Top 10 Short Hairstyles for Round Faces in 2018

The people with round faces are the most confused set of people when it comes to choosing the right hair style as there are many styles of short hairstyles for round faces to choose from. But after this article, you will have peace of mind we can assure you that. With different styles of haircut coming up in the fashion era everyone is trying out all sorts of hairstyles and settling for what suits them the best. But the problem lies in another hand the people with rounds face can go with any haircut more or less. But still, there are some styles which look perfect for round shaped facial structure.

Now one doesn’t have to be shy of going out for parties or occasions where in hairstyle plays a crucial role in one’s appearance. Or you can try out this new styles for a change and brand new look. We have shortlisted a few bunch of easy ways to get a cut that would elongate and completely change your face. So without wasting any time check out on these top 10 short hairstyles for round faces which will make sure you stay in the limelight.

Top 10 Short Hairstyles for Round Faces in 2018

10. Sleek Cut

Sleek Cut -

This is a kind of hairstyle which is done commonly for round face people. It has many kinds of variation in styles. You can have a sharp line or a faded curved line as there is endless customizability in this kind of cut. This suits best for the people who lack length in their face. Opting to have long hair in a sleek and straight manner would be an ideal choice. It tricks other people eyes by creating an illusion of added length to your face.

9. Cropped Pixie

Cropped Pixie -

It is the modified pixie style with a long layer that comes across the forehead with the cropped sides and that too with a couple of stacked layers. This is one of the boldest haircuts for round face people. If you have a thin hair and you are afraid of having pixie cut just because it will look flat then don’t worry just go it just keep the hair bit small from sides. It keeps the top layer long and eventually draws attention towards the forehead.

8. Long Bob for round face types

Long Bob for round face types -

It is famous for being the trend and hairstyle of the year. This style comes with a step by step cutting of hair length which makes the back layers of hair look longer. People who have thick and long hair should try this style. Lobs are beautiful in any hair texture coming from straight to sleek to messy hair.

7. Delicate Feathers

Delicate Feathers -

In simple words, this style is feathered at the top and falls delicately around the ears. It is layered from either side or from the center parting due to which it gives an appearance similar to the feathers of a bird. It goes well from casual party to formal corporate outfits. This best suits for the people who have a round face with fluffy and shiny hair texture.

6. A-Line Cut for Round Face

A-Line Cut for Round Face -

The term A-line refers to the perimeter of the haircut which refers that it is shorter at the back and longer on the front side of your head.A perfect A-line cut will never have a stacking at the back side of your hair. It frames the face in the front and curls under the chin depending upon the hair length. This best suits for the people who have a long and straight hair with a touch of curl here and there.

5. Short Hair Reinvented

Short Hair Reinvented -

It can be described as a style with short hair completely. Gradually as the hair comes down, it gets inverted towards one’s face. This cut looks similar to the cropped hairstyle as it has a similarity of having short hair. For corporate, this is one appropriate fit. People who can’t manage long hair should try this one out as it is easily manageable. People having a thick and furry hair can opt for this one.

4. Cropped Hair

Cropped Hair -

This refers to a basic pixie cut. Crop the back part and leave the front part a bit long. Depending upon one’s thickness of hair and shape the cropping of the hair differs from half an inch in some places to 2 or 3 inches long. People who don’t show a keen interest in maintaining their hair can have a go with this cut as it is very easy to maintain. This haircut can be worn casually for special parties or occasions, and it goes with any hair texture and suits best in wavy hair.

3. Layered short hair

Layered short hair -

Does your hairstyle give an illusion of having a lengthy and large volume of hair but the reality tells a different story? Keep the top most layers short and make the layers beneath it long. There can be distinct layering with layers, and you can give an elevated effect by coloring it accordingly. It best suits for the people who have straight and thick hair so that the round face would look little dragged down.

2. Short Bob with highlights

Short Bob with highlights -

One of the flavors of the bob cuts is the short bob style. In this style invert the edges in “U” shape, and keep the front part short and crisp. This style looks good on the people who have straight hair. The best texture for this style would be an undercut stacked hairstyle with a hair color which is very bright to add an impact on the short hair.

1. Round Face Fix

Round Face Fix -

It is said to be the most common short hairstyles for round faces. It is a basic style depending upon how oval or round the face looks. The hair is cut accordingly which will take care that it looks not too short or not too long. Anyone with a round face and hair texture can have this style.

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