20 of the Best and Most Fascinating Zoos in the World

If wildlife fascinates you then here is the list of the best and most fascinating zoos in the world for you. Watching different animals among which some are exotic and some are not inside the cages brings a lot of excitement. Apart from fun going to the zoo also imparts educational enrichment. People know about different wild and exotic animals and learn some of the most amazing facts about them. While some zoos keep only animals some have a variety of species to ponder upon ranging from mammals to birds, reptiles to amphibians.

Here we have enlisted some of the best and most fascinating zoos in the world which accumulates numerous visitors in a year. The money earned by the zoos with their visitors is used in taking care of the animals and paying their veterinary bills. Take an insight to the list below and decide which would be your next destination for the coming vacation. Get a close view of different animals and see how they exactly look.

20 of the Best and Most Fascinating Zoos in the World

1. Artis Royal Zoo

The Artis Royal Zoo is situated at Plantage Kerklaan 38-40 of Amsterdam. It is one of the most reputed zoos of the world which started in the year 1838. At present, it comprises around 900 different species of animals and 200 different species of trees.

Artis Royal Zoo - most fascinating zoos


Barcelona zoo encounters numerous visitors every year. It came into news after included an albino gorilla in its arena. Named as Snowflake for its white color, the gorilla dies in the year 2003. Even today the Barcelona Zoo is known for the Gorilla House and the efforts it made for the conservation of primates.

BARCELONA ZOO - most fascinating zoos


The Belfast Zoo located in Antrim and is more pronounced for its natural surroundings which include Cavehill and plateaus. Spread around 55-acre areas this zoo at present claims to have around 1000 animal of different species. People can found Asian elephants to Rothchild’s giraffes in this zoo.

BELFAST ZOO - most fascinating zoos


Berlin Zoological garden is one the best and most fascinating zoos in the world. Spread over 86 acres of land it is the largest in the world. One can encounter a variety of animal species among which the Hippo House and Penguin World are the most famous. However, the Aquarium Berlin holds other great place.

BERLIN ZOOLOGICAL GARDEN - most fascinating zoos


Bristol Zoo located at Clifton, it could be a great place for a family outing. You can get the chance to see from Asiatic Lions to Western Lowland Gorillas. Apart from these the Red pandas are the major attraction of this zoo which makes it one of the best and most fascinating zoos in the world.

 BRISTOL ZOO - most fascinating zoos


This is the most reputed zoo of New York which houses a variety of exciting species. From grizzly bears to snow monkeys, Central Park Zoo is the adobe to a number of animals which makes it special and worth making a visit. If you come in the early morning, you might get a chance to see the feeding of the penguins.

CENTRAL PARK ZOO - most fascinating zoos


Another in the list is the Copenhagen Zoo which located at Frederiksberg. It attracted a number of visitors every year because of the wide range of animals species present there. Spread around a big area it comprises a variety of animals among which the Asian Elephants and Pandas are most adored.

COPENHAGEN ZOO - most fascinating zoos


The Dublin Zoo situated at Phoenix Park attracts a number of visitors. It houses around 400 animals so far which includes mammals like Amur Tigers and Asian Elephants. Animals like Red River Hogs and birds like Abyssinian Hornbills manages to grab the attention to people the most.

 DUBLIN ZOO - most fascinating zoos


Yet another zoo which manages to get listed in the best and most fascinating zoos in the world is RZSS Zoo from Edinburg. This zoo located in the center of the city and it holds the place of second most attractive place among the visitors. There are many thing to see aside from those exotic species to wild animals.

RZSS EDINBURGH ZOO - most fascinating zoos


When we talk about the most popular zoo in the Portuguese capital the name of Lisbon Zoo comes within. It houses around 330 different species it encompasses 2000 animals in total. It is as one of the best sightseeing places in Lisbon.

LISBON ZOO - most fascinating zoos


The London Zoo is one of the best and most fascinating zoos in the world locates at the center of Regent’s park. One can take the London Bus Tour to reach this place and visit some of the best species of animals present in the world. From innocent pandas to mighty leopards one can see all at one place.

LONDON ZOO - most fascinating zoos


The Madrid Zoo Aquarium is famous for the animals, fishes and their houses. Although, it located a little away from the city center, a number of transports are available to reach the place. You can see a wide range of animals and exotic fishes at this place.

MADRID ZOO AQUARIUM - most fascinating zoos


The next in the row is the Melbourne Zoo which can visite while taking a ride to Parkville zoological gardens. Covering a large area it has some of the most exotic species of animals that would make you feel amazing. Get a close view of them at Melbourne Zoo and know what they do all around the day.

MELBOURNE ZOO - most fascinating zoos


The most attractive zoo which is also one of the best and most fascinating zoos in the world is the National Zoological Park located at Washington. Spread over 163 acres it one of the largest zoos present in the world. It not only comprises 1800 animals from 300 species but a wide range of trees species as well.

NATIONAL ZOOLOGICAL PARK - most fascinating zoos


Perth Zoo located in South Perth. Western Australia houses Asian, Australian and African species of animals. From elephants to gibbons, tigers to rhino one can see a variety of animals at a single place. It is spread in around 41 acres of area and showcases a wide variety of flora of Australia.

PERTH ZOO - most fascinating zoos


Located at the center of the city, the Prague Zoo encompasses more than 4000 animals. Covering around 143 acres of area it houses around 133 endangered species as well for the visitors. It does not helps in the breeding of the endangered species, but also looks for their rehabilitation work.

PRAGUE ZOO - most fascinating zoos


The San Francisco Zoo holds the position of one of the best and most fascinating zoos in the world and houses 200 different species of animals. Apart from animals, it also showcases alluring seaside views to the visitors. This has made this zoo one of the most popular tourist attraction places.

 SAN FRANCISCO ZOO - most fascinating zoos


The Skansen Open Air Museum and Zoo located in Stockholm and is one of its kinds due to the presence of an open-air museum. From depicting the rural and traditional life of Swedish people to showcase their farming and housing this zoo is a one-stop destination for the tourists.

SKANSEN OPEN-AIR MUSEUM & ZOO - most fascinating zoos


Located in Sydney the Taronga Zoo can be reached through buses or trains easily. It is an adobe for a large number of animals, birds and reptiles which makes it a popular tourist attraction. It helps different endangered species as well and works for their breeding and rehabilitation.

TARONGA ZOO, SYDNEY - most fascinating zoos


From endangered snow leopards and Amur leopards to large number of mountain goat and fishes, the Tallinn Zoo is a great tourist attraction. It located in Estonia and it also houses crocodiles, exotic fish, birds and many terrestrial reptiles.

TALLINN ZOO - most fascinating zoos


These are the best and most fascinating zoos in the world which encompasses some of the most exotic species of the earth. If got the chance to visit their respective countries do visit the zoos and see the variety of animals at a place.

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