New edition Net Worth 2018 – How much is New edition Net Worth?

At the beginning of the 90’s, the group took a break where the various artists concentrated on their solo projects. After some years of doing side and solo projects, in 1996, the group members came together. The reunion which brought all the six members together inspired them to record another album “Home Again”. The past repeated itself once again and 2 members of the group left. During the album’s tour Michael Bivins and Bobby Brown decided to quit. They later reunited again in 2004. So How much is New edition Net Worth in 2018? An understanding of their past would be good before we get there.

New edition Net Worth 2018

New edition Net Worth 2018 - New edition Net Worth

New edition is an R&B American group that had 5 members initially in its creation. At the start, the members were Bobby Brown, Ronnie DeVoe, Michael Bivins, Ricky Belly and Ralph Tresvant. Later on, one of the group members, Bobby Brown, balled out to continue as a solo artist. The first hits of this group were “Mr. Telephone Man” and “Cool It now”. In 1988, before releasing another album another member joined the team. Johnny Gill, who is a singer joined the group and he appeared on tracks which came from, “Heart Break”, an album by New Edition.

Biography & Wiki

Biography & Wiki - New edition Net Worth

This group started up with friends from the same neighborhood, Roxbury, Boston. It started out with Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins and Bobby Brown with as a small vocal group. After an audition, they attained the name “New Edition” which meant that they were the new edition of the Jackson 5. Later on, Ronnie DeVoe and Ralph Tresvant joined the group.

As early as 1981, the group started performing in shows and coincidentally while they were competing in a Hollywood talent show they were noticed. Even though New Edition finished second in that talent show they got a deal to record their tracks. In 1983, they dropped the first album, “Candy Girl”, which had some major hits. The album opened concert opportunities which the group participated in, performing the hits. After the concerts, some issues arose and they had to part ways with the company that promoted them.

Afterwards, the group got signed to MCA record label. A second album came out in 1984 which was titled “New Edition”. Unsurprisingly, the album produced some major hits such as “Mr. Telephone” and “Cool It Now”. 1985 came with another album from the group “All for Love” which was sold out to the point that it became certified platinum. In 1986, one of the group’s member was cut off because he had behavioral issues.

Bobby Brown who was the first to leave the group pursued his solo career by releasing an album titled “Don’t Be Cruel”. The album went multi-platinum, this incited the group members to take a break in 1990 to do solo projects. During that break-up a trio was formed by Ron DeVoe, Ricky Bell and Michael Bivins. The trio was famously known as Bell Biv DeVoe and an alum was released with this trio which surprisingly hit a quadruple platinum. The other two artists who went on a solo path also did well since their albums reached multi-platinum level. Despite working the solo projects, the group appeared on MTV awards as a whole in 1990.

After spending 6 years apart it was time to mend up the group and do something as a whole, so in 1996 all the group members came together. Their come together album was titled “Home Again”. This was the best album they did in their music career since it was placed position one in the billboard after it release. Subsequently, they went on tour to perform tracks from the album, but the tour did not end well. Two of the group members, Bobby Brown and DeVoe, had arguments and ended up leaving the tour earlier than expected.

How much is New edition Net Worth? How much is their income?

How much is New edition Net Worth? How much is their income? - New edition Net Worth

The approximate net worth of New Edition is $75.5 million. This is after summing up the different net worth from each member of the group. As of the present date these are the different net worth of the New Edition members. Ronnie DeVoe has a net worth of $500,000, Bobby Brown $2 million, Ralph Tresvalt $ 8m million, Johnny Gill $10 million, Ricky Bell $ 15 million and to top it all up Mike Bivins has a net Worth of $ 40 million.

How did New edition amass their wealth?

How did New edition amass their wealth? - New edition Net Worth

The members of this group attained their different wealth through the different solo albums they were doing in their split-up years. Most of the members had albums that went platinum multiple times, you can imagine the amount of wealth that came from that. In addition to that, their start up wealth was due to their joint albums that they did in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Awards & Achievements

Awards & Achievements - New edition Net Worth

This group has received several awards time and again. New Edition got a soul Train award which ranked the group with the best R&B/ Urban contemporary album of 1989. In 1987 and 1997 this group got the American Music Award ranking them as the best Soul /R&B Band / Duo /Group. In 2016 and 2017 the group received The Lifetime Time Award.

Interesting things that you need to know about New edition

1. Most of the group members have the same home town Roxbury, Boston.

2. The first founders of the group are Bobby Brown, Ronnie DeVoe and Michael Bivins.

3. They have split up more than once.

4. A trio group, Bell Biv DeVoe, with previous artists from New Edition was formed.

5. The other members of the group Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill pursued solo careers recording tracks to their own albums.

6. Brook Payne is the uncle to Ronnie DeVoe

7. Ronnie DeVoe and Bobby Brown had a stage fight during the Home Again tour that led to more distancing between the group members.

8. Bobby Brown was once voted out of the group due to his behavioral issues.

9. At the moment the group is united since it performed in the 2017 BET.

10. It had five members initially that grew to six due to re-unions.

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