Top 10 Oolong Tea Health Benefits

Did you know that the ancient Chinese Oolong Tea Health benefits are so pervasive that it can almost prevent all of the major chronic diseases? Well yes, you heard it right. Although Oolong tea contributes to only 2% of the world tea consumption, its health benefits are far – fetched. It’s less popularity among the tea addicts of globe doesn’t lessen its benefits anyway.

Extracted from the magic plant of camellia sinensis, it is the partially fermented tea produced from the leaves, buds, and stems of the plant. These are widely found in forms of black and green tea in the market. Highly consumed in China and Taiwan, this tea is a large part of the high tea party found commonly in the social culture of the countries. Regular drinking of Oolong tea calls for a number of benefits in terms of health. To unfold its treasure trunk of health, read along.

Top 10 Oolong Tea Health Benefits

The ancient history of the origin of Oolong

The ancient history of the origin of Oolong

The first essence of the Oolong tea can be traced back in the Ming dynasty of China in the mid of the 1300s. However, the first discovery of the tea encapsulates a very interesting legend. It is said that the tea was first discovered by a farmer in a chance encounter when he was indulged in plucking of tea leaves for brewing. At the first instance misunderstanding it as a black snake he left the place. However, returning to the same place the next day he saw that the leaves have turned brownish – green in color. post this incidence, he brewed those leaves and was so amazed by its flavor that he named them on the Chinese name of the snakes; ‘Wu Long’.

There is a list of major nutrients and antioxidants that has accredited Oolong Tea Health benefits.

  • Oolong is mineral rich with calcium, magnesium, copper, carotene, potassium, selenium.
  • It is a pool of folic acid, niacin amide and other alkaloids.
  • Due to its semi fermented condition, it has polyphenolic compounds that give additional health benefits.
  • Vitamins A, B, C, E, and K are some of the major vitamins which is imbibed in it.

 10. Heart related ailments

Oolong Tea Health Benefits

Researches in China, has proven that there is a long and deep connection between the consumption of Oolong tea and cholesterol levels. This tree has been long known to lower the levels of cholesterol, which is alleged to be the reason of an increased risk of heart disease.

A study says that people consuming oolong for the longest period of time had lower cholesterol, triglyceride, and LDL cholesterol level.

9. Boosts weight loss

Boosts weight loss

One of the major Oolong Tea, Healthbenefits is its ability to reduce fat distinctly. It has scientifically been proven to boost fat reduction in body in turn increasing metabolism rate.

8. Cancer repellant

Cancer repellant

One of the major Oolong Tea, Health credits is that it prevents the formation of cancer in neck or throat. Studies say that one cup of oolong tea consumption a day can reduce the risks by a good 4%.

7. Diabeets


In today’s modern day scenario where 7 out of 10 people get affected with diabetes due to the lifestyle, Oolong tea takes care that it lowers down this risk successfully. It is seen that consuming 3 or more cups of oolong tea per day has often been associated with lowering down risk of type 2 diabetes.

6. Oral health

Oral health

It has been seen that fluoride is an indispensible element in keeping our oral health. Oolong tea leaves are naturally rich in fluoride. Thus, it proves to be one of the best natural preventive measures for the oral hygiene. Thus, there goes another feather to Oolong Tea Health benefits.

5. Fights against inflammation

Fights against inflammation


Today’s sedantric lifestyle has made sure that inflammation is a common problem for all. However, oolong tea takes care that this major problem doesn’t remain so.

The polyphenols in the tea has been potentially seen to reduce signs of inflammation in individuals under the regular consumption of the tea. Another flavonoid, responsible for this anti – inflammatory property is the epigallocatechingallate.

4. Improves memory

Improves memory

Studies have continuously supported the fact that the consumption of oolong tea can improve the functionality of the brain and even prevent alzheimer’s to great extent. Further, the caffeine content in the tea triggers the slow discharge of two chemicals norepinephrine and dopamine respectively that are responsible for improvement in mood.

3. Augments bone density

Augments bone density

Women have often been seen been affected by weakened bone due to unhealthy bone conditions. This has consequently resulted into diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis etc. In such cases, Oolong Tea Health benefits are miraculous. Consumption of oolong tea for increased period of time has been seen to increase bone mineral density.

2. Improves appearance of skin

Improves appearance of skin

One of the major Oolong Tea Health care elements are seen in terms of the miraculous results it shows for eczema patients in particular. The anti – allergenic antioxidants in oolong tea helps to fight this skin disease to a large extent.

1. Effective prevention for hair loss

Effective prevention for hair loss - Oolong Tea Health Benefits

Though not known widely, some experts show consensus on the fact intake of oolong tea can prove to fight hair loss problems. The tea extracts are long known to make your hair soft and shiny.

Now that you know all the major Oolong Tea Health attributes it is time that you know the prescribed dosage of this tea per day.

How much consumption of Oolong tea is good for health?

It is said that over dose of nothing in the world is good for health. This philosophy applies here too.

  • Keeping the consumption to be no more than 2 cups of oolong tea will be the most beneficial for you.
  • In case you suffer from eczema, a count of 3 cups is fine.

Tea has always been known to work wonders on our immune system. Along with the rich taste in mixes in our daily life it does bring a bouquet of health benefits to our lives. However, the most of which is undoubtedly offered by Oolong tea; the unfortunately least used. It is time to show some tea love to this immensely satiating and benefitting tea.


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