Practical Bathroom Tiles Ideas to Inspire You

Having a fantastic home with a not so amazing bathroom is something that everyone should avoid. It does not make sense to have a stylish and elegant home and yet the bathroom is below standard. We are living in an era where a wholesome house has perfect and exquisite rooms. This is inclusive of the bathroom. Many people are now investing on their bathrooms and so should you. An excellently designed bathroom will give you a sense of accomplishment. It will always make you appreciate your efforts every time that neighbor comes to your home and admires your bathroom.

In as much as many people would wish to enhance their bathroom design, some do not know where to start. There are also those that lack the inspiration. For these reasons, we are here to offer you a solution. Our solution will make everything easier for you. You will know what to look for and how to choose one thing over the other because of its strengths. This list is made of practical bathroom tile ideas to inspire you on your new journey.

As you look forward to giving your bathroom a new look, you can be confident in some of our inspiring ideas. They will guide you in the right direction.

Practical Bathroom Tiles Ideas to Inspire You


WAINSCOTING - practical bathroom tile ideas


Many people embrace wainscoting to enhance the beauty of their homes and increase the home value. Wainscoting is a practice that involves wood paneling of walls up to a certain length. This has seen to it that many homes get their youthful looks back and become even more impressive as times goes by. While beautifying their homes, many people have never forgotten about their bathrooms either. Thus, they have applied wainscoting to their bathroom walls. The main purpose of wainscoting has been to strengthen the walls and keep it safe from wearing out because of getting knocked or because of water. The decorative aspect of everything is the main focus of many people.

In the current times, wainscoting is still a practice that many people can still relate to. People wainscot their bathroom walls for beauty purposes. Other than that, it is also advantageous in preventing damages to the wall because of water. When it comes to decorating your bathroom, you can use wainscoting from the start. Alternatively, you can use wainscot over tiles. If you are tired of seeing the same old tiles, then wainscoting is the best way to go about it. You can deduct the name of the wainscoting basing on the type of panel that you will use. There are four types of wainscoting, and they are as follows.

  • Raised-panel wainscoting
  • Flat-panel wainscoting
  • Board-and-batten wainscoting
  • Breadboard wainscoting

All these methods of wainscoting your wall are excellent and will make your bathroom look gorgeous. After wainscoting, the painting will matter a lot. Choose the right paintings, and you will have a perfect finish.


BORDER TILES - practical bathroom tile ideas

Using border tiles is an art that only the best tiles installers can excellently pull off. The best way to finish your tile installing project is by using border tiles. There is also another amazing way of using border tiles. You can use them to merge different tiles regarding the design or color. The border tiles will show you clear where which design pattern ends and where another begins. Decorating your bathroom using border tiles either on the floor or the walls is one way to enhance your bathroom design. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the design.

There are different kinds of border tiles. The option may range from mosaic border tiles, pattern border tiles, glass border tiles, pencil strip border tiles, to rope profile strip tiles, brick border tiles, and natural stone border tiles, among others. It will entirely depend on your preference on which one to use.


BORDER TILES - practical bathroom tile ideas


These border tiles will look gorgeous in bringing in the contrast between two different tiles color and pattern whether on the floor or the walls. As a finishing design for tiling a wall, the border tiles can be used on the highest point of the wall all the way to the ceiling. The beauty of the border tiles is undeniable. They will take your bathroom design to a new level of elegance.



FLOORING - practical bathroom tile ideas


When it comes to flooring your bathroom, there are numerous options that you may have. Even so, making the best option will greatly translate to the outlook of your bathroom. Choosing a flooring option will need an excellent eye and a well-defined preference of material. The different designs available are as follows.

  • Porcelain tiles: These are the most popular choice for bathroom flooring. This is because they are more durable. They are also very resistant to water and stains. Porcelain tiles are beautiful and fashionable.
  • Stone tiles: this design choice is very expensive. It is highly linked to high-end customers. Even so, it has a magical effect. It can make a statement about your home that no other type of tile can make. It gives a very high value for your home too. This choice is for luxurious homes.
  • Vinyl: this is also a very popular choice among home owners. It affordably offers elegance. Vinyl is easy to install, and you can easily do it yourself.
  • Laminate the floor: with laminating comes a wide range of options. When you laminate the floors, you will get a ‘woody’ or ‘stony’ look. Laminated floors are easy to clean, durable, and very beautiful.
  • Glass tiles: glass tiles are equally great as a flooring option. They will make a statement about your home that will be impressive. They are easy to clean and are eco-friendly too.

These are just some of the flooring options available. There are many more options you can choose from. It all depends on your preference.


FLOORING - practical bathroom tile ideas




SHOWER TILE - practical bathroom tile ideas


Securing your shower wall is also a very important thing to do. The shower wall is constantly exposed to moisture every day. Therefore, if there is no security offered, your walls will soon be damaged. This will leave your bathroom in a depressing state and make it non-conducive. Over the years and in the recent past, two kinds of tiles have been the people’s choice for shower tiles. These are glazed ceramic tiles and also porcelain tiles.

These two types of tiles are the most commonly used shower tiles. They are highly resistant to stains and water. They, therefore, offer maximum security to your bathroom. These tiles come in amazing designs and colors. All these designs are breathtaking and very attractive to use. They will turn your bathroom into your dream bathroom.

Other than these two, glass tiles and stone tiles are also used. They come as the second option to the first two. These tiles offer great security to your walls. However, they also come at a great cost. This is particularly for the stone tiles. They are famously known to be used in luxurious homes.

As you look for shower tiles, have your priorities as stated above. Basing on your budget, you can know which tile to go for. Even so, you can be sure that you will get the best from either of the tiles.



DESIGN IDEA FOR THE ENTIRE BATHROOM - practical bathroom tile ideas


Having looked at the different kinds of decorative design ideas available for your bathroom, it is easy to come up with a general look. When you decide to go with wainscoting, ensure that you choose the best finishing color for the paint. The painting will determine a lot of things for your bathroom and especially its lighting and aesthetic appeal. I would recommend bright colors.

You can also go the tiling way. As discussed, there are various flooring options you can choose from. You can also go ahead and tile the walls of the bathroom. Remember to incorporate border tiles to add a stylish touch. Border tiles are excellent at showing the distinction of different patterns or colors. They work excellently to add extra beauty to the tiles. There are also surfaces that may require tiling. These surfaces should be consistent with the kind of tiles used, the color, and pattern. This will ensure they blend nicely with the entire look.

All the bathroom walls may not have tiles and especially the walls outside the shower area. These walls will need some painting. Whatever paint color you will choose, ensure that it blends perfectly with the tiles used. This way, there will be a great balance between the colors.


DESIGN IDEA FOR THE ENTIRE BATHROOM - practical bathroom tile ideas


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