How To Remove Ink Tags From Clothes

Ink tags are attached to almost every clothes when you visit a mall or a clothing store. These tags save those items from stealing away from the store. Then, you may ask how to remove ink tags from clothes. One of the widely used security measures, ink tags are made in a way that a person cannot remove them easily without knowing about them. What more if you try to pull the tag by yourself they’ll spill the ink from the tag making the situation worse. These ink stains do not go out easily. It is well said that you must never shoplift.

But, what if you have purchased some clothes as a gift for your loved one and one of the ink tags comes along. If the store is open you can go and take it out. But, what if the store it not opens on the day you know about that ink tag or what if you have brought those clothes from a distant store. In any of these cases, you may have to remove the tag at your home by the DIY procedures.

So, if you have brought clothes from a garment shop and an ink tag comes along with it then, be careful while removing them. So we will see some practical ways about how to remove ink tags from clothes. Following these easy steps mentioned below, you can get rid of those ink tags.

How To Remove Ink Tags From Clothes

1. Lighter

Lighter - remove ink tags

Our first method involves nothing but a lighter. Take the clothes having the ink tag attached to it and burn the top of the ink tag with a lighter. It will take time to catch the fire and will also smoke after you burn it. The burning smell could be very strong because of the burning ink. As you see that the plastic has become soft enough due to the fire take a pair of pliers in one hand and the clothes in other hand. Pull off the spring, metal or plastic part from one side of the tag with the pliers. You can now hold both ends of the ink tag with your hand and apply pressure on it. This will separate them and you can get that ink tag removed without spoiling the ink on your clothes.

2. Pneumatic dry grinder

Pneumatic dry grinder - remove ink tags

Our next method for how to remove ink tags from clothes requires a pneumatic dry grinder. Cut in circle the upper part of the ink tag with approximately 3mm in diameter. It’s plastic so it will be cut easily. Cut it around until you see the spring in the ink tag and the spring will pop out. Now you can see the metal part inside the ink tag. Take a pick tool and put it inside the cut part and pull it out. The ink tag will come out easily.

3. Pliers

Pliers - remove ink tags

Another way of taking out the ink tags from clothes involves the use of pliers. Hold the ink cartridge part of the ink tag with 2 pair of pliers each from both the sides. Keep the garment on a firm platform and bend the ink tag down using both the pliers. Do not apply extensive pressure while pulling down as the tag will crack spilling the ink on your garment. Consistently apply pressure and the tag will come off.

4. Nail

nail - remove ink tags

Among the most practical ways of how to remove ink tags from clothes could be taking it off with the help of a nail. To do this, hold the ink tag in your one hand and grasp your clothing on the other side. Pull the tag away from the clothing will a moderate pull pressure. You may need to do it many times until the pin is loosed. But, apply a consistent amount of pressure every time you pull the tag. Get a large nail that is strong and bigger than the tag. Put your clothing on one side and keep the tag on a firm surface. Then, hit down the ink cartridge with a firm pressure. Do not hit it too harshly as the tag will burst out. You may need to hit the cartridge more than 20 times to open it.

5. Freezer

 Freezer - remove ink tags`

One of the best methods for how to remove ink tags from clothes is still to mention. Apply this method if your clothing can sustain at a freezing temperature. The procedure of this method is to keep the entire clothing along with the ink tag inside the freezer. For better results it would be good if you can keep the clothing for overnight. Then take the clothing out of the freezer. Pull both the ends of the ink tag with your hands or a pair of pliers. You may be worried about spilling the ink. But, it will not spill. As, you have kept the clothing with the tag in the freezer the ink inside the tag has got frozen to this time.

6. Pull it off

Pull it off - remove ink tags

If you give a look over to the changing nature of security tags you will come to know that many security tags are not ink tags. I mean that ink tags are now replaced with electro-magnet tags. If your clothing has got a tag like this one, then you would not have to worry about spilling the ink. But, the risk of tearing off the clothing is still there. Hold the tag and detect the pin. Then, give the pin a slack so that it will bend. Pull the pin back and forth to loosen it. As it gets lose pull it off and the tag will separate from the pin.


7. Rubber band

Rubber band - remove ink tags

Our last solution for how to remove ink tags from clothes requires more patience and efforts. Yet you can count on this method to open the ink tag. Place the ink cartridge part of the ink tag down and the pin on the upper part. Pull the rest of the clothing away from the ink tag so it will not disturb in your task. Place the rubber around the ink rag and pull it upwards. Your rubber needs to be strong in order to apply the correct pressure. In case you do not have a strong rubber, use multiple rubbers instead. This will loosen the pin to an extent and then you can pull the ink tag with both of your hands.