Good Lighting Tips to Make Your Home Shine Brighter

A house is not a home until you design to be so. The warmth in your house can be accentuated by incorporating good lighting tips to make your home shine brighter. You can literally Transform Your Home Using the Secrets of Good Lighting in many ways. Lighting is one of the key ingredients in home interior design. You can either choose to cozily light up your space or brightly light it up, but whatever you choose, it has got to be stylish.

Gone are the days when only tube lights and white lights used to be the only source of lights in your homes. Modern designing techniques can give your home a complete renovation and make it no less than a luxury hotel room. From floor lamps, bed side lamps to ceiling lights, you got multiple options when talking about home lighting. You can even choose to decorate your house with string lights, if you are a sucker for unconventional designing. Lighting only gets better when you have ideas from the expert. We give you a bunch of creative ideas in here to light up your home.

Good Lighting Tips to Make Your Home Shine Brighter

1. Chandeliers

Let your guests soak up the royal feel of chandeliers when they enter your home. Chandeliers can really face-lift your living room area, which is where you would seat your guests. Dining space is another potential area where you can put up your favorite chandelier. Light-colored, crystal or white colored chandeliers would be ideal for cozy homes. You can pick the simple ones that will prover lighter for your wallet or the extravagant ones, the choice is yours!

 Chandeliers - make your home shine brighter

2. Hand-made lamps

If you feel more connected to art and always have an inclination for hand-made or boutique stuff, then you must echo that feeling in your home lighting. Hand-made lamps add a different homely charm to your home that commercial fittings lack. So, go ahead and pick what is close to your heart to transform your home using this idea of lighting. The artistic quotient of your home will increase significantly post the implementation of this type of lighting. Hand-made lamps can be generously distributed in the entire map of your house, hung in a bunch from the ceiling.

Hand-made lamps - make your home shine brighter

3. Contemporary choice of lighting

If you`re tired of the conventional lighting options and choose to modernize your home, you can opt for contemporary light fixtures. This option includes simple yet stylish lamps that will make your home look posh. Contemporary style of lighting should only be chosen if your home interiors go with the contemporary look.

Contemporary choice of lighting - make your home shine brighter

4. Ceiling lighting

In built lamps, can be embedded in your false ceiling. If you choose to travel this path, then you had better take the help of professional interior designers who will help you design the best lighting options that suit your home interiors.

Ceiling lighting - make your home shine brighter

5. Ethnic lighting options

If you have designed your home in an ethnic décor and have got traditional furniture in it, you better merge your lighting style with the interiors too. Traditional designs in home lighting are aplenty. If you have a tough time choosing them yourselves, you can consult a designer to help you sort out your home lighting for you. The grandeur that is showered from ethnic lamps have no match at all.

Ethnic lighting options - make your home shine brighter

6. Abstract lighting

Adapting abstract light fixtures in your house would give it an out of the world appeal altogether. If you are a fan of sci-fi movies and love modern art, you are sure to choose light fixtures like these for your home. The come in abstract shaped and designs and will give your home a whole new look. If you dare to be different, then abstract lighting should be your thing! Transform your home interiors into a unique experience for those who visit your home!

Abstract lighting - make your home shine brighter

7. Cozy underlighting

If you admire the lighting designs in lounge-bars and would love to experience the same feel in your home, you can transform either a part of your home or your complete home with this lighting idea. Inserting LED light fixtures in the corners of the room and under furniture can completely transform the look of your home. Bring in the lounge-feel right in your home and be the most popular host for all the parties in your friend groups. This also works wonders for your bedroom to give it an altogether dreamy feel. You can surely turn up the romance with this kind of lighting in your bedroom.

Cozy underlighting - make your home shine brighter

8. Playing with colors

When choosing to select the color of bulb for your lampshades, you can wake the child inside you. Parts of your house can have fun colored lighting while some parts can have the usual yellow/white lights where it is required (example: Kitchen, study, etc.). You can either play with the color of the lamp shades while staying constant with the bulbs or reverse your strategy, whatever suits you the best. After all, what is life, without some colors right?

Playing with colors - make your home shine brighter

9. DIY addition

Other than the normal lighting fixtures, you can also spice up your home with some “Do It Yourself” additions when it comes to lighting. Make some innovative lampshades or turn that empty liquor bottle into a lamp shade. Squeeze in those string lights in a lantern and you will have your own very unique lighting design. What is a home without some personal touch!

DIY addition - make your home shine brighter