Queen Latifah Net Worth 2018 – How much is Queen Latifah Net Worth?

Queen Latifah Net worth runs into millions of dollars. Her determination to build an empire by her own is very inspirational, and it shows how hard work can make you go smiling all the way to the bank. We will dig dipper on her wealth and net worth among other details of her life. Read on so that you can get updated.

Queen Latifah Net Worth 2018

Queen Latifah Net Worth 2018 - Queen Latifah Net Worth

Queen Latifah is the stage name of Dana Elaine Owens. She is an American. Being a Jack of all trades, Latifah is a rapper, singer, songwriter as well as an actress. Between 1993 and 1998, she had a starring role in Living Single sitcom aired on FOX. Latifah has acted in many other films, television films as well as made appearances on television. As a musician, she has seven albums. Her debut one had the title All Hail the Queen followed by Nature of a Sista, Black Reign and Order in the Court among others. Here is the story of the legend.

Biography & Wiki

Biography & Wiki - Queen Latifah Net Worth

Queen Latifah was born in the year 1970 on 18th March in Newark. Her birth names are Dana Elaine Owens. She was born to Rita, who was a school teacher and Lancelot Owens who used to serve in the police as a police officer. They lived together as a family until she was ten years before her parents decided to part ways. She used to worship at Baptist Faith Church. It is interesting to note that she used to play basketball at school. That was not because she loved it or neither did she have any interest; it was due to her height. Her height was 5-foot-10-inches. Her acting career started while she was still young. She began to act in the school plays, and people noted her talent in acting.

I know you are wondering how this beautiful lady got the name, Queen Latifah. It is this action that got her the name, Latifah! Queen Latifah had a brother. She gifted him with a motorcycle as a gift. Well, little did Queen know that was going to the cause of an accident that would make her lose the brother? In the year 1992, when her brother was riding the motorcycle, she suffered a terrible accident that took his life. Well, this accident hit Queen Latifah as hard as he believed he was the reason his brother died. In fact, to her, she killed her brother.

She asked herself several questions: “What could have happened if I did not gift Lancelot junior the motorbike?” “Maybe He Could Be Still Alive.” This blame game of blaming herself made her fall into depression. She would later recover from the recession after attending counseling sessions. During her grief, drugs became her consolation. As a sign of remembrance, she always wears the motorcycle key as a pendant. She is a lady who has gone through so much tragedy.

In 1995, she witnessed the death of her husband after a car hijacking. That made her go back to drugs. She got arrested in 1996, and during her arrest, police found a gun. In the year 2002, she broke traffic rules and again this got her arrested. Some people questioned her sexuality. Among such people include rapper, Foxy Brown.

Queen Latifah Net Worth 2018 – How much is Queen Latifah Net Worth? How much is her income?

Queen Latifah Net Worth 2018 - How much is Queen Latifah Net Worth? How much is her income? - Queen Latifah Net Worth

Queens’s net worth is estimated to be $60 million. The significant sources that have contributed to her current net worth include music, TV and her films. This hardworking woman also owns a perfume and a cosmetic line. Product endorsement has immensely added a good chunk of dollars to her net worth. Among the products and brands, she endorsed include Pizza Hut, Jenny Craig, and Curvation ladies underwear.

How did Queen Latifah Amass her Wealth?

How did Queen Latifah Amass her Wealth? - Queen Latifah Net Worth

Queen Latifah career started when she joined “Flavor Unit” band. Her role was beatboxing for the group. Her first single was the work of by Dante Ross, and its release was in the year 1988. The single was titled “Wrath of My Madness.” She enjoyed doing hip hop, and all of her songs tackled the issues black women were facing. Among the topics, she talked about included violence, molestation, and relationship. She started singing Jazz in the year 2003.

She was a nominee for a Grammy award. This lady has developed and has moved on to television and films. She once hosted her talk show that dubbed “The Queen Latifah Show.” The show had two seasons. It did not work well as it had low ratings.

Queen Latifah has been in music business for a while now. Her musical career has been a successful one. Among the genres, she has worked on include Gospel, Jazz, R&B and Hip Hop, and eventually, she worked on films, and she developed to the level of becoming the executive producer. She has been known to be one of the many musicians that have a proper engagement with her fans especially when she is performing. It is a known fact that she is very controversial. Controversy for celebrities sometimes can be a good thing because if you take advantage of it, you can quickly grow your brand.

She is also a voice artist. She did lend her voice in the movie ice age, and this earned her some good thousands of dollars.

Achievements & Awards

Achievements & Awards - Queen Latifah Net Worth

Queen Latifah got her first Grammy nomination in the year 1991. That is after she featured in a film by the name “all hail the Queen’. It was quite an achievement for her although she did not win. In the year 1995, she was nominated for the Grammy award and went ahead to win it. This nomination came after she featured in a movie titled “U.N.I.T.Y.” Other accolades she won include a 2003 BET Award and Black Reel Award for the film: “Chicago.”

In the year 2007, Queen Latifah went ahead to win a Hollywood Film Festival Award in 2007 for “Hairspray,” and in 2008 she won a Golden Globe for “Life Support.” In the recent years, she won a 2016 NAACP Image Award, 2016 Screen Actors Guild Award and 2015 Emmy for “Bessie’.

In total, her collective awards both in music and film total to twenty-two (22) prizes. This including awards such as “Outstanding Television Movie” “Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor.”

Ten things you need to know about Queen Latifah

1. When she was a kid, she wanted to be a marine biologist or a truck driver!

2. She has three butterfly tattoos.

3. Her first recording deal was signed by her when she was 17.

4. She loves to ride motorcycles.

5. The first album she bought was Prince Purple rain. This album had a poster that Queen hanged in her bedroom and funny enough she used to kiss it.

6. She holds a record for being the first female hip-hop star to be nominated in for an Oscar.

7. Latifah has another name “Queen of Jazz Rap.”

8. She has sold more than 2 million copies of her records worldwide.

9. She loves the gospel group called Clark Sisters.

10. Her birth name is Dana Elaine Owens.

Follow her on Instagram: @queenlatifah

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