Lisa Brennan Net Worth 2022 – How much is Lisa Brennan Net Worth?

How much is Lisa Brennan Net Worth? From time to time, you may have read a biography about Steve Jobs and coincidentally amongst the contributing authors, you find a strange name or a rather familiar name which is Lisa Brenan. Upon looking her up you discover she is very prolific. It gets more interesting since she is a daughter of a very talented father in the computer industry who has accomplished much.

Lisa Brennan Net Worth 2022

Lisa Brennan Net Worth 2022 - Lisa Brennan Net Worth

However, if you happen to know Lisa Brennan, it’s with no doubt that you have wondered time and again about her net worth. Lisa Brennan is an American writer who is widely known for being featured in biographies about her father Steve Jobs. Yes, she is the daughter of Steve Jobs the co-founder of Apple. Surprisingly, she is different in her field of work which is all about journalism and writing. Her skills in writing were demonstrated and started showing up right from the start while she was still in college in Harvard. Anyway, let’s get down to her net worth, but before getting deeper let’s take look at her past. By just reading through this article you will get to know the kind of person Lisa Brennan is, and what she has undergone in her life.

Biography & Wiki

Biography & Wiki - Lisa Brennan Net Worth

Lisa Brennan was born in on 17th May 1978 in Portland, Oregon. Her parents were Chrisann Brennan and Steve Jobs. Additionally, the relationship between Steve Jobs and Chrisann was not that stable since it was sparking on and off time and again. Nevertheless, as Steve jobs was working with his friend on his IT projects, Chrisann moved in with him. It did not take long before she got pregnant but Steve Jobs was not ready to take that responsibility. This brought the end of the relationship between the two. Chrisnann moved to Portland, Oregon and that is where Lisa Brennan was born in a farm to be particular.

Her mother chose to name her Lisa whereas her father named his latest computer project at that time, “Apple Lisa”. Afterwards, Steve Jobs denied that the child was not his. The denial by Steve Jobs pushed Chrisann to file a case against Steve Jobs which brought about a DNA paternity test to confirm he was the dad. Predictably, the paternity test confirmed Steve Jobs as the father to Lisa Brennan. Still, Jobs denied the responsibility.

Besides that, let’s get into Lisa Brennan early life. While she was staying with her mum at her young age, she used achieve her educational knowledge at The Neuva School. As she grew older the relationship with her father was mended, at the age of 9 years there were some changes to her name. The name Jobs was added as her last name to become Lisa Brennan-Jobs. Additionally, she went to live with her father and this is where she attended Palo Alto High School. After her high school education she joined Harvard and later on she moved to King’s College London to pursue her studies.

Her career in the journalism field was quite good since she started writing for various magazines. The various magazines which she wrote for were: The Massachusetts Review, Vogue, Spiked, The Harvard Advocate and the Oprah magazine. In addition to being a writer in profession, she is also a film consultant. Most of the filming she is involved in tell a story about her father.

How much is Lisa Brennan Net Worth? How much is her income?

In 2022, the net worth of Lisa Brennan is $10.5 Billion dollars. Yes, it is a big Wow! What would you expect from such a high figure? She is the daughter of Steve Jobs. In addition to that, she is a high profiled writer who has written been featured in good books.

How did Lisa Brennan amass her wealth?

How did Lisa Brennan amass her wealth? - Lisa Brennan Net Worth

Well, a big part of Lisa Brennan’s net worth is from the inheritance that was left through by her father Steve Jobs. The co-founder of Apple had established himself very well in the computer industry and the inheritance he left for Lisa Brennan is quite a fortune.

Well, the inheritance does not mean that Lisa Brennan did not work at all. Before all that, she was and still is a writer

Awards & Achievements

How did Lisa Brennan amass her wealth? - Lisa Brennan Net Worth

Lisa Brennan has been involved time and again in the filming of many movies and biography about her father. Furthermore, it is an achievement that she was able to mend up the broken relationship with her father. It is not easy to undergo through such things in life. Taking in rejection and giving second chances requires an extra-ordinary strength. However, as Lisa Brennan was growing up she got very close to her father Steve Jobs and he was unable to resist her any longer.

Interesting things that you need to know about Lisa Brennan

1. In her field of work she is very different from her father since she is a journalist.

2. Lisa Brennan spent most of her early child hood moments with her mother in Portland, Oregon.

3. A computer project that her father was working on early in his life was named after her. Apple Lisa was a desktop that was designed and released by Steve Jobs and his College in 1983. Steve Jobs admitted in his interviews that “Of course the project was named after my daughter”

4. She is 39 years old.

5. She has 3 other siblings from a different mother. Lauren Powell is the step-mother to Lisa Brennan and the mother of her 3 siblings.

6. She has been featured in the writing of many Biographies about her father.

7. She been an inspiration for a novel written by her aunt Mona Simpson. In the novel, Lisa Brennan is portrayed as another character but the story line is almost the same to her life. The novel is titled normal guy.

8. A DNA test was once taken to confirm that she was truly a daughter to Steve Jobs.

9. Mona Simpson who happens to be a writer too, is Lisa Brennan’s aunt.

10. he has her present personal life all private.