25 Insanely Cool Remodeling Ideas for Your Room

Remodeling a room is no easy job. Remodeling is done for several reasons, one of the main reasons being the change of design. It can also be for conserving space or modernizing the whole look. Remodeling needs extra efforts than initial designing since you need to re-do the whole thing again. SO, if you are bored with how your room has been, and would want to make it cooler, then you must look into these insanely cool ideas for remodeling your room.

Your room is the place where you land up spending most of your time and it better be designed well to live up to your expectations. Unlike the other rooms in your house, your bedroom is one place you cannot avoid. At the end of every day, that is the place you have to retire. These cool ideas will aid in re-vamping your room in a way that you would love spending more time in your room. Everyone like a cool bedroom after all! Also, since your things increase in number with time, you would consider making more storage spaces when remodeling your room alright and that pint has been taken into account while making this listicle.

25 Insanely Cool Remodeling Ideas for Your Room

1. Folding bed for small rooms

If you got no or little space in your bedroom after laying your bed, you need to think of a folding smart bed when remodeling your room. This cool idea will give you unimaginable amount of space to move around when the bed stays folded.

Folding bed for small rooms


2. Natural look

If you want to remodel your bedroom to a tree house look alike, this should be the way to go. The natural wooden look of this room would give you permanent feel of a tree house that you always wished for, as a kid.

Natural look


3. Dreamy bedroom

If you want to live a fairytale every day of your life, you would love to go for this cool bedroom idea at once. Everything in this design from the circular bed to the starry ceiling will give you a pseudo feel of waking up to fairytale everymorning.

Dreamy bedroom


4. Roommate design

If your friends frequent your home and you would do better with an extra bed, then this room design will definitely appeal to you. This room design also allows each of the occupants their own privacy, even being in the same room. The name tag on top just adds to the cool quotient of your room, just to let everyone know who is the boss!

Roommate design


4. Maze room

The ceiling and wall of the room is designed to mimic a maze pattern and this is what makes this design cool. The simple furniture and furnishings do not overload the room décor. The color of the room, violet goes with the mysticism of the maze theme and fits just right.

Maze room


5. The geek room

If you are a geek and love to study, then this décor is cool for you. The interiors are all basic from the blinds to the furniture. The back drop of the bedroom is in the form of a world map wallpaper that goes exactly with the theme. The bed has a table too, to substitute the need of any extra study table. It can also serve as your snack table.

The geek room


6. Mistletoe bed

This bed is a four poster one and has a mistletoe creeper kind of a design. This is for all those day dreamers, who love to live in their dream world. Why wait for Christmas when you can cozy under a mistletoe all round the year.

Mistletoe bed


7. Swing it

Everyone loves swings in any part of their home. The best would be if you have enough space to include it I your very bedroom, how cool will that be! This cool bedroom design lets you relax in your own bedroom, without having to step out in any other part of your house.

Swing it


8. Aquarium inclusion

This ultra cool bedroom design is for marine life lovers. Design your room in such a way that you get to see the aquarium when lying down on your bed. There is nothing more soothing than this bedroom design. The aquarium can be real or a dummy one, but the room theme cannot get any cooler than this one.

Aquarium inclusion


9. All glass room

The view you get from an all glass room has no competition. However, the blinds need to be real thick, for at night the entire room gets lit up from outside. The overall décor of the room stays minimalistic and does not really matter since all the attention stays fixed on the glass walls. The bed should be placed facing the longest of the glass walls to take in the beauty of the view.

All glass room


10. Hammock bed

If you love hammocks and dare to spend the rest of your life on one, then you can opt for this cool room design. The wooden slanting ceiling and tall French windows gives this room an eternal holiday feel. Make sure that solid metal chains are used to suspend the hammock bed to avoid accidents.

Hammock bed


11. Sun roof in the room

Just like your car sun roof, you can get one in your very own bedroom if your bedroom is on the topmost floor of the house. Imagine waking up to blue skies! Furthermore, you will not need any weather apps to tell you the climatic changes that occur outside.

Sun roof in the room


12. Grey room

Fifty shades of grey in your room is achievable with this room design. This extremely modern design gives elegance an all new definition. Complete the look with the abstract wall clock. The longitudinal mirrors on each side of the bed adds further class to the cool design.

Grey room


13. Colorful coolness

If you are a colorful person at heart, you must not compromise with your room colors. Brightly light your walls to begin with. Furthermore, add color wherever else possible, for example to the closet doors and furniture colors.

Colorful coolness


14. Lavender vibes

Pastel shades like lavender light up your room. Small rooms are recommended to have lighter shades of color. The low lying bed and side table further makes the room appear larger than it actually is. The false ceiling on top of the bed area is made to be a mirror image of the bed. The lighting is color co-ordinated with room color as well.

Lavender vibes


15. Victorian set up

If you have a strong liking towards Victorian and vintage looking furniture, this room design would be the coolest one for you. Everything from the room wallpaper to the chandelier have a Victorian period touch to it.

Victorian set up


16. Abstract floored room

Why include boring tiles or wooden floor in your room again? Re-model your room to add some abstract flooring pattern. This idea completely transforms your room in remodeling and the before and after pictures post this will not have any similarity. Thus, your remodeling will be a huge success.

 Abstract floored room


17. Multicolored décor

Get the rainbow to your room and don`t ever let it go. This is exactly what this room design tries to do. The book case around the dresser mirror is another cool inclusion in this room. This room design is all about colors. Pick a colorful printed wall paper to enhance the room features.

Multicolored décor


18. Four-poster bed

A sofa bed that is four-poster is the star attraction of this room design. Placed in one corner, it leaves the rest of the room for other furniture items. One wall of the room is colored while the others are left white. The study table continues as shelves on top on the same wall, so that the other walls are not crowded.

Four-poster bed


19. Space management bed

This custom made bed is attached to shelves on one side. This is perfect for rooms that have lesser floor area. The bed serves as a piece of multipurpose furniture. This makes the addition of extra shelves redundant.

Space management bed


20. Snow white theme

White is the central theme of this bedroom. The white rug below the four-poster bed adds furry luxury under your feet. The net placed on top of the four-poster bed makes the room look cooler than normal ones, just out of a movie!

 Snow white theme


21. Storage bed

Building a closet, book case and storage units in and around the bed in a room helps save a lot of space. Since all this is done on only one side or wall of the room , the rest of the room does not get crowded.

Storage bed


22. Book case partition

Shape the book case as a partition to your room. If you want to design your room as a suite, then this is your best bet. There is no partition of a suite that is cooler than this book shelf one. If you are a book lover then this would be your dream bedroom design.

Book case partition


23. Royal bedroom

You may not have royal blood flowing in your veins but you can sure stay royally. This room design lets you be royal if you wish to. The entire design is just out of a palace bedroom design and you can be the owner of this bedroom.

Royal bedroom-Cool Remodeling Ideas


24. High ceiling room design

If you have a high ceiling room, then you can go for this cool design. This two tiered bedroom design is another from the space management booklet. While the study space stays below, you can climb a few steps to take you to your bed.

High ceiling room design-Cool Remodeling Ideas


25. Dual closet room

Open and closed closet designs in this room makes this really cool. The open closet idea gives it a carefree appearance. As long as you keep it neat and arranged, this room can look way cooler than the normal ones with regular closets.

 Dual closet room-Cool Remodeling Ideas