20 Matching Couple Tattoos For Lovers That Will Grow Old Together

Relationships that last forever will definitely have something very unique and peculiar about them. If you are looking for something of this uniqueness, then it’s time to try matching couple tattoos for lovers that will grow old together. Unless these couple tattoos sink well they do not complete your desired result. These are not here just for the sake of art but for the sake of love. Here are some inspiring couple tattoos for lovers that will grow old together. Some pick these couple tattoos according to their Zodiac signs, like wedding rings, connecting script and so on. These can be done with 3D effect, in different shades and also with awesome script.

20 Matching Couple Tattoos For Lovers That Will Grow Old Together

1. Lock and Key

This is the most popular and all-time favorite matching couple tattoos for lovers that will grow old together. There are plenty designs available for this theme and every couple who wish to have a couple tattoo will have this idea strike their mind.

Lock and Key - matching couple tattoos

2. Adam and Eve

The very first husband and wife. God’s decision. First and forever love. All these are what Adam and eve couple tattoos are meant for. Though it is mostly picked by Christians, nowadays everyone is trying this couple tattoo.’

Adam and Eve - matching couple tattoos

3. Anchor tattoos

Anchor is another commonly found design that can depict love among couple. It also symbolizes how intense the love is like an anchor can hold the entire ship in raging waters.

Anchor tattoos - matching couple tattoos

4. Wedding rings

It’s no more a time for platinum and diamond wedding rings, instead people look for matching couple tattoos for lovers that will grow old together. These tattoos will remain forever and will grow as they grow.

Wedding rings - matching couple tattoos

5. Color tattoos

Blue and pink color tattoo are carved by couples on their wrist and neck. Some also pick their favorite colors instead of going with the standard blue and pink combination.

Color tattoos - matching couple tattoos

6. Zodiac signs

This is something very unique and shows how loving you are even with individual difference. Each person is different but life should not be an adjustment, instead it should be of understanding.

Zodiac signs - matching couple tattoos

7. Mr. and Mrs.

This couple tattoo is preferred by to-be married and married couple. They love to be called as Mr. and Mrs., and also show their loves connect to the world.

Mr. and Mrs. - matching couple tattoos

8. Areas of Interest

This can be pinky promises or hobbies of life. Though they do not related to each other, the tattoo will look complete only when both couple tattoos are brought together. This also show the freedom and independence each one has in a relationship.

Areas of Interest - matching couple tattoos

9. Favorite travel destination

Those who love to travel will pick this as a theme for their couple tattoos. It is one of the best ideas for matching couple tattoos for lovers that will grow old together.

Favorite travel destination - matching couple tattoos

10. Lifeline

A very close to heart and touching couple tattoo is lifeline tattoo. The pulse beat is carved into the wrist of the couples. This is a very intense and intimate couple tattoo designs.

Lifeline - matching couple tattoos

11. Love Forever

Love is meant forever and so with tattoo. The theme you pick should be something that you can relate in your life forever. It should not be something that can change when you find alterations.

Love Forever - matching couple tattoos

12. Trust and Belief

No relationship is complete unless there is trust and belief. If you are someone who gives most importance to this in your life then look for these matching couple tattoos for lovers that will grow old together.

Trust and Belief - matching couple tattoos

13. Doodling

Get something very customized according to your love type. Each love is different. Use couple tattoo to depict these into you both.

Doodling - matching couple tattoos

14. Sleeves tattoos

Sleeve tattoos are not very common and it will look like couple tattoos most when the couple hugs each other. The sink between the two couple tattoos will match when both sleeves get together.

Sleeves tattoos - matching couple tattoos

15. Band ring

Just like wedding band rings of precious metals and stones, you can have band rings with colorful tattoos. These are one of the most simple and elegant couple tattoo design and will be affordable.

Band ring - matching couple tattoos

16. Bow and arrow

With heart at one end and a bow and arrow at the other end, it is a pure symbol of love. Heart with bow and arrow is not a new concept but you can definitely make it unique with your styles and 3D effects from an expert tattoo artist.

Bow and arrow - matching couple tattoos

17. The Beauty and the Beast

It’s not fun! Couples actually pick this as a theme for matching tattoos and it is an all-time favorite theme for some. Let perfect curve, cuts and color coordination is very essential make it look attractive.

The Beauty and the Beast - matching couple tattoos

18. Tiny hearts and kisses

Getting hearts and kisses randomly at different parts of the body gives it a hide-and-seek look. The tiny little tattoos will look very cute and appealing.

Tiny hearts and kisses - matching couple tattoos

19. Tribal couples

Like king and Queen designs, tribal couple designs are tattooed to have matching couple tattoos for lovers that will grow old together. These are accompanied usually with couple names or their nicknames.

Tribal couples - matching couple tattoos

20. Love message

Simply script or sketch out your love story in beautiful couple tattoo. Each love story is different and this makes your tattoo unique and creates curiosity in others to see it completely.

Love message - matching couple tattoos

Having said all these, ensure the tattoos are designed according to what your heart saying. Don’t get couple tattoos for impress others. These matching couple tattoos for lovers that will grow old together, should be something can you couples can relate together. Make sure each time you see this tattoo; your hearts skip a beat. Take decisions together before finalizing on the couple tattoo. Heart should be connected to these couple tattoos to enjoy them.

Couple tattoos are usually done on wrist, sleeves, and fingers. It is upto your personal choice to decide where to get them. Keep it simple, cute and elegant. Don’t overdo your couple tattoo with designs and script; this might kill the real essence. Be creative and look for uniqueness.

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