Top 10 hairstyles for thin hair in 2018

Hairstyles play a major role in enhancing one’s personality, and it matters more in the case of hairstyles for thin hair. A little change in the hairdo can make you look different from your routine appearance. Men or women everyone loves to experiment with their hair by trying different colors or different cuts which makes one stand out of the crowd.

People who are having long thick hair can try some coolest hairstyles but the ones having thin hair, find it very difficult to experiment some good hairdo because of the hair volume factor. People with thin hair tends to saturate themselves with monotonous hairstyles, just leaving the hair open or a tying a simple ponytail as the hair doesn’t stay in the same position due to the low density. They just dream of trying the flashy hairstyles. Well, this is not at all a major issue as below are some of the coolest hairstyles for thin hair.

Top 10 hairstyles for thin hair

10. Tucked back haircut

 Tucked back haircut-thin hair

Getting a tucked back haircut is an evergreen hairstyle, yes it never goes out of trend. Celebrities around the globe are fond of the haircut. It gives a professional yet a chic look and is a boon for the thin hair as the style settles volume-less strands properly behind the ear and giving it an amazing layered look from the back and the front. Corporates who tends to spare less time for a hairdo and want something quick and compact can try this. It is best of the ones having rough and dry hair.

9. Candy coated shag

Candy coated shag-thin hair

This is one of the most picked hairstyles for thin hair. The amazing hairstyle gives a whole new look to the overall appearance which looks no less than a pro casual style statement. Pick some beautiful hair colors and let your hair undergo beautiful candy coated shag to give you all new refreshing look. This style suits the best and is popular among the teenagers.

8. Choppy messy Bob

Choppy messy Bob-thin hair

Staying Messy is the new trend. This hairstyle defines the carefree attitude. Medium length layered with an uneven raw cut gives a bold yet enchanting look to the personality. It is very famous among the popstars and singers. If you don’t want to restrict your thin hair, then follow this amazing haircut to enhance the beauty and just slay.

7. Long haircut with layering and ombre

Long haircut with layering and ombre-thin hair

This hairstyle is the best when tried with seamless fade color. It is a perfect yet one of the most killer casual hairstyles for thin hair as it tends to add volume to the thin hair, thereby making the hair look more voluminous and magnifying. The layering and ombre gives the hair a good form and an added growth. People who have long and silky hair should opt for this hairstyle.

6. Shoulder -Skimming wavy bob

Shoulder -Skimming wavy bob-thin hair

This usual style is a savior for all girls who have thin hair. The shoulder layer bob is best as it increases the volume. The large long hair strands are curled and let loose which gives the most subtle look. It looks superb on the ones having oval and heart shaped face.

5. White blonde haircut

White blonde haircut-thin hair

This short white blonde haircut has always topped the sassy list. This haircut needs no highlighting except for the perfect layered cut which makes it look properly set and glamorous. One can get updated with different shades and textures of blonde hair cut in present time. Stylish women with normal hair who love to keep the natural white look with a touch of trend can try this one for sure.

4. Layered bob haircut

Layered bob haircut-thin hair

Layered bob haircut turns to be the best hairstyles for thin hair. It gives the hair a layered and a nice chic look which makes the hair appear all settled with no extra edgy strands. The cut is simply best for oval and square shaped face as this gives a whole new dimension to the thin hair, therefore, letting the style speak for itself. This style goes all well with any outfit, and it will make you ultra-classy.

3. Classic nineties Bob

Classic nineties Bob-thin hair

“Old is gold “this adage is rightly said as the modern world readily accepts the old purely or tends to rejuvenate it with the touch of ongoing trends and creativity. But frankly the nineties Bob never went out of style. The Barbie cut from the front, and a neatly trimmed Bob still works like a wonder in the fashion world. The ladies of the nineties era flaunted the hairstyle with all possible add ones and changes which are still practiced by hairstylists. Thin hair goes extremely well with the epic style.

2. Medium cut with choppy ends

Medium cut with choppy ends-thin hair

This hairstyle is very attractive due to its unique choppy ends and makes someone appear more feminine and well groomed. The ends touch the shoulder and give it a more edgy look. More the layers, more ultimate will be the hairstyle. So, don’t hesitate to try it if you want a ravishing look on a special occasion. It suits the best having fair and light skin tone.

1. Short hair bob haircut

Short hair bob haircut-thin hair

Thin hair looks stunning when opted for a proper short bob haircut. The volume of the thin hair is perfect for the short bob making it look way more elegant yet casual. You can experiment with different lengths of Bob until you come up with the perfect cut that will fit you the best. The ultimate cure for the thin hair is this very hairstyle. It is best for normal hair type, but people with oily or dry hair can also give it a try.


There are numerous ways to style thin hair in best possible hairstyles without any worries. Thin hair is always best for acasual-go-sassy look. One should not restrict to try or experiment with thin hair keeping in mind the basic do’s and don’ts of the hairstyle. Thus above mentioned were some amazing hairstyles for thin hair to get rid of the daily boring hairdo and stand out among your surrounding wearing the most stunning hairstyle with sheer confidence and perfect look.

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