Top 10 Older Men Hairstyles in 2018

s men age, they need to find a suitable hairstyle that matches them. A lot of things change with hair as you age such as color and texture. The hairline might also be in a different shape than when you were in your 20s or 30s. A majority of Older Men Hairstyles are shorter hairstyles due to hair loss. But even that can be to your advantage as short hair will create a less contrast between spots with thick hair and bald areas.

This can result in a smooth and blended short hairstyle. Hairstyles for older men need not always be short hairstyles as many do end up with thick lush hair even when past their mid-life. Such ones do have options for styling their hair in various instead of just sporting plain long hair. If you are thinking of changing your hairstyle or searching for an ideal hairstyle, then read through this list of top 10 older men hairstyles to find a hairstyle that will suit your look and your preference.

Top 10 Older Men Hairstyles in 2018

10. The Classic Caesar

The Classic Caesar-Older Men Hairstyles

The classic Caesar is a traditional hairstyle for a man which features a cropped fringe with short sides. The main highlight of the classic Caesar hairstyle is the perfect angle, clean line, and neat texture. As this hairstyle is short, the hair is styled flat on top of your head with a neat and refined look. If you want to spruce this hairstyle a bit, then use a bit of hair gel to spike up the top hair.

9. The Classic Taper

The Classic Taper-Older Men Hairstyles

A classic taper hairstyle is a gentleman’s hairstyle. This hairstyle features a traditionally tapered haircut that is brushed slightly to the back with a neat side parting. This creates a traditional and a cool look. The classic tapered hairstyle suits almost any hair texture or color. Pair this hairstyle with classic men clothing to give out a classy and chic look.

8. A Loose Wavy Shag

A Loose Wavy Shag-Older Men Hairstyles

If you are blessed with long hair, then as your hair grows gray it adds additional texture. Due to this added texture, your hair may become wavy and fall differently. For such hair, loose wavy shag is the ideal hairstyle. Grow your hair until the nape of your neck and flip the front of your hair away you’re your face without a detailed partying. Maintain the salt pepper color for a philosophical style.

7. Long Layers

Long Layers-Older Men Hairstyles

Long layers are an excellent hairstyle to frame your face. Remember Keanu Reeves and his typical hairstyle. You can also rock that hairstyle with long layers. If you prefer a relaxed look, then opt for thin ends so that it creates waves at the ends. When the waves fan out in any direction they want, it enhances a cool and relaxed look.

6. The Short Caesar

The Short Caesar-Older Men Hairstyles

A short Caesar haircut is a short and an accurate haircut. This haircut will highlight the outline better on dark hair rather than blonde hair. An extremely short Caesar hairstyle is ideal for you if you still have dark hair. If your hair texture is very fine, then this hairstyle is ideal for you.

5. The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut-Older Men Hairstyles

A buzz cut hairstyle is a classic hairstyle for men which feature short cut hair all around. The buzz cut can extend to the sides of your head. You can also combine a buzz cut with a low or high fade. The main advantage of a buzz cut is that you can style it easily and you do not have to maintain it much. Sporting a buzz cut is easy as you can do it at home yourself. The buzz cut hairstyle is great especially if you have a receding hairline.

4. The Short Crop

The Short Crop-Older Men Hairstyles

The short crop hairstyle is when your entire hair is cut the same length all around. You can rock as slick straight crop when your hair is of the same short length. Ask your stylist for a soft part at the top and make sure the ends of your hair are not cut blunt but are thinned out gradually. This hairstyle works well when you keep your hair flat all around your head. Pair this hairstyle with a cropped beard to look classy and sophisticated.

3. Pulled Back

Pulled Back-Older Men Hairstyles

Usually, white or gray hair will appear thinner as you grow old. Then you can try the pulled back hairstyle where the front strands are kept longer than the back strands. To achieve a perfect pulled back hairstyle, have the sides cut shorter and the top hair long. Direct the long hair away from your face in a pulled back style. You can use gel or pomade to achieve the pulled back look. You can also grow out your beard to accentuate the pulled back hairstyle.

2. The Pompadour

The Pompadour-Older Men Hairstyles

A pompadour is a hairstyle where the hair is turned back off your forehead in a roll. Do you remember David Beckham’s famous hairstyle? It is the pompadour and a classic hairstyle which is on the trend now as many young and old are opting for this hairstyle. It means if you decide to go for this look, you will not look out of place, but instead will sport the current trend. If you do not want a hip look, then go for a neat pompadour with a limited undercutting.

1. Textured Layers

Textured Layers-Older Men Hairstyles

If you have thick hair, then you are indeed blessed. Go for a textured layered hairstyle for a chic and classic look. Ask your hairstylist to cut in lots of layers with significant length to rock a gorgeous hairstyle. Maintain a salt and pepper look to enhance the hairstyle. If you are not a fan of perfect layers, then rub some matte paste on your hand and run it through your hair strands to create a messy look.


Age does not limit your options in hair styling as there are a variety of hairstyles that can suit you. Find the perfect hairstyle which matches your hair and your personality. Rock the hairstyle and conquer the world.

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