Top 10 Heaviest Babies Ever Born

A portion of babies every year are born between the unoriginal weight fluctuation, and we are going to tell you about Heaviest Babies Ever Born on the planet. Generally, offspring weigh from five pounds to eight pounds, and this is taken as a hale and hearty weight for newborns. It is eager and amazing to know that some infants born with more than this normal weight. These weight ranges are unordinary, and there can be numerous reasons which consist of the pregnant female and other factors that make their baby big in the womb. There can be different reasons for the pregnant lady’s weight due to which the weight of the infant is also abnormal. Might be she has diabetes or hypertension that can be responsible for the wrong happening.

Top 10 Heaviest Babies Ever Born

10. Stephon Hendrix Loius-Jean – 14lb, 130z

Stephon Hendrix Loius-Jean - Heaviest Babies

Connecticut resident Marie Michel is no stranger to the pain of giving birth to plus-size babies. The excellently named Stephon Hendrix Louis-Jean tipped the scales at 14 lb, 13oz, shattering the hospital’s 18-year old record. Stephon is a big fella in every sense of the word. With four elder siblings having already skipped ‘newborn’ sized clothing, we’re guessing that his lunch money will probably be safe come his school years.

9. George King – 15lb 7oz

George King - Heaviest Babies

On 11 February, 2013, a 21-year-old lady named Jade Packer gave birth to a 15 pound and 7oz child boy at Gloucester Royal Infirmary. 20 doctors and nurses rushed into the delivery room to dislodge George and, after being sent to neonatal care, mother and baby were declared to be healthy and happy. After mum Jade had managed to get George’s head out, his shoulders became stuck in the birth canal with the infant being twice the size of the average newborn.

 8. JaMicheal Johnson – 16lb

JaMicheal Johnson - Heaviest Babies

In 2011, Janet Johnson gave start to a 16 pound, 24-inch-long child at Longview Hospital in Texas. He’s the most important child ever born in that state. Janet who was 39 years when the baby was born. Texans are totally obsessed with size. The baby was placed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit shortly after he was born to receive assistance with his eating and breathing.

 7. Sammisano Otuhiva – 16lb, 1.7oz

Sammisano Otuhiva

Sammisano Otuhiva is another one as the biggest baby born who weighed around sixteen rounds at the time of her birth. The baby took birth to Sosefina Tagalu in August 2013. The mother told that her baby was born earlier than expected. Everyone before his birth was expecting the weight category for him like 10 pounds or 14 pounds, but he got even bigger than everyone’s expectations.

6. Stephen Lyttle – 16lb, 5oz

Stephen Lyttle

Born on 26 January 1963, Australian resident Stephen Lyttle is the heaviest baby with 16 lb, 5oz at the time of birth. Whether or not his mother still walks like John Wayne is information not widely available at the time of writing. After more than 50 years, he still holds the record but, proving that waistlines are only ever temporary, weighs a relatively trim 15 stone (97 kg).

5. Ademilton dos Santos – 17lb

Ademilton dos Santos

Franasca Dos Santos in 2005 gave birth to an infant through cesarean part at the hospital in Salvador Brazil who weighs 17 pounds. At the time of delivery the mother was 38 years old and that was her fifth child. The doctor gave the reason for the abnormal weight of the child was due to mother’s existing diabetes condition. The baby was named Ademilton Dos Santos who was doubled the weight of the normal baby and holds the record of the heaviest baby of the time.

4. Nadia Khalina – 17.1lb

Nadia Khalina

In the Altai area of Siberia an infant namely Nadia Khalina was born via caesarean section. On September 2004, the weight of the baby was 17 pounds and 5 ounces. At the age of 43 Tatyana Khalina gave birth to the baby Nadia. The mother accepted that the abnormal weight of the baby is due to the poor diet of her at the time of pregnancy. The baby holds the record of Russia for being the heaviest baby of the time.

3. Akbar Risudden – 19.2lb

Akbar Risudden - Heaviest Babies

In the hospital of Indonesia an infant boy was born to the mother Ani and Father Muhammad Hasanuddin. The baby was named after the name of the local district Chief Akbar. This baby weighed was 19.2or 8.7 kg pounds. It was a problematical moment when doctors used the faultless way so the infant would come out efficaciously.

 2. “Babe” Bates – 22lb

Bates - Heaviest Babies

A Canadian woman in 1879 named Anna Bates gave birth to a boy who weighed 9.98kg or 22 pounds. Unfortunately, the baby died after 11 hours. The mother of the baby was herself 7 feet and 11 inches. According to the Guinness World Records, this baby also made the Guinness World Record at that time.

1. Carmelina Fedele – 22lb 2oz

Carmelina Fedele - Heaviest Babies

Carmelina Fedele in 1955 gave the birth to a baby boy who weighed 22 kilos and eight ounces. The baby was the healthiest baby ever born till then. At the time of his birth this infant made the Guinness World Record for being the heaviest baby of the time.


The debate will be sustained of these heaviest babies in the world, and there would be numerous other names by time. But, for now, we think these are the top ten biggest babies that got birth with their ultra-heaviness in the history. There would be several other Guinness records, scientific explanations on the weight of the babies.

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