Are Sugar Gliders Good Pets?

We need friends to live a happy life. One of the best friends any human could have includes our pets. For the most of the part people throughout the world prefer a cat or a dog as a pet. This common ideology is spread throughout the world and that’s why other pets are often overlooked. Among the best of the pets sugar gliders are one of them. For some, the name “sugar gliders” is even unknown or newly heard. But there is something you need to know about them.

There are many benefits of getting pets at your home. You may feel a joy in your life and experience a boost of love because of your pet. On the other hand, owning a pet at your home can be beneficial for your health too. They can help you to fight with depression, stress and anxiety. According to a research, those with high risk of blood pressure can find it beneficial to lower it. But rather than talking generally about pets we’ll specifically speak about sugar gliders.

Are Sugar Gliders Good Pets?

What is Sugar Gliders

Sugar Gliders - Sugar Gliders

Sugar glider is a tiny, cute pet. An adult sugar glider is around 16cm in length and 120gm in size. The name sugar gliders might seem funny but, it has to do with the characteristics of this animal. According to one reference, sugar refers to their inclination towards sweet sugary food. Whereas gliders notes their ability to glide through the air. At the first sight they resemble to be like flying squirrels. These small creatures come have their origins from Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea, and some islands in Indonesia.

Being an arboreal possums they find their shelter in tree hollows lined with leafy twigs. Sugar gliders are more active at night. The gliding membrane in their limbs helps them to glide from one tree to other. This helps them to take a leap of about 50 meters or more. So, that is why they are more seen on trees than on the ground. On the back of sugar glider’s body is a smooth, thick fur that looks beautiful. One of the most attractive things about sugar gliders is their eyes and ears. Being nocturnal they can see clearly at night with their large beautiful eyes. Their long ears help them in finding their prey.

To speak more about their appearance, sugar gliders are grey with black strips. You’ll also find white sugar gliders, but they are rare. On an average a sugar glider can live up to 15 years. They live in a wide variety of habitat ranging from rain forest to dry and wet forest. But they prefer to live in a habitat covered with dense canopy to move them around. On an average sugar gliders have their home boundary around 1.2 acres of area.

Why Sugar Gliders are Good Pets

  • If you are thinking to get a sugar glider as a pet, then this is a good idea. This small little pet can add more to your joy. Unlike a cat or dog, sugar gliders are very small in size. They can fit easily on your hand. Generally, sugar gliders have less health issues than other pets. You can save a lot of your time and money you need to care as contrary to the case of other pets. One of the best things why sugar gliders are good pets is they require less attention. These creatures have a playful and cheerful spirit. So you can spend time with them playing and watching their curious activities. As they are good tree climbers, they can climb inside your home and this could be very adorable. You can watch a lot of funny video about sugar gliders on the internet. This shows that they are certainly good pets.
  • For the best part sugar gliders tend to cost you lees for their feed than a dog would cost. It costs only $10 to feed a sugar glider. Also, they don’t usually need to be vaccinated or require any frequent treatments. Even, though their small size they are quite intelligent. A well groomed sugar glider can recognized its owner and can jump or do some tricks as you train them.
  • You could find some similarity in the diet of sugar gliders and other pets like cats or dogs. They do not need a complicated diet. What you can serve them is 1/3rd of pellet food and the rest fresh fruits and vegetables. So, it becomes quite easy to feed them and keep them happy. The good thing about sugar gliders is that they don’t have sharp canines like dogs. You can be sure then, that they’ll not harm you with their teeth at all.

A Friendly Advice

  • There are rumors among people that sugar gliders stink badly. But, that is not true at all. While fed properly, sugar gliders do not emit bad odors. As they are not rodents, sugar gliders do not need to chew and sharp their teeth. So, they are safe as a pet for your home. Apart from this, sugar gliders develop a close association with their owners. You can take them outside in your pocket and they’ll come happily with you. Around the world sugar gliders have gained their popularity as an exotic pet. However, some states require that you get a license for owning a sugar glider as a pet.
  • A friendly advice to all those who are contemplating to get a sugar glider is to think beforehand about the responsibility. Owning a sugar glider is an amazing and responsible task. Being a creative and playful pet, sugar gliders cannot stay alone for a long time. If your work schedule requires you to frequently travel for a long time, then you should think twice before getting a sugar glider. They need association and companionship.
  • My friendly advice to you is there are many opportunities to be happy when you own a sugar glider. After a busy day you can look forward to getting your home and leave back all the stresses and anxiety while playing with them. This also have a positive impact on your health. So get one and enjoy the sugary happiness.

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