Ricegum Net Worth 2018 – How much is Ricegum Net worth?

This article will discuss in detail Ricegum net worth. Ricegum is a very young man who has achieved so much success in the world of YouTube. He has created hilarious comic videos that have helped him to amass wealth. He has been able to gain a huge following despite being in the industry for a short period. This article will clear any doubts you may have regarding Ricegum net worth, career and his awards and achievements. We shall also look at the ways he has used to generate his wealth.

Ricegum Net Worth 2018

Ricegum Net Worth 2018 - Ricegum Net Worth

Ricegum is an American YouTube personality who is aged twenty years. He has a rating of being among the most popular YouTube star and music star. He can earn over $1.5 million annually. The video that has made him the most popular is ‘These kids must be stopped.’ This video cemented his position in the YouTube world. After this, he was able to release multiple videos using the same name ‘must be stopped.’

Biography & Wiki

Biography & Wiki - Ricegum Net Worth

Ricegum was born in the year 1996 on 18th November. He currently lives in Los Angeles, United States of America. Currently, he is running his YouTube channel. His birth name is Bryan le, and he has adopted Ricegum as his YouTube name. He was born in the USA, but his parents are from Vietnam. Ricegum has always tried to conceal information regarding himself and that of his family.  He is currently living with his parents. Ricegum has two siblings. He completed his high school education. Ricegum did enroll at the University of Nevada. His mother reigned upon him to join the University so that he could become a doctor. He, however, left the university in the year 201. His interests revolved around making people happy and all smiley. There have been rumors that he might not be sexually straight.

This is something that he has denied in his videos. He is not yet married, and he is not dating any girl. Ricegum has been able to make fun of the fact that he does not have a girlfriend because of his ‘ugly’ look. He has never given an explanation why he adopted the name ‘Ricegum.’ Ricegum has been faced with assault charges against Gabbie Hanna. Gabbie claimed that Ricegum did attack her in the middle of the party. Her phone was destroyed in the process.

He has also found him in controversy after he did roast a ten-year-old singer by the name Alabama Parker. Ricegum claimed that the actions of Parker were not good considering her age. He also took issues with her lifestyle and her upbringing. He has a ban from twitch after he did expose BB gun in one of his videos.

How much is Ricegum net worth? How much does he earn?

How much is Ricegum net worth? How much does he earn? - Ricegum Net Worth

Ricegum net worth is over $3.5 million. This wealth has come from his involvement with the YouTube. He can earn over $1.5 million yearly. He currently runs two YouTube channels. Apart from YouTube, he sells branded t-shirts. These have helped to boost his revenue. He sells his branded t-shirts $25-$45. He has increased the number of people that are his followers. This means that his Ricegum net worth will increase in the coming years.

How has Ricegum Amassed his wealth?

How has Ricegum Amassed his wealth?

He has not been in the YouTube industry for so long as he is only twenty-one years old. However, despite the short period that he has been in the industry, he has been able to create a name for himself. He has asserted his place in the world of internet. Currently, he is among the most popular YouTube stars in the world with over eight million followers. He created his YouTube Channel in the year 2012. He created his channel initially to analyze the famous game   ‘Call of duty.’ This, however, did not have a huge impact as he expected.

In the year 2015, he was able to upload a video in YouTube. This video has the title ‘these kids must be stopped.’ This is the video that was able to increase his fame in the YouTube world. After assessing the performance of the video, he continued to upload more videos with the same name. He continued to make videos with the same kids and with a variety of internet trends. Currently, he is now part of the YouTube Star. Most of the videos that he uploaded to his YouTube channel were very controversial and some even rude. However, irrespective of that, it never stopped his influence from growing. He has been able to create another YouTube channel by the name ‘Ricegumextra.’

This channel is still in the early stages and is making 30 dollars a day. However, he believes that the fortunes will change which will help in the growth of his net worth.  The first car that he bought after his earnings increased is Mercedes S550. At one time, he had his YouTube channel terminated as he had violated terms and conditions of YouTube. Even this did not kill his devotion to making in The YouTube world as he became part of Machinima, which was a global gaming network on YouTube.

Awards and Achievements

Awards and Achievements - Ricegum Net Worth

Ricegum has dedicated his time to YouTube. He does not engage in other activities like films or even writing. Ricegum has a very successful career as a YouTube star. Although he has not been able to win various awards, his influence in the social media is not in doubt. Ricegum has continued to increase his popularity in the social media industry. He has over 4 million followers on Instagram and two thousand followers in Google+. Ricegum has over 2 million followers on Twitter. He has over 245 thousand fans on Facebook and in YouTube, he has over 8 million followers.

Ten Things you need to know about Ricegum

1. Ricegum birth name is Bryan Le.

2. He has gained a big following on YouTube with over $8 million followers.

3. Ricegum net worth is over $3.5 million.

4. He currently manages two YouTube channels.

5. Ricegum left college to pursue his career in YouTube World.

6. Currently, he is among the most popular YouTube stars.

7. He manages a business of selling his own branded t-shirts.

8. Ricegum is not yet married.

9. He has faced charges of assault.

10. Ricegum has found himself in a lot of controversies.

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