28 Inexpensive DIY Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

Women are more emotional than a man. Women feel every threat of a man with hearts. The occasion of birthday is very important in woman’s life and it increases when she is in love. She expects a special treat from her boyfriend. So we need to very cautious when we gift to our girlfriend on her birthday. Here we are telling you about top 28 Inexpensive DIY Birthday Gift Ideas for woman-

28 Inexpensive DIY Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

1. Fancy Bracelets

Fancy Bracelets

Bracelets are most pretty ornaments for girls. We can make homemade fancy bracelets with the help of many artificial fancy products. Like artificial stones, cotton, threads etc. We can make bracelets by attaching happy birthday keywords stones.

2.Saree Bags

Saree Bags

Sari bags are like a homemade ladies purse. It is made by cotton or khaki. It can be decorated with creative “kadhai” work.

3.Cocktail ring

Cocktail ring

A cocktail ring is a jewelry that is bigger than normal rings. These rings often have a big stone affix in the center. This gift is little costlier.

4. Pull out Photo Album

Pull out Photo Album

Pull out photo album is an attractive homemade gift. We need a very small box of wooden, some pieces of hard paper, and passport size photographs. We can stick all photos on each paper with gum and stick all papers to build a series and put in a wooden box.

5.Credit Card Wallet

Credit Card Wallet

A plastic, cotton or paper made cover for credit card handling may be a good idea for a DIY birthday gift for her. This required only some efforts and she will impress.

6.Yoga Eye Pillow

Yoga Eye Pillow

This Yoga eye pillow is used for comfort during yoga. This can be fancy with some artificial items. You can easily make it at home by using some clothes material and cotton. Also, make it by using plastic with some colored water that makes you cool in meditation.

7.Homemade Jewelry

Homemade Jewelry

Every women and girl like jewelry and ornaments. Jewelry is not made with metal but also made with nature and natural things like flowers, leaves, buttons and other things.

8.Homemade soaps

Homemade soaps

Soaps which are packaged with the fancy cover and cool papers. Soaps are also major ingredients of ladies make-up box. You can add some florescence or fragrances of anything which you like most.

9.Love Mug

Love Mug

You can print any kind of mug either plastic or crockery in your own designs and write lovely quotes on it like something loveable to her wife or girlfriend on her birthday, anniversary or any other day.

10.Creative Birthday cards

Creative Birthday cards

Like New Year greeting cards, we may gift happy birthday cards to a girlfriend. This may be more impressing and describing gift for her.

11.Stripped Umbrella

Stripped Umbrella

An umbrella protects girls from sun rays and rains. If it could be fancy and attractive than it will be a very cool and useful gift to her.

12.Leather pouch

Leather pouch

Pouches are used by girls for keeping their valuable and personal items like Cell phone, money, makeup items etc. We can make a gift some fancy pouches.

12.Scrap Fabric Key chains

Scrap Fabric Key chains

You can make it at home by using old key chain’s ring and some alphabet written on the cloth or any simple printed piece of fabric. It doesn’t need more fabric. You can make it from your scrap pieces of cloth also. It is also proving a better gift.

13.Monogrammed Mugs

Monogrammed Mugs

Mugs which are monocratic printed are also considering a beautiful homemade gift item. It is also a descriptive gift.

14.Monogrammed Soaps

Monogrammed Soaps

Like mugs, soaps are also monogrammed. But not soaps only their cover pack only. That can be made by many flavors coffee, food items and so more.

15.Homemade photo frame

Homemade photo frame

For this purpose, we need to a piece of wood of paper board. We need to cut it in a rectangle shape and affix a nice and memorable photograph of our girlfriend.

16.Self-made Canvas painting

Self-made Canvas painting

For this, we need to perform some art work. Take a canvass of medium size and start to draw and paint an image that we thought memorable.

17.Birthday balloons

Birthday balloons

Balloons for birthday special are also having come in market. We can use them on her’s birthday.

18.Cell phone Holders

Cell phone Holders-Inexpensive DIY Birthday Gift

We can make a fancy holder for a cell phone. Some ready-made holders are available in the market. We need to decorate it only. But presented in the picture is homemade.

19.Fancy Hair Pins

Fancy Hair Pins-Inexpensive DIY Birthday Gift

Girls have hair pins to hold their hairs. We need to collect and give those old pins a fancy look. She will love those like awesome and gift her. Simple.

20.Fancy Cases for mobile

Fancy Cases for mobile-Inexpensive DIY Birthday Gift

In today’s era, every person has a mobile at least. We only need a piece of cotton and some fancy and colorful buttons. We can stitch a case for mobile.

21.Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag-Inexpensive DIY Birthday Gift

A tag which is made with cotton or hard paper or plastic is a simple gift to her and inexpensive also. This tag is useful in luggage or other carrying devices. This tag can be creative by any art.

22. Keyboard Message

Keyboard Message

Take an old keyboard which is useless and remove keys containing happy birthday and her name and all things that we want to tell her. Then take a paper board and set all keys in right order inside the paper board. This will show you creativity to her.

23. Fancy box filled with lip balms

Fancy box filled with lip balms-Inexpensive DIY Birthday Gift

Lip balm is a major ingredient of a makeup box of girls. We can impress a girl by giving a fancy box filling with a lot of lip balms. This is a creative idea for us. She will think that we care her personal issue also.

24. Flower ring

Flower ring-Inexpensive DIY Birthday Gift

Usually, all of us think that a girl can be impressed by giving an expensive gift but this thinking is not applicable to most of the girls. A ring which is made on the thread or on the rubber band with a beautiful flower.

25.Flower Bracelet

Fancy Hanky-Inexpensive DIY Birthday Gift

Bracelet is like by most of girls and women. Bracelet can be made in the home with assembling some colorful flowers. Because flowers are liked by girls so this idea may be useful to us.

26. Fancy Hanky

Fancy Hanky

A piece of clothes called hanky is an essential part of a girl’s handling. We can purchase a nice ladies hanky and can decorate in a fancy way to gift for our girlfriend.

27.Locket with photo

Locket with photo-Inexpensive DIY Birthday Gift

A locket in heart shape containing her photo coupling with your photo is another good idea of a birthday gift.

Finally, a ready-made and the valuable gift cannot attract a girl but a homemade gift made with true love always wins the heart of our girlfriend. Always keep in mind that never hurt her by our gift or by the manner of giving the gift. Because of course we gift to her but actually she is a God-Gift for us.

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