to the point where he started doing some private readings. In his young lived career, he admitted that he has done readings to over 50 celebrities. The private readings that Tyler does of course brings him a good fortune, even though it is not revealed how much he makes per a reading session. It seems that people can’t get enough of him, Tyler Henry says that in his waiting list he has over 15,000 people pleading to get a taste of his abilities. In addition to that, his memoir “Between Two Worlds” also boosted his financial income.

Tyler Henry’s status in the entertainment industry particularly the reality show gave him a good start to launch his memoir. Later on, after the book was released he sealed a good book deal and started on a tour where he was doing some personal readings. With about 4 years, in the filmography industry it is important to note that Tyler Henry is doing great, more potential is there for him.

Awards & Achievements

Awards & Achievements - Tyler Henry Net Worth

Tyler Henry’s career is still in the upcoming stages we’ll have to wait and see what is in stock when it comes to the achievements. For the moment his show is a big deal, it has a wide viewership and it made it to be amongst the most viewed unscripted reality show.

Interesting things that you need to know about Tyler Henry

1. Tyler Henry is only 22 years old in 2018.

2. Tyler Henry is openly gay- Even though he keeps his life all personal and private he is open about his sexuality just for safety purposes to avoid threats and dangers that can arise.

3. He underwent a brain surgery at the age of 18 – at a tender age of 18 he complained to his mother that he was feeling some pain and headache. This led to an operation, to keep him healthy.

4. His clairvoyance started at a tender age of 10 years- his mother admits that he was not normal kid what he said was way beyond his age and his age mates.

5. It is kind of shocking but Tyler foresaw a bad ending for his grandma- just before his grandma died, Tyler Henry had felt that something was not right and true to his feeling that same night his grandma died.

6. He has been featured in another reality show- Not only does his readings happen on his own show but he has also been seen in “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.

7. Tyler Henry is also a writer since he has a memoir of his own.

8. Tyler Henry aspired to become a hospice nurse before the celebrity status grabbed him- this was just after he finished his high school.

9. His love life is all private.

10. He believes that he has psychic abilities.

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