Top 10 Hairstyles For Square Faces in 2018

If you have a square face, then consider yourself to be a fortunate person. A woman who has a square face is quite photogenic and this trait lasts even when you grow old. The highlighted features on a square face are your prominent cheekbones and a structural chin. As you have a strong jaw line, you need to balance it with a suitable hairstyle that will flatter your beautiful features. Locks that are asymmetrical and frame your face are ideal as they will soften the angular outline of your face. Before you read further about popular hairstyles for Square Faces.

Locks that are asymmetrical and frame your face are ideal as they will soften the angular outline of your face. Before you read further about popular hairstyles for the square face, determine whether your face shape is square or not. The easy way is to take a full picture of your face without smiling. Check whether the length of your face is equal to the width of your face. Also, check whether your cheekbones and jaw angles are evidently highlighted. If it is, then you have a square face. Read on to find out a hairstyle that is perfect for your face shape.

Top 10 Hairstyles For Square Faces in 2018

10: Hipster Top Knot

Hipster Top Knot-Hairstyles For Square Faces

If you want a chic, hipster looking hairstyle, then go for a hipster top knot. This hairstyle works the best on the long hair though you can try it on medium length hair. Create a top knot at the crown of your head and make sure that there is less volume on the lower strands.

9: Short Crop for Thick Hair

Short Crop for Thick Hair-Hairstyles For Square Faces

If you have thick hair but want a short hairstyle then go for a short crop. Make sure that you do not get a blunt cut at the edges near your jaw line. Always opt for soft edges that will highlight your chin and cheekbones. This short hairstyle for thick hair looks fantastic and is comfortable.

8: Cute Braided Lob

Hairstyles For Square Faces

If you have short hair, then the braided lob is the hairstyle for your square face. Add a lot of layers and sweeping side bangs to complete the look. This hairstyle is especially suitable for wavy to curly hair. If you have short straight hair, then just curl your hair midway to the end to add volume. Add a loose braid at the front just after the side bangs and hide the braid end beneath the layers.

7: Futuristic Long Waves

Futuristic Long Waves-Hairstyles For Square Faces

Do you have long hair that reaches up to your waist? Then a simple and easy hairstyle to frame your square face is incorporate long waves in your hair. If you already have wavy hair, then just go for a softer cut at the tips instead of an edgy cut. To add glamour, opt for highlights to showcase the waves. You can leave your hair loose, but to the frame, your square face, pull your hair back loosely and pin it at the back. You can also add a loose side ponytail that will enhance your strong jaw line.

6: Classy and Formal Up-Do

Classy and Formal Up-Do-Hairstyles For Square Faces

A formal up-do is a beautiful and classy hairstyle that will highlight your square jaw and full lips. This hairstyle is suitable for any hair texture, especially wavy hair. Pull your hair loosely away from your face and pin it up at the nape of your neck. This loose hairstyle will frame your strong facial features and add softness to enhance a feminine look. A classy, formal up-do is a perfect hairstyle for all special occasions.

5: Every Day Glamour

Every Day Glamour-Hairstyles For Square Faces

This hairstyle includes bangs and volume. It is suitable if you have long and straight hair. Incorporate side bangs to allure to your hairstyle. Go with a half up and half down hairstyle to create some volume and lift on your hair. This will balance your strong chin and jaw line. Since straight hair has no dimension, this hairstyle will spruce up your look and flatter your face shape.

4: Romantic Side Braid

A romantic side braid especially a loose French braid is what you need to highlight your square face. This hairstyle is suitable for you if you have long hair as it works on any hair texture. Pull your hair to one side and braid it loosely with a twisted bang in the front. This hairstyle looks better when you add highlights and curls to your hair. Your cascading curly locks with highlights in a loose braid will emphasize your strong jaw line and cheekbones.

3: Mid-Length Loose Curls

Mid-Length Loose Curls-Hairstyles For Square Faces

Do not worry if you have curly hair or want to showcase curls. The mid-length loose curled hairstyle is an apt hairstyle for your hair texture and your face shape. Add a side bang and short defined layers at the front. This style will highlight your high cheek bones in the best way possible. If you have straight hair, then part your hair into sections to curl them. Always curl your hair away from your face. Shake your hair or run your hand through the curls to make them look natural.

2: Long Locks with Side Bangs

Long Locks with Side Bangs-Hairstyles For Square Faces

If you have long hair, then a flattering hairstyle would be one with well-defined layers. Add a side bang along with the layers to break the cut in a pleasing way. Such a hairstyle would be light and bouncy. This hairstyle is ideal if you have long straight or wavy hair. You can even add highlights to focus the layers.

1: Medium Layered Dirty Blonde Style

Medium Layered Dirty Blonde Style-Hairstyles For Square Faces

A medium layered dirty blonde hairstyle is the best hairstyle to highlight your admirable jaw line structure. This is the hairstyle for you especially if you have shoulder length wavy hair. The medium layers do not add anything extra or try to hide anything. They just frame your face to soften your chin and emphasize your high cheek bones. This layered choppy hairstyle is ideal as it does not require much styling or grooming.


There is a variety of hairstyles that are suitable for a square face. Always remember to go with layers and side bangs to flatter a square face. Avoid volume at the side of your face near your cheekbones and jaw. Stay away from straight bangs and blunt cuts. Curls and waves help a lot to frame your square face and highlight your facial features.

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