Top 10 long hairstyles for men in 2018

A head full of hair is not only cool and stylish it is also a sign of good health and genes so break the age old concept of men with short hair and flaunt with some cool long hairstyles for men. Longer locks on men for sure look sexy and non-trivial. Beyond this, there are many long hairstyles for men which can turn to be quite flattering for your lengthy tresses and won’t take more than a few minutes of your precious time on styling it. Always choose a hairstyle for your long hair which will go with the natural texture and can adapt easily.

A man with a curling iron in his hand does not go well, and it also deteriorates the hair quality. Low or preferably none maintenance is always the top preference for men’s long hair. A decent haircut is must and very crucial, especially when it comes to hairs with longer locks. Any omissions in the cut will take a toll on your general look and complicate the styling routines adversely. Fine hair with a tendency to a curl, will frizz if layered heavily. Here are ten coolest and eye-catching styles for men who dare to break the trend and like to go sport with their long, stately locks with style.

Top 10 long hairstyles for men in 2018

10. Crazy long tied up hair

Crazy long tied up hair - long hairstyles for men

If you have coarse and curlier hairs with long locks, don’t think you can’t get long hair. Such texture will look super cool and trendy when swept back and tied with a hair band. A shoulder-length hairstyle or a slightly shorter hairstyle with light layering for the ends goes very well for most men with hairs with good volume and natural texture.Not only will you stand out of the crowd you will be the coolest guy on the block.

9. Shoulder length long hairstyle

Shoulder length long hairstyle - long hairstyles for men
Long hairs falling over the shoulder seems to be a lot of work. But men with thick and wavy hair can get it very easily. This involves long luscious hairs with locks tucked behind the ears. But it seeks a lot of maintenance. With a sea salt spray and blast dryer, you will get the perfect messy finish. This hairstyle has been tried by many famed celebs including the Batman actor Christian Bale, Brad Pitt. Johnny Depp, to name a few.

8. Blonde, Braided, long

Blonde Braided long for men - long hairstyles for men

Braids for men are as much as chick as for women, sometimes more. When you want to show off your new hair color, trick a French braid across the middle of your hair. The plaited braids will show off your hair color.These hairstyles look good and edgy on straight hair. Tucked behind the ear longer styles appear tidy and can also be used as office day hairstyles

7. Side-Swept long hair with undercut

Side-Swept long hair with undercut - long hairstyles for men

This pompadour undercut gives you a disconnected look. This haircut is for those who are forced to keep short hair for thickness and wavy texture. This is a great go between messiness and tame hair. A bit of styling product like mousse or curl enhancer will make it look classy and this goes with formals too.

6. Easy Swept-Back layered style

Easy Swept-Back layered style - long hairstyles for men

This is one of the simple off the face long hairstyles for men. It is for those who want long hair without going overboard. With fine but strong long hairs you can easily get this sexy yet classy look. Merely rake your fingers through your hair straight back to get a sophisticated and cool look. Even company executives, government officials can give it a try.

5. Braided, buns and side undercut

Braided, buns and side undercut - long hairstyles for men

This is an amazing combo of punk, hip hop, and hipster all in one. It has all- braids, buns, and side undercut. French braid your long hair while keeping close to the scalp. Now, push the braids back to form a classic high bun. The sides must be shaved keeping perfect alignment with the braids. The undercuts will also camouflage as braids. Go for this style when you have a straight and tameable hair.

4. Braided-into-Bun Punk Men’s Hairstyle

Braided-into-Bun Punk Men’s Hairstyle - long hairstyles for men

This braid style will certainly bring dignity and personality to your looks. While you have to work hard, the style worth it. First, shave the hair into V-shape like a Mohawk. Now work up an inverted French braid from the bottom. Then form a bun halfway up. This complex and unique style is a signature for the style. Relatively less dense and smooth hair is best for it because of the manipulation involved.

3. Side and Swept Mane

Side and Swept Mane - long hairstyles for men

If you have a long and curly natural hair with the perfect volume, you can get this top notch style. Use your finger comb after drying your hair. Simply try to form a side part of the hairline and sweep most of the hair to one side. This is a longer form of the classic side part and fits best when one wants to get a hipster look.

2. Shoulder Length Side part

Shoulder Length Side part - long hairstyles for men

Men with long hairs look like homeless and carefree. But this hairstyle will certainly add up to your maturity level. Part the hair into two unequal parts with a large deep side parting on one side. This Kurt Cobain style has the muse to get the grunge look without being too stingy. Straight hairs with a hint of waviness are the best for this style.

1. Twist-in Bun

Twist-in Bun - long hairstyles for men

Most of the times long hair involves growing a long mane. Then here is this cool style which has come to the rescue for those who want to work into a ponytail. Divide your hair into two strands and twist them loosely. Join into a lower pony and twist them quickly and repeatedly into a sloppy knot. With this style, you can tame all kinds of hair including those with serious locks and natural curls. With a few wisps of hair popping out you can get a chilled look.


Long hair care routines need frequent washing, conditioning, and usage of nourishing products to moisturize your hair and boost its natural shine. Avoid too much of styling products to prevent long hairstyles for men from inclination into the feminine side. A little bit of light hold gel or pomade is enough.