25 Strangest Superstitions From Around The World

Here we have presented some of the strangest superstitions from the world. No matter how far the science has reached the superstitions of the people would never fade. The scientists have discovered atoms and astronauts have reached the moon and mars but some of our beliefs and thinking never ceases and make us superstitious. It is not only one country or community of people who are superstitions but from the developing to the developed countries are under such beliefs.

If you are interested to know some of the strangest superstitions of the world then this piece of content is made only for you. You would awe reading them and may laugh at some of them. While some of the superstitions are so irrelevant that they didn’t have any base some follows little myths and mythologies. So let us take an insight to some of the strangest superstitions of the world which people from different parts of the world still believe.

25 Strangest Superstitions From Around The World

1. Egpyt

In Egypt, the owls are considered very unlucky. It is believed that if you see or hear this particular bird you would receive some bad and dreadful news soon.


2. Turkey

Can you believe chewing could come under one of the strangest superstitions? Well, in Turkey chewing gum in the night implies you are chewing a rotting fish. And this is the reason why people there didn’t chew gums in the night.


3. Rwanda

Rwanda is a country which believes that if women eat the goat meat hey would get facial hairs. Women, therefore, keep themselves away from goat and it’s meat both.


4. China

Chinese people consider number four very unlucky. For them, the word four sounds like death and thus try to do everything other than four.


5. Germany

If you have ever done cheers with water then as per the Germans you have called your death. So it is better to cheers with an alcohol or juice but never with water.


6. USA

No matter how developed this country is the people residing there believe that keeping slanted windows in your house can keep witches at bay. As per them, witches cannot fly through a slanted window.


7. Russia

If you have an empty bucket in your home anywhere, you are calling bad omen. Well, this is what the people of Russia believe in. so better make your bucket half or completely full.


8. Finland

If you are wishing a rain next day, just kill a spider and your wish would come true. As per people from Finland, killing spider makes the cloud bursts in anger and you could see rain in the next day.


9. Spain

Spanish people do not like the Tuesday with 13th. While other parts of the world dislike Friday with 13th, people in Spain have some grudges against Tuesday with 13th.


10. Nigeria

People in Nigeria believe that kissing a baby on his lips will make him or her adult who drools most of the time. So better keep your kisses away from the baby’s lips.


11. Netherlands

You can’t sing at the dinner table if you are in Netherlands. People there believe that you invite bad luck by singing on the dinner table. It also implies that you are singing for the devil.


12. Malaysia

Do not sit on the pillow if you are in Malaysia. Once you sit on the pillow your hips might get boils and blisters. Not just the bottoms but the whole backside would come in the influence of sores.


13. South Korea

If you have kept the fan running while sleeping and if the room is closed you have invited your death. This is the reason why people in South Korea  always keep one of the window little cracked while sleeping in a closed room with a running fan.South Korea


14. Denmark

Broken the dishes? No problem. People in Denmark used o save all the broken dishes for the New Year’s evening. In this day they take all their broken dishes out and throw them in the houses of friends and other family members. It is believed to bring good luck to them in the coming year.


15. France

If you are in France and having dinner with 13 people, this could bring you one of the most dreadful news of the life. So better include one more person or exclude one of them to eat somewhere else.


16. Brazil

If your purse has touched the floor, your money is going to vanish soon. So always keep extra care of your wallet while walking or putting it at some place.

Brazil - strangest superstitions

17. Senegal

If you have planned your coming holidays then better keep your plans with yourself. Once your plan is out, you might end up sitting the whole vacation in your home doing nothing.


18. Sweden

Swedish people take extra care while walking on the street. If they step on the manholes with the letter A it would bring bad luck to their love life. Stepping on the manholes with a letter K enhances your love life manifolds.


19. Egypt

Egyptians are very particular about scissors. They believe that if you are opening and closing it without any use you are cutting the evil spirits. And once the evil spirit gets annoyed your life could become a mess.


20. Bulgaria

If the bird has pooped on you, no need to get frustrated or annoyed with it. Do not abuse the poor bird as this poop is going to bring you some good luck or good news.

Bulgaria - strangest superstitions

21. Spain

Do not enter a room with your left foot if in Spain. Left foot brings the bad luck with it in the room.


22. Italy

Italians dislike the Friday with 17th since it makes the Roman numeral XVII which means ‘my life is over’.

Italy - strangest superstitions

23. India

Indians do not cut their nails and hairs on Tuesday and Saturday. They do not even cut them after the sunset. Doing so could bring bad omen.


24. North America

If you see a crack on the road, try not to step on it. It might bring you bad luck and possibly may break your mother’s back.

North America

25. Portugal

Do not walk backward when in Portugal as this is considered as devil walk. It also attracts the devils in your path and could mess your life forever.



Whether you find these superstitions funny or serious, they do not stand on some firm beliefs or values. Science has made so much progress in the past so it is better to shrug off such superstitions from the mind and ponder only on those which are logical and rational.