Top 10 Short Hairstyles For Black Women in 2018

Stylish short hairstyles for black women are trendy and fashionable. If you are looking for a hairstyle that will flatter your features and make you look glamorous, then go for a short hairdo. Black and brown hair looks elegant and gorgeous when it is cut short. Usually short hairstyles look great when they are natural. However there are endless styling options that will make you look stunning and beautiful.

Since your hair is of a special texture, you have a choice to either highlight your natural texture or go for a straight hairstyle. You can try different cuts, angles and colors on your short hair that will match your style and personality. Short bob hairstyles can be worn with confidence in different ways such as the typical bob, straight bob, angled bob and buzz cut. Whatever is your preference and look, you can definitely find a short hairstyle that will make you look gorgeous and stunning. Read on to find the top 10 short hairstyle for black women that are popular and trendy.

Top 10 Short Hairstyles For Black Women

10. Rosewood Ombre Hairstyle

Rosewood Ombre Hairstyle - short hairstyles black women

The Rosewood Ombre hairstyle is a medium length hairstyle that looks extremely classy and chic. Instead of going with subtle red highlights, you need to color your hair in an exquisite rosewood color for this hairstyle. This hairstyle also incorporates a long side swept bang that looks gorgeous. The redwood color will highlight the color of your skin tone.

9. Short Maroon Tresses

Short Maroon Tresses - short hairstyles black women

This hairstyle is a spunky hairstyle that will make you stand out in a crowd. It is a short, tapered bob hairstyle with a sweeping side parting. The spunky look is accentuated on straight hair, so you need to straighten your hair. This tapered silhouette works best on thick hair. To enhance the look, color your hair in maroon, burgundy or plum colors that suit your skin tone.

8. Spiral Ombre Hairstyle

Spiral Ombre Hairstyle - short hairstyles black women

The Spiral Ombre hairstyle looks extremely fabulous and glamorous. It is a textured hairstyle with short, cropped sides. For the Ombre effect, color your hair blonde from mid shaft to the tips. This hairstyle works best on curly hair as it requires curls on top of your head. Let the blond curls spiral on top of your head to give out a fiery, flame look. You can either choose to color the sides in dark brown to accent with the blonde color or you can go naturally black.

7. Black Beauty

Black Beauty - short hairstyles black womenThe Black Beauty is a fluffy version of a typical African American hairstyle. It is similar to the Jersey Bump hairstyle though it is not as extreme as the famed hairstyle. If you opt for this hairstyle, fluff your hair at the crown of your head to make this hairstyle look fabulous. This hairstyle is suitable for medium wavy and curly hair, though not suitable for extreme curly hair.

6. Curly Pixie Haircut

Curly Pixie Haircut - short hairstyles black women

A classy and sophisticated hairstyle is the curly pixie haircut. This hairstyle works well if your hair is naturally curly and bouncy. This pixie cut is short at the sides, but not too short as you need some volume for light curls. The top of the hairstyle will consist of longer hair that is curled. Though all hair colors will work on this hairstyle, going naturally black will suit this hairstyle the best.

5. Black Royalty

Black Royalty - short hairstyles black women

Black Royalty is a short but layered bob hairstyle. It is a hairstyle that is ideal for black women as it is chic and attractive. Cut the sides shorter than the center and add a feathered cut in the center. The feathered cut will settle well on top of your head to create a textured look that is flawless. Pair this hairstyle with elaborate royal makeup and statement jewelry to look stunning.

4. Black Phoenix

Black Phoenix - short hairstyles black women

The Black Phoenix hairstyle is dedication to the legendary avian creature. This hairstyle is a statement piece which makes your hair look as if it on fire. To get this hairstyle go for an asymmetrical bob with shorter sides. Then color your hair to look fiery red or orange. Then unleash your inner Phoenix to conquer the world. The Black Phoenix hairstyle is not just any hairstyle but a phenomenal masterpiece.

3. Short, Black and Choppy

Short, Black and Choppy - short hairstyles black women

A short, black and choppy hairstyle is a short pixie cut. A number of celebrities have showcased a pixie cut that has made this hairstyle trendy. Just go for a pixie cut with soft edges. This cute hairstyle will highlight your playful and sexy side. The choppy pixie hairstyle is also low maintenance so you need not spend much time in grooming your hair. This short, choppy pixie style will draw attention to your whole look and personality to reveal your inner lively self.

2. African American Queen

African American Queen - short hairstyles black women

The African American Queen hairstyle is a trendy and popular hairstyle even among the celebrities. This hairstyle is a short bob cut with an asymmetrical side parting. This gorgeous hairstyle works best on straight black hair. Cut the side part of this bob longer than the other side. This asymmetrical cut ensures in a sweeping side bob that is perfect and chic to enhance your beauty.

1. Faded Glory Haircut

Faded Glory Haircut - short hairstyles black women

If you are a fan of an edgy and stylish hairstyle, then go for the Faded Glory hairstyle. This hairstyle includes a faux hawk and an undercut. Opt for side undercut and a faux hawk in the middle. Color the top of your hair in tones of red and purple highlights. The color combination works well with black hair and the undercut gives out an edgy look. This hairstyle will also match your skin tone greatly. Pair this short hairstyle with arched eyebrows and ear jewelry to look glamorous.


The most popular trend among hairstyles for black women is a short hairstyle. When you have an extremely short haircut, it may seem that you cannot try out various styles often. But as this article mentioned, even with short hairstyles you can vary the look as per your preference and personality. Whether you go for a typical African American hairstyle or a short bob or a buzz cut, you can find a hairstyle that makes your look stunning.

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