Niki Taylor Net Worth 2018 – How much is Niki Taylor Net Worth?

I do not think that there is any single fan of hers who would not like to know just how much Niki Taylor Net Worth is. With that in mind, I embarked on a journey to figure it out. While at it, I gathered much information about the model. I decided to share for the sake of her fans. Read on for an extensive piece on Niki Taylor Net Worth and her life.

Niki Taylor Net Worth 2018

Niki Taylor Net Worth 2018 - Niki Taylor Net Worth

Niki Taylor is not only a supermodel but also a television presenter of the American origin. Her appearances on both Bravo’s Make Me a Supermodel, and Celebrity Apprentice has significantly contributed to her fame. Her career started while she was a minor. Taylor was only 14 when she appeared on the Seventeen Magazine cover. The year that followed was no different. She was on the Vogue’s cover. Her net worth is in millions of dollars. However, before getting to the details of that, let us take a look at her personal life.

Biography & Wiki

Biography & Wiki - Niki Taylor Net Worth

Niki Taylor was born in 1975 on 5th March to Ken and Barbara Taylor. Her parents gave her the name Nicole Renee Taylor. The careers of her mother and father are a photographer and a high patrol lieutenant, respectively. Her birthplace was Fort Lauderdale, Florida but she grew up in Pembroke Pines, Florida. She grew up together with her two sisters namely Joelle who is older and Krissy who was younger than her. The latter succumbed to her death in 1995 at the age of seventeen.

Niki studied at Cooper City High School.

Taylor’s love life is no secret either. She had just left high school back in 1993 when he met Matt Martinez. Matt was once a linebacker of Miami Hooter. They met in Miami at an Arena football game during a coin-toss. In January 1994 after three months only, the two eloped to Las Vegas. On the 19th July of the same year, Niki and Martinez had a traditional wedding. At that time, her pregnancy was four months. That same year in December, they welcomed into this world two lovely twins who were boys and gave them the names Hunter and Jake. However, barely two years after that, they ended their marriage.

She and Burney Lamar had attended three dates when they got engaged. That was in October 2006 before doing their wedding on the 27th December. It was held in a hotel in La Jolla, California by the name Grande Colonial Hotel. Lamar is a NASCAR driver, and the two had met in January that same year at an autograph session. The couple has two daughter namely Ciel Taylor Lamar and Rex Harrison Lamar who is a daughter and a son, respectively. The girl was born in 2009 on 4th March while their son’s birthday was 16th November 2011. The family resides in Brentwood, Tennessee.

She was in a car accident which occurred on 29th April 2001 in Atlanta, Georgia. The driver was none other than Chad Renegar her then-boyfriend. Hardly had he attempted to answer the phone when he lost control of the vehicle and subsequently crashed into a utility pole. It was severe to the extent that she suffered severe liver damage as well as a collapsed lung. There are two implanted steel rods in her back to ensure that her spine stays together. She was not only unconscious and in a coma for half a year but also bedridden for yet another one month. Her treatment was at Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta. She underwent 56 operations together with much physical therapy for her to get well.

Niki Taylor Net Worth 2018 – How much is Niki Taylor Net Worth? How much is her income?

Niki Taylor Net Worth 2018 - How much is Niki Taylor Net Worth? How much is her income? - Niki Taylor Net Worth

Niki Taylor net worth is $18 million. That is what she has accumulated over the years. Her significant sources of income are her modeling and hosting careers. Her first modeling contract was worth $500 thousand. How has she faired in each of them? There is only one way to find out. Simply continue reading.

How did Niki Taylor amass her wealth?

How did Niki Taylor amass her wealth? - Niki Taylor Net Worth

At the age of 13, Taylor signed with Irene Marie Models, South Florida. While working, she and Jean Renard who is a photographer who later became her manager met. Her debut magazine cover was in August 1989 on Seventeen issue. The next year, she appeared on that of Vogue. That made her second after Brooke Shield as the youngest person to make an appearance on the Vogue’s cover.

Things got better each year explaining how People magazine featured her as one of the Most Beautiful People. She was only 16 making her the youngest person ever to appear on it. Cover Girl hired her as their spokesmodel and for their national advertising campaign.

She has made appearances on magazines such as Allure, ELLE, Self, Vogue, Marie Claire, and Shape.

Besides that, she had served as Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous interviewer. She has fragrances by the title Begin by Niki Taylor. She and Tyson Beckford hosted Make Me a Supermodel.

Awards & Achievements

Awards & Achievements - Niki Taylor Net Worth

Niki Taylor has appeared on many magazine covers. The total number is more than 400 magazines. She was a winner of the New York Fresh Faces competition at the age of 14. Ever since then, it has been an achievement after another.

Ten Things you need to know about Niki Taylor

1. Her dream was becoming a marine biologist way before considering modeling.

2. Taylor was only 14 when he won a beauty contest.

3. She started her career at the age of 15.

4. She lost her younger sister Krissy at the age of seventeen.

5. Niki Taylor and her then-boyfriend suffered a car accident in 2001.

6. After her accident, she had a 1 in 10 chance of survival.

7. She has married twice.

8. Her first marriage bore two twins who are male.

9. Her first child with her second husband was born a day to her 34th birthday.

10. She has undergone 56 operations for her to recover after her accident.

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