Leah Calvert Net Worth 2018 – How much is Leah Calvert Net Worth?

As much as Leah Calvert net worth is something her fans would appreciate, it has not been readily available. Where does that leave the fans? Only confused by the many sources that offer different figures as well as anticipating that someone will come to his or her rescue. This teen mum 2 and 16 and Pregnant star is excellent at what she does and with that comes a large following. Knowing that too well, we have decided to put a smile on her fans’ faces. How else if not offering them the substantial number that represents Leah Calvert net worth? All that is needed is little of your time to read the masterpiece containing even the tiny details of her life.

Leah Calvert Net Worth 2018

Leah Calvert Net Worth 2018 - Leah Calvert Net Worth

Leah Calvert who is the only mom in the Teen Mom 2 of MTV who poses a hope like her colleagues to someone pregnant in her teens. She has made appearances in not only the reality show mentioned above but also the 16 and Pregnant reality television. Watching what I see as the chronicles of her life is an exciting thing. Knowing her better is even more significant than that. We will reveal Leah Calvert net worth, early childhood, career, awards, achievements and some facts worth knowing regarding her. Just keep reading for all that.

Biography & Wiki

Biography & Wiki

Leah Calvert was born in 1992 on 24th April to Garry Lee Miller together with Dawn Spears. They two gave their baby girl the name Leah Dawn Messer. Her birthplace was Elkview, West Virginia, the United States. She was born together with her two siblings. Her brother goes by the name Isaac Messer while her sister is Victoria Messer.

On 17th October 2010, Calvert and Corey Simms tied the knot. In 2009 0n 16th December while she was only 17, she gave birth to her twin daughters. The couple gave them the names Aleeah Grace Simms as well as Aliannah Hope Simms. By that time, she was in her senior she had a great determination to graduate no matter what. She had other responsibilities like to look after her two little girls and at the same time ensure that her relationship with Corey worked.

Having cheated on him with a former boyfriend of hers, the two broke up, and their marriage was entirely over by 21st June 2011. They have had custody battles. As of October 2015, Leah had lost the primary custody of her two daughters to their father. The reason was that they hardly made to school early. As a result, weekends became the only time that Leah could visit them. However, that lasted for four months, and they are now in agreement regarding the matter.

In 2012 on 4th April, Leah Calvert and Jeremy Calvert exchanged after eight months of dating. Three months before the wedding Calvert has suffered a miscarriage. In the following year on 4th February, the couple welcomed a baby girl. They gave her the name Addalyn Faith Calvert. His then-husband filed for divorce in April 2015, and it became official on 8th June that same year. That was after two years of marriage. It is Leah who got the custody of Addie but Calvert for rights to visit her as well.

How much is Leah Calvert Net Worth? How much is her income?

How much is Leah Calvert Net Worth? How much is her income? - Leah Calvert Net Worth

Leah Calvert net worth is about $50 thousand. Despite that, she makes about $300 thousand from the show. The problem comes in saving, and she finds it hard to do that because she has three daughters to take care of now that she is a divorcee. In addition to that, one of them as a condition that demands management which costs money. We cannot forget legal bills due to custody battles.

How did Leah Calvert amass her wealth?

How did Leah Calvert amass her wealth?

At the age of 16, Leah became pregnant with twins whose father was Corey Seems. That made her meet the requirements of a reality television show by the name 16 and Pregnant. After its end, she now makes appearances on Teen Mom 2. Most of the money she got through the appearances that she makes on the series.

In addition to that, she has ventured into business. At West Virginia, the lady owns not only a cosmetic business but also a photography studio. The studio is none other than Sparkle.

Leah Calvert net worth is also contributed to by her earnings of up to $75 thousand in every season. Both Corey and Calvert also give her child support. Then, why does that amount still sits low? Her legal expenses and those on medication has not given her a chance to save. Additionally, raising three children is not a joke either.

Awards & Achievements

Awards & Achievements

She is often spotted attending awards events such as MTV Video Music Awards. Her list of awards that she has earned is presently empty, but that is bound to change. Why not when she acts so well? Being a great mother is also an achievement that many people fail to appreciate until they are mothers themselves and they had hardly cope with it. For Leah Calvert, she faced her motherhood heads on. Twins at 16 and changing that into your primary livelihood is admirable.

Ten things you need to know about Leah Calvert

1. Her daughter Aliannah did not grow at the same rate as her twin sister Aleeah, and they came to realize that it was because she suffers from Titin muscular dystrophy.

2. The disorder mentioned above has in the past been seen in adults, and that makes Aliannah the only child with that all over the world.

3. In 2005, her mother filed for bankruptcy.

4. Cleanliness through crucial seems to be a vocabulary in her world, and that played a role in Calvert walking out of their marriage.

5. She is around 25 and has had three divorces already.

6. She cheated of Corey with Robbie her ex a fortnight before the two walked down the aisle.

7. Leah and Corey hooked up despite him being married to Miranda Patterson for two months at the time it happened.

8. She was once admitted for anxiety and depression, and she later began abusing the prescribed drugs.

9. She lost her third child which would have been the firstborn of her and her second husband, Jeremy Calvert.

10. After divorcing Calvert, rumors has it that she is dating her trainer, T.R. Dues. Despite living together, she is yet to confirm or even comment on the matter.

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