Tami Roman Net Worth 2018- How much is Tami Roman net worth?

Tami also collaborated with her boyfriend named Reggie Youngblood to appear on Marriage Boot Camp as Reality Stars to amass some of her net worth. Roman conducts a business of hair and cosmetics which gives her much income to create this mountain of net worth. From the above argument, it is clear that bringing a dispute in the net worth of Tami Roman is illogical and has no basic grounds of arguments because her hard work is noticeable in all her fields about her career.

Tami Roman Net Worth 2018

Tami Roman net worth 2018 - Tami Roman net worth

Tami Roman net worth is thousand dollars. The net worth is worth her fame and cannot be disputed bearing in mind that she has played several roles in the World of Entertainment. Roman has made an appearance in MTV reality television series. She has also been on Real World in 1993 when she ignited for her p0rominence. Tami Roman further went to appear as the dealer on the revival of card sharks in 2001 to climb the ladder of her wealth. Her roles on the episodes of One on one also did not leave her empty-handed but also added to her bag. Being a cast member of VHI reality series Basketball Wives of 2010 was also a booster. Tami also appeared on the CBS show by name Extant and even sold her voice in Tami Romans love Talk and Hot Jamz.

Biography & Wiki

Biography & Wiki - Tami Roman net worth

In 1970, 17th April little pretty girl by Tarnisha Akbar came to this world. Who knew that the girl could later be read in books for her popularity under the name Tami Roman? Time has now spoken. Her place of birth was Mount Vernon, New York. Her mother was of African American ancestry while her father carried Puerto Rican ground. She was the single child who grew in White Plains of New York. Her mother’s name was Nabane Buford but passed away in 2013.

She attended Howard University where she graduated. Tami Roman at one time a wife of the famous NBA basketball player by name Kenny Anderson. The product of their togetherness was the birth of her two children. Tami Roman lost her comfort in her married life in 2001 when she divorced Kenny Anderson after their togetherness from 1994. She fetched another partner Reggie Youngblood in 2014 who is her current boyfriend.

How much is Tami Roman net worth? How much does she earn?

Tami Roman net worth thousands of dollars. Mentioning Tami is equal to mention her net worth which is $800000. It also gets you back to her sources of such an extraordinary amount to many. However, this lady had no shortcuts but serious businesses of television personality and personal businesses. Whenever an opportunity occurred for additional talent, she utilized it wonderfully like acting and modeling. Tami Roman made a legacy in her career by doing extraordinary performances to capture the interest of the audience and viewers hiking her demands thus creating a big market for her entertainments and businesses to earn the net worth.

How has Tami Roman amassed her wealth?

How has Tami Roman amassed her wealth? - Tami Roman net worth

Tami Roman started her career in 1992 when she appeared in The Real World Los Angeles as a cast member. She was highly noticed as a rising star of New York. This lady’s fame unveiled itself whenever viewed. In 1993, Roman again emerged in Married with Children first episode as Meg and entertained her viewers maximally before taking the film by name Silk Stalking playing a role of Dina in its first episode in 1994.

By the year 1995, Tami Roman was not a new name in the world of films as she appeared in the film by the name The Real World Vacations in the episode called Behind the Scenes and another film entitled The Real world Reunion both in which she had a role of her characters. In 1996 Roman made appearances Lauren Hutton and Dena where she played a role as herself also. In the same year, she was in a video documentary of the Real World Reunion known as Inside out.

Roman released another video documentary in 1998 in a film by the name of The Real World You Never Saw called Boston+ Seattle. During the millennium Tami Roman released another film called The Parkers where she played the role of  Dena in the first episode. She also came up with Card Sharks where she had a role as a dealer. It was in the same year when she had another film titled 20/20 where she had a role in its first episode. In 2001, Tami appeared in a film, The Steve Harvey Show as Bernadette in the first episode. Another film of the same year is Sacred is the Flesh.

In the year 2002, Tami Roman appeared as Susan in the first episode of the Drew Carey Show and One on one as Elizabeth. Tami Roman appeared in two films in two different episodes in 2003 namely Sabina the Teenage in which she was a saleslady and at Hair Show where she acted as Zora.

Awards & Achievements

Awards & Achievements - Tami Roman net worth

As of now, Tami Roman has portrayed various characters in about 29 films. In addition to that, the Tami Roman net worth of $800 thousand which is not a joke.

Ten things you need to know about Tami Roman

1. She was once married to Kelly Anderson who is a player in the National Basketball Association.

2. Tami owns a radio show which goes by the name Tami Roman’s Love Talk and Hot Jamz. She is its host.

3. At the age of 45, she conceived, but its fate was a miscarriage during the 11th week of her pregnancy.

4. Currently, she and Reggie Youngblood are involved romantically.

5. Roman has a beef with Kendra Wilkinson who things that she is not great in Hollywood.

6. She is an author.

7. The celebrity spent six months homeless after the end of her parents’ marriage.

8. She learned Islamic after her mother remarried to a man of the Muslim faith.

9. Roman’s career in modeling began when she was 22.

10. In 2011, she became a regular on the Basketball Wives.

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