20 Hybrid Animals That Are Hard To Believe Actually Exist

When offspring of two different species or breeds is brought together to mate and reproduce a Hybrid breed is formed. These are possible naturally in some animals and some requires human manipulation. Wild animals are crossed with each other similarly domestic animals are also crossed between each other. Apart from these wild and domestic breeds are crossed which either will turn to be a wild or domestic breed. Here are some of the strange hybrid animals and its characteristics. Some are human manipulated and others are natural. Not many of us knew such creatures even existed in this planet. With the evolution of science cloning is taken a next level in this generation.

20 Hybrid Animals That Are Hard To Believe Actually Exist

1. Zonkey

It is a cross of Zebra and Donkey. Life span of this hybrid animal is 15 to 25 years. Gestation period is 12 months and baby Zonkey is called as Foal. It is not easy to have commercial breeding for this animal.

Zonkey - Hybrid animals

2. Jaglion

It is a cross breed of Male Jaguar and Female Lion (Lioness). The scientific name for this animal is Panthera. This is an extremely limited species found in the world.

Jaglion - Hybrid animals

3. Grolar Bear

Across of Polar Bear and Brown Bear is Grolar bear. These are 50- 60 inches tall and about 120 inches long. They weight nearly 600 to 1500 pounds and prefer to live in warm climate regions.

Grolar Bear - Hybrid animals

4. Zebroid

A Zebra and any other Equine is crossed together to have a Zebroid, These are majorly found in various places of South Africa. And it is also a rare combination of hybrid.

Zebroid- Hybrid animals

5. Savannah Cat

It is a combination of Domestic Cat and Serval. Savannah cats are expensive cats and still, some have them as pets. They can cost up to $20,000 based on their age, breed and other criteria. There are many places like New York, Hawaii and Texas were these cats are banned.

Savannah Cat - Hybrid animals

6. Coywolf

It is a cross of Coyote and Wolf, Its scientific name is Canis Lupus crossed with Canis Latrans. They do not reproduce. It is purely a hybrid breed and thus rare in the world.

Coywolf - Hybrid animals

7. Geep

A hybrid of Sheep and Goat is Geep. Though both sheep and goat look similar the crossed ones have a unique look and they belong to the Bovidae family. Geep can have naturally reproduction without manual manipulation.

Geep - Hybrid animals

8. Tigon

The hybrid cross of Male Tiger + Female Lion is a Tigon. They do not reproduce, inter-breeding is a must. These Tigon do not have the life span of Tiger and Lion, they are generally short-lived.

Tigon - Hybrid animals

9. Liger

A cross of Male Lion + Female Tiger is Liger. These are already distinct in the world and similar to the tigon breed. Liger is natural cross-breeds and not man-made.

Liger - Hybrid animals

10. Wolfdog

Just as the name states-Wolf and Dog hybrid is a Wolfdog. Domestic dogs are majorly used for this type of breed and it is cross with wolves to get grey-6haded wolfdogs. It is not considered as a pet.

Wolfdog - Hybrid animals

11. Zorse

One of the very popular cross breed is Zebra and Horse. Though it has the shape of horse, its looks are like of a Zebra. It is not a fertile hybrid. Reverse hybrid of Horse and Zebra is also formed,

Zorse - Hybrid animals

12. Leopon

Across of male Leopard and Lioness hybrid is Leopon. Its head is of like a lion and rest of the body is of Leopard, They do not naturally mate, it is man- made, Can be found in Italy, Germany and Japan.

Leopon - Hybrid animals

13. Beefalo

American Bison (Buffalo) and Domestic Cow are crossed to get this cross breed. It is one of the most fertile hybrids, American Bisons are usually crossed to have beefalo and its scientific name is Bos Taurus and Bison.

Beefalo - Hybrid animals

14. Zubron

It is a Hybrid of Cow + European Bison. It is similar to Beefalo however European Bison is crossed instead of American Bison. Scientific name of this hybrid is Bos Taurus and Bison Bonasus. 

Zubron - Hybrid animals

15. Wholphin

A cross of Bottlenose Dolphin + False Killer Whale is Wholphin. Bottlenose female Dolphins and crossed with male whales. These are larger than dolphins but will not be as big as a false killer whale. It is fertile and Kekaimalu is the result of its fertility.

Wholphin - Hybrid animals

16. Yaez

Ibex and Goat hybrid is Yaez. Bezoar ibex are crossed with domestic goat to get this cross bread. They belong to the Bovidae family. It is seen in southern Switzerland.

Yaez - Hybrid animals

17. Cama (Camel + LIama)

Illamas from South Africa is crossed with Asian male Camel to get Cama. They belong to the Camelidae family. It cannot reproduce naturally and requires artificial support.

Cama - Hybrid animals

18. Mulard

This cute hybrid is a cross of Mallard or Pekin and Muscovy Ducks. It is one of the cutest hybrids and it can commercially reproduce on farms. The incubation period is about 32 days. France is the largest producer of Mulard ducks along with other places like US and South East Asia. Some of these will be as white as snow.

Mulard - Hybrid animals

19. Hinny

It is a cross of Female Donkey and Male Horse, The body of it is mostly like that of a horse but the face is of a donkey. These are smaller than mules and not very commonly found.

Hinny - Hybrid animals

20. Narluga

Narwhal and Beluga is cross to get this breed animal. These are mainly found near Greenland and adapts to different climatic conditions. It has a very large head and looking totally strange.

Narluga - Hybrid animals

These 18 hybrid animals have unique characteristics, some of these are also reverse- crossed to get different and new breeds. Interbreeding of two different species is fun and definitely helps in getting some wonderful results. Everyone loves to see something new and unique and this cross-breeding helps in offering something unique to everyone who are curious to find something new. Strange matches are made to find something new around the world to understand their biological and other life aspects. There are many studies and scientific researchers conducted by people all on the different breed.

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