Top 10 Richest Football Clubs in the World 2018

Do you love football and what they represent? How about knowing everything there is to know about your favorite team? Football Clubs are popular around the world. For many when the games come on, they have their favorite team in mind and some may even bet on their teams. However, football clubs have so many fans, they have grown to be prosperous not only in popularity, but financially as well. Below is a list of the richest football clubs, who have made a profit for their countries and continue to strive to be the best.

Top 10 Richest Football Clubs in the World 2018

10. Tottenham Hotspurs

Tottenham Hotspurs - richest football clubs

Tottenham Hotspurs is a team that plays for the English premier in Europe and this team also comes in at number ten on the list of being the Richest Football Club in the World. A great performing team, their home stadium is White Hart Lane in England and they have impressed many by earning 310 million in revenues alone. Being a team on the rise, they are worth $1.017 billion.

9. Juventus


The Italian team Juventus is at number nine on the list of the Richest Football Club in the World. Being the most celebrated around the world and symbol of Italian pride, their home stadium is in Turin, Piedmont. The club is under the Agnelli family management and have awarded for outstanding performances. They have earned 31 serial A titles among many others. The net worth of this popular team is $1.299 billion.

8. Liverpool


Liverpool, the popular football club of England, comes in at number eight on the list of being the Richest Football Club in the World. This team also plays in the English Premier league and is mostly owned by John W. Henry, the owner of The Boston Globe, Boston Red Sox, and Roush Fenway Racing. Liverpool has won five European cups as well as three UEFA cups. The estimated net worth of this popular team is $1.548 billion.

7. Chelsea

Chelsea - richest football clubs

Based in England, Chelsea FC, is number seven on the list as being the Richest Football pclub in the world Chelsea plays in the English Premier league and during the last ten years the success of the team has grown. They have had numerous donations and endorsements over the years from international brands. In the past ten years, Chelsea FC has won 4 premier league titles, 7 FA cups, and 1 UEFA champion league match. So this team is a very popular winning and rising team that continues to impress the fans. Owned by Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich, this club’s net worth is $1.661 billion.

6. Manchester City

Manchester City - richest football clubs

Manchester City, a team that is from England and plays in the English Premier league, sits at number six on the list of the Richest Football Club in the World in 2018. Originally known as Ardwick Association Football, the team was bought by Abu Dhabi United Group. Since taken over by the new owner, the team has enjoyed the benefits that has come with the new ownership. This club has worn 4 FA community shields, 5 FA cup winners, and 4 Football league cup winners. With the Abu Dhabi Group being one of the wealthiest groups in the world, Manchester City’s net worth is $1.92 billion.

5. Arsenal

Arsenal - richest football clubs

The Highbury London team, Arsenal, makes the list of being the Richest Football Club in the World at number five. This team plays in the English Premier league and has won 12 FA cup championships. Team Arsenal also has had the honor of holding 13 league titles as well as many other awards. The Arsenal club is among the top two clubs that has a net worth of $2.017 billion.

4. Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich - richest football clubs

Bayern Munich is a German team that is known to be the most professional football club in Germany. Their professional demeanor on and off the field is the reason why this club is a great success. Bayern Munich has won the European cup, the UEFA champion’s cup along with a number of other awards. This professional team sits at number four as the Riches Football Club in the World in 2018. The net worth of the Bayern Munich club is $2.678 billion.

3. Manchester United

Manchester UnitedBased in Old Trafford, England, Manchester United is one of the more popular football teams that are celebrated around the world. Also known as the Red Devils are one the best English Premier footballs teams in the league. They have won the league 20 times and carried the FA cup 12 times. The Manchester United team has also won the European cup three times. This celebrated team has won these awards and more love and respect of their team in over a year’s time. Being one of the most valued brands worldwide, the net worth of Manchester United, is $3.317 billion. Manchester United is the number three football club for being the Richest Football Club in the World in 2018.

2. Barcelona

Barcelona - richest football clubs

Number two on the list of the Richest Football Club in the World goes to Barcelona. Being the pride of their nation, Barcelona is the home of some of football’s most loved personalities. This very popular and loved club has won 24 La Liga cups and 26 Copa Del Rey cups as well as many other awards. There are a group of people that own the club who are considered the shareholders. Although their rival team is Real Madrid, Barcelona has won the UEFA championship three times. The net worth of this loved team is $3.549 billion.

1. Real Madrid

Real Madrid - richest football clubs

Real Madrid is the number one Richest Football Club in the World and has been for many years. Owned by more than 85 thousand members, each season this popular team has earned around $500 million. It doesn’t that the team also has one of the most loved football players on the team either. Christiano Ronaldo makes the team very marketable and the superstar lineup isn’t so bad either. Even though this team is owned by 85 thousand members, it is not a corporation, however some of the biggest corporations in the world are trying to partner with them for advertisements as well as endorsements. The net worth of this much loved team is $3.645 billion.


With these beloved teams on the top ten list, none of these teams have failed to disappoint their fans, The teams and their owners have brought enough joy to the eyes of many for years and have even grown to be the pride and joy of their countries. These teams will forever be what makes people love football the most.

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