Top 10 Last States To Join The United States

The United States is a global superpower composed of 50 states in total. This country has gone through stages of transformation, migration and invasion to be evolved as one of the biggest global superpowers close towards world domination. The US invites immigrants from all across the globe in pursuit of their dreams. From the American Revolution to the Civil War, the advent of justice and principles of democracy took birth in this very country. America is at the top of the world map so it’s noteworthy to study more about the states that constitute it. Each state has a unique climatic buildup, terrain, culture and means of economic sustenance making the United States one of the most diverse and vibrant nations in the world. Here is the list of 10 last states to join the United States.

Top 10 Last States To Join The United States

10. Montana – November 8, 1889

Montana - last states to join the united states

Montana also known as the Land of the Shining Mountains is the 4th largest state in the US mainly composed of mountain ranges. There are abundant mountain ranges in Montana as well as island ranges. A major portion of the Rocky mountains is based in Montana. The eastern region of Montana is covered by prairies and badlands.

Montana has a dominant agriculture industry apart from petroleum, mining, and tourism. Apart from that, the healthcare sector, and government funded services also support Montana’s economy. Montana invites a plethora of tourists to its national parks including Glacier National Park, the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, and Yellowstone National Park.

9. Washington – November 11, 1889

Washington - last states to join the united states

Washington is the storehouse of metropolitan activity with business, transport, and industries forming the core of the economy. Most of the population resides in the Seattle area, and Puget Sound, which is an inlet in the Pacific Ocean constituted of a group of islands. The landscapes in Washington include temperate rainforests mountains, a semi arid area, and a basin too. Washington also has an active volcano Mount Raineir. Washington is the top producer of lumber with a rich population of pines, cedar, hemlock and spruce. Apart from the lumber, Washington also extensively produces apricots, asparagus, peas, grapes, lentils, peppermint oil and potato. Washington also has a well developed livestock and fishing industry. Aircraft, missile and ship building industries also thrive here. The hydroelectric industry is also well developed here.

8. Idaho – July 3, 1890

Idaho - last states to join the united states

Idaho is situated on the northwestern part of the US and is surrounded by Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Washington, Oregon and Utah. It also shares a border with British Columbia. Idaho has a population of around 1.6 million and was originally constituted of Native American population. After the Oregon Treaty Idaho separated itself from the United Kingdom and was incorporated as a full fledged province in the US. Idaho follows 2 time zones namely the Pacific Time Zone and the Mountain Time Zone. This is predominantly a mountaineous state with the Great Basin and Rocky Mountains being a part of its territory. Economically, Idaho is dependent on manufacturing, agriculture, mining operations, forestry and tourism. Potato forms the major crop produced by Idaho and gemstone mining in the forests is widespread.

7. Wyoming – July 10, 1890

Wyoming - last states to join the united states

Wyoming too lies in the western part of the US and is a mountaineous region. Surrounded by Utah, Colorado and Idaho, it has a lower population and 2/3rds of its area is covered by mointains while the eastern area is bound by prairies. Wyoming also houses the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park making it a storehouse of biodiversity and historically significant spots.

It was acceded to the US after the Mexican African war and houses the Crow, Arapaho Lakota and Shoshone tribes of Native American descent. Wyoming’s economic pillars include mining, petroleum, tourism, agriculture and livestock. The climate is semi arid, continental with extreme temperature variations than the rest of the US.

6. Utah – January 4, 1896 – Utah Territory was the last territory to become a state of the union in the 19th century

Utah - last states to join the united states

Utah was the last state to come into the United States in the 19th century. It is based in the western part of the US. With a population of around 3 million, Utah thrives on transport, education, IT industry, research and development, federal services, mining operations and tourism. It was ranked as the best state to live in the US with the least income inequality and the maximum median average income. Apart from that, Utah ranks highest in economic growth, lifestyle and health indexes too.

5. Oklahoma – November 16, 1907

Oklahoma - last states to join the united states

Oklahoma formed as a result of a confluence between the Native American settlements and the European colonies. This state ranks in the top 5 states in the US in terms of per capita growth and GDP. There are industries in domains including aviation, energy, telecommunications, and biotechnology in Oklahoma. The landscapes in Oklahoma include mountain ranges, prairies, mesas, and eastern forests. Oklahoma also has an abundant population of Native Americans with the Sioux tribes like Ponca being the dominant ones.

4. New Mexico – January 6, 1912 –

New Mexico - last states to join the united states

Incorporated into the United States soon after Arizona as a result of the America Mexico war, this state has a cascade of terrain ranging from arid to alpine consisting of deserts as well as snow capped peaks and alpine forests. New Mexico has the second largest population of Native Americans with the dominating tribes including Navajo, Pueblo and Apache. This state has a majority of Hispanics as its population and the economic activities here include petroleum, tourism and federal investment.

3. Arizona – February 14, 1912

Arizona - last states to join the united states

Arizona became a part of the US in the beginning of this century. Originally a part of Mexico, Arizona too has a wealth of terrains and climatic conditions including a desert terrain in Southern Arizona and canyons, mountains, plateus, pine forests and mild winter snowfall in Northern Arizona. The famous Grand Canyon is also based here. Arizona has an abundance of Native American population including a majority of people from the Navajo tribe. Cotton, livestock farming, copper mining, and tourism make up the majority of Arizona’s economic activities. This state is prone to earthquakes especially in the south western part of the state.

2. Alaska – January 3, 1959

Alaska - last states to join the united states

Added just before Hawaii after being purchased from Russia, Alaska lies on the periphery of Canada and Russia. This state has an assortment of climatic conditions from oceanic to sub arctic and arctic. Even the terrains vary from the subarctic regions to arctic, oceanic and moderate. The region receives ample rainfall and thrives on mineral oil, natural gas, fishing, and also has a military operations wing in its belly. Alaska is one of the least populous and sparsely populated regions in the US.

1. Hawaii – August 21, 1959

Hawaii - last states to join the united states

Hawaii joined the United States of American in 1959 and was the most recent addition to the US. This state is the only one composed entirely of islands. Lying alongside an archipelago in the central Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is the only state which is located outside the territories of North America. As a matter of fact, the culture, biodiversity, abundance of beaches, volcanoes, natural bounty, and the pleasant tropical climate of Hawaii has invited both tourists as well as researchers to this land.