25 Inspiring Rooftop Terrace Design Ideas

Anyone who lives in a block of flats needs a large terrace to enjoy the fresh air. Nevertheless that architects nowadays try as hard as possible to fulfil the most demanding expectations from their clients. One of them is the Rooftop Terrace Design that represents a contemporary element of architecture.

25 Inspiring Rooftop Terrace Design Ideas

1.The summer garden from the rooftop

Here you can see an example of how talented architects managed to create a summer garden on the top of the roof. The combination of modern and contemporary architecture defines a magnificent terrace where the inhabitants of a block of flats can enjoy their free time.

The summer garden from the rooftop2. The lounge

The second inspiring idea for rooftop terrace is a splendid lounge where large and comfortable sofas, a series of sun beds, as well as the modern table, make the place ideal for relaxation, weekends, and holidays.

The lounge3. The elegance

The next example is a beautiful terrace with green vegetation and an elegant, modern style. All the elements from its architecture suggest sophistication and grace.

The elegance4. The rooftop pool

Next, we have a unique rooftop pool, broadened by classical and traditional architectural style. Still, we can observe some modern items, such as the glass table and the sofas.

The rooftop pool5. The view from above

Here we have an excellent terrace that offers a splendid view from the top of the roof. Its contemporary style makes it look comfortable and suitable for drinking your coffee in the morning, or enjoying some happy moments with your partner or friend.

The view from above

 6. The natural garden

In this picture, if we do not look at the surrounding blocks and buildings, you will believe you are in a real garden. No one can imagine something like this could exist on the top of a roof.

The natural garden

7. The exquisite terrace

Here we can see a most exclusive rooftop terrace. You might think you are enjoying your morning coffee near a small park or a green area. At the same time, one may think you are in a holiday resort.

The exquisite terrace8. The classical terrace

Now we can observe a classical model of rooftop terrace. Occupying a small space, this becomes perfect for sunny days in the weekends or long afternoons.

 The classical terrace9.Reconnecting with nature

In this case we present the modern house situated in the wood from whose terraces you can see the spectacular views of the sea and the mountains. This is a perfect way to reconnect with nature and you should spend some memorable days there.

Reconnecting with nature10.The grey terrace

What impressed us in the next example are the grey thematic colors, coned with a series of vintage accessories. Although small, this seems a comfortable place for socializing.

The grey terrace11. The cool terrace

In this case, we have a magnificent terrace, with fresh green vegetation and modern furniture. It is perfect for long dinners with friends or family, well as long evenings or morning coffee moments.

The cool terrace12. The sophisticated discreet terrace

Now we shall present a rooftop terrace where people can lay in the sun during summer hot days, or can simply relax drinking a cocktail. The surrounding fresh vegetation makes you feel like you are spending some delightful moments in your backyard, and not on the terrace from the roof.

The sophisticated discreet terrace13. The recreation space

Our next terrace looks more like a recreation space made by a corporation for its employees. The combination between green and yellow brings an air of youth and freshness.

The recreation space14. The outdoors cinema

This is an original idea of having an outdoor cinema on the rooftop of a building. All the furniture and decorations from the terrace show grace and elegance.

The outdoors cinema15. The rustic terrace

Even though this seems to be a classical approach of a terrace design, there are some modern elements as well. However, it shows a high degree of comfort and intimacy.

The rustic terrace16.The supreme elegance

We consider the next terrace a good example of the supreme elegance in outdoor spaces design. The white decoration from behind the large sofa confers more luminosity and an air of grace.

The supreme elegance17. The discrete terrace

Next we have a discrete terrace. Here, anyone can have moments of intimacy, and can enjoy for instance reading a book, without being disturbed or seen by others.

The discrete terrace18. The aristocratic terrace

This terrace has an aristocratic style, and distinguishes itself through luxury and good taste. The combination of colors (white and dark green) creates the impression of elegance and style.

The aristocratic terrace19. The large terrace

This large wooden terrace has the perfect accessories to bring piece and harmony to large groups of people. Created to ensure a high degree of comfort, anyone would feel lucky to have such a beautiful rooftop terrace.

The large terrace20. The art terrace

If you include art elements in the design of your terrace, you will obtain a gorgeous place, where anyone would feel comfortable, joyful, and happy. Therefore, feel free to include as many art items as possible, as you see in the picture below.

The art terrace21. The contemporary style

Next we have a terrace designed in a modern, contemporary style that is suitable for youngsters especially, due to its sophistication and accessories. We recommend this design for large terraces only.

The contemporary style-Rooftop Terrace Design22. The large pool from the roof…

The current item represents a generous terrace with a large pool from the roof of a mansion. All suggest a luxury style, making the terrace an exclusivist choice, suitable for people with high income and living standards.

The large pool from the roof…23. The romantic terrace

The romantic terrace-Rooftop Terrace DesignNow we have a roof terrace that has a romantic style. It confers a beautiful view of the city and is characterized by comfort, grace, and elegance.

24. Simplicity and grace…

Our next example contains a beautiful terrace that is characterized by simplicity and fine taste. All the accessories suggest it as a comfortable place to spend some memorable moments there.

Simplicity and grace…-Rooftop Terrace Design25.The friendly terrace

We called this one the friendly terrace, as it seems perfect for gathering a group of friends and generating fun and happy moments. The green area from the space confers an air of freshness and regeneration.

The friendly terrace-Rooftop Terrace Design


To sum up, the ideas presented in this article are meant to help those decorating their homes to use the most original themes for obtaining the desired result. Also, the terrace is the place where we relax after work, or we spend most of the weekends, so is important to personalize it as much as possible.


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