Top 10 Richest Female Rappers in 2018

This is seen by the richest female rappers in 2018. Although it seems that the men seem to be making the most money out of rap performances. No one can laugh at the fortunes these women are amassing their rap performances. In this article, we present the list of 10 rich female rappers.

Top 10 Richest Female Rappers in 2018

10. Eve

Eve - Richest Female Rappers

This American born rapper is only 38 but she has found great success in the rap music industry. She has amassed a $10 million fortune so far. Some of her songs include, let me blow ya mind, Gangsta Lovin, and Who’s that girl. These songs have made Eve a household name in the homes of rap music fans. We should note that not all of her money comes from rapping. We believe, besides some movie roles, had her own television show for a short time.

9. Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea - Richest Female Rappers

One of the richest female rappers in 2018, Ms. Azalea hails from the least rap country in the world- Australia. Yet she has been able to turn that negative into a $10 million fortune. Ironically it was not rap music that launched her career. She appeared in two music videos that were put up on Youtube. Only 26 years old, she still has a lot of singing years left to add to her fortune.

8. DJ Spinderella

DJ Spinderella - Richest Female Rappers

She is a woman of many talents. Not only does she act, she is a radio host, and owns a beauty salon. She also is a member of the rap group Salt-n-Pepa. Because of her talents she has been able to put together a $10 million estate. Some of her acting and music credits include Kazaam, Stay Tuned, Run-DMC, Kid N Play, and MC Lyte. Expect to see a lot more from her in coming years.

7. Cheryl James

Cheryl James

or otherwise known as Salt of the rap group Salt-N-Pepa. She probably was rapping long before she formed the group in 1984. But it was this group that put her on the map. Her fortune may only be $14 million but that is still a nice sum of money. She also has not let marriage stop her earning power. She came back to SnP in 2008 and has been rapping ever since.

6. Sandra Denton

Sandra Denton

is next on this list of the richest female rappers in 2018. She became rich by being fortunate enough to be the Pepa of Salt-N-Pepa. Her $15 million fortune did not come from being a member of that group alone. Sandra is an author, actress and had her own reality television show for a while. She has starred in movies and non-reality television shows as well. She certainly stays busy.

5. Kimberly Denise Jones

Kimberly Denise Jones - Richest Female Rappers

such a nice name that you would not expect her to be a rich rap star. She is also known as Lil’ Kim. That makes more sense. Her start in rap music began back in 1996. She was a student of Biggie Smalls, a hip-hop legend. This association propelled Lil’ Kim’s career which sports 36 singles, and 1 album. Her investments in beauty salons, clothing lines, and other endorsements along with singing have made her number 5 on this list of the richest female rappers in 2018.

4. Bahamadia


Is probably a better rap writer than singer. Her freestyle of writing has made her one of the more sought-after lyricists in the industry. After writing, she turned to rapping her own words. Her initial album, Kollage, made it to #1 on the hip hop chart in 1996. Along with rapping, she has used her radio show to help amass an approx. $32 million fortune. While it was on the air, it was one of the top-rated radio shows in the rap industry.

3. Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott - Richest Female Rappers

She has been a success since she first started in the business. After her first album release, her next 5 in a row went platinum. Miss Elliott has also won 5 Grammy awards. This success has allowed her to branch out into endorsements and acting. She has appeared in numerous movies and television shows. These new ventures have all contributed to her $50 million savings. We are sure everyone will hear more good rap music from her in the future.

2. Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah - Richest Female Rappers

her stage name is more than just an empty title. Consider the queen in rap music, she has used her talent to become one of the richest female rappers in 2018. She also may be the queen because she was one of the first females to make rap music her career. Or it may have been her Oscar nomination for her role in the movie Chicago. Whatever it was, her $60 million nest egg was not handed to her on a silver platter. She earned every penny the old-fashioned way.

1. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj - Richest Female Rappers

Her career and fortune have been bolstered by the popularity of her first 3 albums. Two of the three hit #1 on the Billboard chart and the third stopped at #2. This success opened many doors for her and she has opted to add to her rap portfolio by doing endorsements and other gigs. There are times she can be controversial but that doesn’t stop her from producing great rap music. On this list, Ms. Manj is the richest female rapper in 2018.


Whether you think rap is music or not. There is money to be made in performing in this portion of the music industry. These women have proven that there is enough money to be made. And that there is enough money to go around. These women have also demonstrated that talent and hard work does lead to success. Not just in rap music but in other employment areas of life. Despite some of their eccentricities, these women also can be seen as role models for young girls seeking to make their mark. To be one of the richest female rappers in 2018 or any other year takes work.

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