Smallest Countries in the World

Most of the smallest countries in the world are in Europe. This is at the pacific and Caribbean. Some are very rich because the available resources are used by few people.There are those that have a culture that they celebrate together each year. They have tourism attractions and beaches where guest enjoy being.

Some are among the richest in the world while others are struck by poverty. You will find that the level of unemployment differ from one country to another.Some countries are so small such that Texas has occupied a bigger space than them. The space covered by the smallest countries is 1491.4kilometer square.Let us discuss them starting with the smallest.

Smallest Countries in the World

10. Malta


This is the 10th smallest country in the world. It occupies 316 kilometer squire. Malta is between Coast of North Africa and Sicily. It has many historical sites related to colonialism. It has beaches where people go to dive. They light up fire works on April and music festivals on July. The best time to travel there is between July and August because it is hot.

9. Maldives


Maldives occupies 300 kilometer squire. It is the 9th smallest country in the world. Maldives is located in Indian Ocean. It got its independence in 1965. In Asia it is the smallest country. It has beaches that have white sand. The big fish like whale and sharks are found there. The best time to travel there is between December and April.

8. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis

This is the 8th smallest country in the world. It covers 216 kilometer squire. It is between Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Its capital city is Basseterre. Its first residents were Europeans. It has beautiful beaches that attract tourists. Many people travel there between December and August.

7. Marshall Island

Marshall Island

This is the 7th smallest country in the world, it occupies 181 kilometer squire. It is located in the islands of Marshall in Pacific Ocean. It is between Philippines and Hawaii. The residents got independence in 1986. The people were initially from Southeast side of Asia. It has a Museum known as Alele where they have the olden day’s art item of their culture. There are 800 fish species and people go fishing in the deep sea. The best time to travel there is between March and August. They celebrate their culture on September.

6. Liechtenstein


This is the world 6th smallest country. It occupies 160 kilometers squire and located in Alps. Its capital city is called Vaduz where major businesses take place. In 2016 it had a population of 37,666. They speak German language. The level of unemployment is so low. Tourist likes it because of skating, cycling competitions, and hiking. They travel mostly between July and August. Their National day is on 15th August. They enjoy releasing fireworks at Vaduz.

5. San Marino

San Marino

This country occupies 61 kilometers squire. It is next to Italy on the North Central. San Marino has a population of 30,000. It is among the first countries that got independence. In Europe it is the 3rd smallest country. It is so wealthy. There is a very small percentage of unemployment. Their trading currency is Euro. Tourist likes it for its museum that has medieval weapons. They also like its view point of Adriatic Sea. People travel there between May and October. Their independence day is on 1st October.

4. Tuvalu


Tuvalu occupies 26 kilometers squire. It is the 4th smallest country. It is on the Northeastern part of Australia in Pacific Ocean. In 2016 it had a population of 11,097. It got its independent in 1978. Its capital city is called Funafuti. There are beautiful beaches and palm trees on their surroundings. People enjoy diving there because the water is calm. There are many sea birds and tropical fish that attract tourists. Many people travel there between May and October when it is dry. They celebrate their independence day on 1st October.

3. Nauru


This country covers twenty one kilometer square only. Nauru is the 3rd smallest country in the world. It is situated in Northeastern part of Australia and has several islands. In the past year its residents were mining Phosphate, it is no longer available. 90% of its population is not employed. 10% works for the government. Many of its dwellers suffer from obesity and diabetes type two. The country has beautiful beaches surrounded by palm trees. Its peak is March and October when it is dry. In 2016 its population was 131,049. They celebrate their independent day on 31st January. Their constitutional day is on 17th of March. On 26th October they hold dance festive.

2. Monaco


This is the second smallest country in the world. Its three sides are next to France the fourth one is next to Mediterranean Sea. It covers two kilometer square. The main language is French. Most of the people there are millionaires. There are many casinos and expensive hotels. Monaco has a museum and a beach that is open to public. It is warm between July and august. That’s when they hold car race event. They hold tennis competitions and fireworks sessions Between July and August.

1. Vatican City

Vatican City

Vatican City is the smallest country in the world. It is neighboring Italy and covers -0.44kilometer square. It has the biggest church in the world called St Peter Basilica. This is the headquarters of all catholic churches in the world. Guests are allowed to view Rome while they are at the roof of that church. They also go to Grottoes to see graves of popes and saints. All the Catholic churches in the world make donations to this county. Their summer is between May and September. This is when many people travel there.


Purpose to visit these countries, you will enjoy seeing their unique uniqueness.

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