20 Modern Contemporary Masculine Bedroom Designs

The word “Masculine” is not only used for the male gender but also to things. For example in design language, you have two kinds of design genders as well: Masculine ones and Feminine ones. The more de-glam dull shades and designs are designated as masculine while bright colors and glam decors are associated with the feminine side. Modern contemporary masculine bedroom designs are aplenty and you can be rest assured to get what you want. This article puts forward 20 different Modern contemporary masculine bedroom design ideas for you to take a pick. When talking about the masculine designs, we took care of every aspect of the room in account.

Masculinity in a design consists more of dark shades and has a minimalistic approach. Comfort is usually given priority in masculine designing. Imagine a man`s choice: concrete, rugged and gray and that is exactly what masculinity in designs try to bring out. The colors of choice typically include black, brown and gray. Contemporary bedrooms that have a masculine style need to be well planned before its execution. Do not worry; we would help you represent your bedroom in the same bold and manly way that you desire!

20 Modern Contemporary Masculine Bedroom Designs

1. Dominating steel and gray

No cramping the room with extra furniture and just the essentialities put in. The shades of steel and gray were kept in the centre of the room and the lightings were selected keeping the masculine theme in mind. Since white would go best with the shade of gray, it was incorporated to have some fun with the interiors. Just a speck of a color in the form of a comfortable chair was included to break the silent monotony that the color gray can set.

Dominating steel and gray - modern contemporary masculine bedroom

2. Dream man closet attached

If you are a man with a fetish for your wardrobe, you would love to share equal space with your well-organized closet. This masculine bedroom design idea is simple yet dreamy for every man. The simple wooden flooring with an overall rusty look for the walls accentuates to bring out what`s best in the room: the walk-in closet. The rest of the room is entirely dedicated to the king in his king-size bed.

Dream man closet attached - modern contemporary masculine bedroom

3. Workaholic`s pad

If you are a workaholic of sorts, you would like to keep your work desk close to you. This bedroom design is for all those who spend hours on their laptop. There`s also a book-shelf handy for those geeky eyes as well. The work-station and the book shelf are incorporated on a single side of the wall, to keep the rest of the bedroom free. This way the room does not look over-done.

Workaholic`s pad - modern contemporary masculine bedroom

4. Class apart

If you`re of the classy sorts and want your bedroom design to reflect your personality, this design is what you would like best. The shades of beige and brown dominate this design of masculinity. The tall windows, small study table and an armchair complete the look. The lamp hanging from the ceiling further adds class to the whole design.

Class apart - modern contemporary masculine bedroom

5. Bachelor`s pad

The typical low-lying bed and one wall dedicated to your favorite wall art, would be a dream bachelor`s pad. Minimal inclusions in the bedroom ensure equally minimal efforts on organization. All photography enthusiasts can dedicate one wall of the room to their bets captured picture in their personal art gallery.

Bachelor`s pad - modern contemporary masculine bedroom

6. Playstation bedroom

The best bedroom design for any gamer would be with a big screen that supports their play station. The TV point provided right in front of the bed means sleepless nights with their playstation remotes. The black theme of the room screams masculinity and would be perfect for all black-lovers. The designer blinds provided for the window spice up the interiors given to its simplicity otherwise.

Bachelor`s pad - modern contemporary masculine bedroom

7. Luxury bedroom

Blue has always been associated with “boys” and we cannot leave it out when discussing masculine designs altogether. A mix of blue with gray associates the “boy” that is hidden in every “man”. If you are a man of method and taste, you would pay attention to extra details like the choice of lampshades and the pattern of your carpet as well. This luxurious design of the bedroom is masculine at all costs, with the right amount of boyish inclusion though.

Luxury bedroom - modern contemporary masculine bedroom

8. Semi-partitioning

This bedroom design includes a semi-partition to give an illusion of separation between a bedroom and a study. The lighting also similarly segregates in this design, so that the bedroom can stay dark and cozy even if the study stay lit. This is best for people who work late in the nights while their partners can get to sleep peacefully. A two-seater couch that squeezed in the study area increase seating options if you want to just man-spread at times.

Semi-partitioning - modern contemporary masculine bedroom

9. The man den

The complete wooden look with in-built ceiling lighting gives it an appearance of a den that you would want to stay cozy in. The bed placed closed to the window gives you a chance to sleep-to and wake up-to beautiful views of nature. A comfortable couch with a tripod stand completes the den look. A corner shelf allows you to store anything and everything that you might like, from books to personal items.

The man den - modern contemporary masculine bedroom

10. Simple and sober

There is one word to describe this idea, “neat”. The room looks sober in its choice of colors and furniture placement. Dark shades like blue and gray will add some fun element to fit the basic white background of the room. All the necessities in this beautifully designed room make ample space to walk around.

Simple and sober - modern contemporary masculine bedroom

11. Artistic choice

If you have an artistic choice and want your room done that way, you would choose to incorporate this kind of design in your room. The street-side look of this look is maintained by the undone ceiling and the black and white brick wall on one side of the room. One side of the room is clear glass that is equipped with a screen. A floor lamp mimicking a street lamp completes the look of this room. Wall art is also chosen carefully to go with the theme.

 Artistic choice - modern contemporary masculine bedroom

12. Simple yet stylish

This modern contemporary masculine bedroom design can make the room as comfortable as it appears. Making sure that the furniture does not take up too much of the floor space, all the necessities are designed adequately. The low lying bed further helps the small room look more spacious.

 Simple yet stylish - modern contemporary masculine bedroom

13. Colonial style

If you are a fan of period films and would love to design your room that way, this would be your best bet. The chandelier, windows, high ceiling and furniture completes the colonial look of this room. The color really suit the style as well.

Colonial style - modern contemporary masculine bedroom

14. Smart furniture room

If guests frequent your bachelor pad, then a bunk bed can be a lifesaver. A comfortable lazy boy in one corner of the room lets you relax ‘Joey style’ whenever you are up for it! A handy dresser also stands in one corner of the room to store the essentials. This way your small bachelor pad can also turn into a pseudo guest room when the situation demands for it.

Smart furniture room - modern contemporary masculine bedroom

15. Just like a hotel room

If you want to spend the rest of your life at home feeling like you are in a luxury hotel, you must design your room accordingly. The neutral shade of beige keeps the room feeling light and breezy. A circular mirror displaying a speck of color in the entire room acts as the surprise element in the otherwise bland interiors.

Image result for mens bedroom designs - modern contemporary masculine bedroom

16. Scribble pad

If you are in the habit of sticking post-its to remind yourself about your daily routines and meetings, you would be happy to have a chalk-wall at the back of your bed to scribble away to glory. From memorizing formulae to scheduling meetings, you would be at the top-of-the-things from now on. This idea is to keep the background walls in order to support the black-board wall at one side of the room.

Scribble pad - modern contemporary masculine bedroom

17. Less is more

If you are a metro-sexual male and have your share of cosmetics and perfumes, then you need a dresser in your room too. This contemporary masculine room design takes care of your needs and has designated one side of the room for just that. The dark wood stands out in the light background of the room to keep it simple.

Less is more - modern contemporary masculine bedroom

18. Funk it up

Bob Marley can step up the funk quotient in your room that no wallpaper can. The shelves are strategically done to outline the window. This way your room space is not compromised, if you have a small one. The bedside table is a cool one too to match the décor of the room. White furniture with light brown makes the room feel bigger than it actually is.

Funk it up - modern contemporary masculine bedroom

19. Your own suite

If you fancy your own suite for a lifetime, this design will serve you right. You should the colors with care to add class to the room décor. The elaborate false ceiling and lighting transform this room to nothing less than a star hotel suite. A bunch of colors that play with the room, leaving you with surprises, wherever you choose to look.

Your own suite - modern contemporary masculine bedroom

20. Private bath and bed

Fancy a Jacuzzi in your own room? Well, this room design allows you stay masculine while at it! An all glass bathtub/Jacuzzi in your bedroom is a dream than many dream but only the bold can turn them to a reality.

Your own suite - modern contemporary masculine bedroom