Top 10 Hairstyles for Balding Men in 2018

Today, experiments with the hair styles are trending be you a man or woman and hairstyles for balding men is a topic of concern. From keeping long hair to going bald, the trend has turned itself upside down and changed its form drastically. Different patterns are being adopted every day to make the look all the more fashionable and make it a trend rather than just a day’s look. Styles include Fauxhawk with Shaved Temples, Retro Pompadour for thin hair, Comb over for bald receding hairline, etc.
However, before you decide to take up any look – one thing must be kept in mind that whether it goes with the shape of your face and body structure.

For men who are going bald, there are hairstyles which can help you hide the overall look. The right amount of cut in the right direction can make the receding hairline look less exposed. So choosing a good hairstyle is a must for people who try to keep themselves updated with the current trends and designs. We have listed some of the best hairstyles for balding men who are conscious about their physical appearance.

Top 10 Hairstyles for Balding Men

10. Fauxhawk with Shaved Temples

Fauxhawk with Shaved Temples - balding men

A fauxhawk is a trending hairstyle which is a modification of the less dramatized version that is Mohawk. In this style, shave the sidelines entirely and keep the hair in the middle as it is with a proper cut. This trend is all about an attaining a perfect mélange between the sidelines and the middle. Therefore, don’t keep much distinction between them. There are two types in this variety – short fauxhawk and long fauxhawk. Guys with comparatively longer and sharp facial features would get better suited in this look than others. Those with thinner hair can opt for this as this would add volume to the middle portion of your hair.

9. Retro Pompadour for thin hair

Retro Pompadour for thin hair - balding men

Having a retro pompadour hairstyle adds a sophisticated class to your look. The pump on your head’s crown can be kept messy, perfectly combed, matte or shiny. It can either be simply slicked back or made into a specific angle as per the choice of the person. As already mentioned in the name, this hairstyle adds volume to already thin hair. And in case you already have thicker hair, then this would act as a cherry on the top of the cake.

8. Comb over for bald receding hairline

Comb over for bald receding hairline - balding men

As the name comb over for bald receding hairline very prominently suggests, this is very well suited for guys who have a receding hairline. This gives a very smart look and makes your hair look much voluminous. People with either broader or longer hair can opt for this. Instead of shaving off the entire crown, this is what you can choose.

7. Ivy League with long side part

Ivy League with long side part - balding men

Alternatively known as Harvard Clip or Princeton. Ivy League with alongside part is a type of crew cut where one should keep the hair on the top of the head long enough to experiment with the side part. This hairstyle gives you rather a corporate or business-like look than punk or rock ones which were imparted by the earlier ones. Guys with short hair and square faces can opt for this.

6. Spiky Balding Haircut

Spiky Balding Haircut - balding men

The spiky balding haircut is actually for men who have thin hair. Often, there are times when the scalp becomes way too visible just above the forehead. However, hair is still there on that portion – you can opt for spikes on the top of your crown to complete the look as well as to avoid spoiling your entire feature. It goes well with men having short hair.

5. Short Mohawk with Shaved Sides

Short Mohawk with Shaved Sides - balding men

A Short Mohawk is a variation of the Fauxhawk in a less dramatized way. It has been modified time and again from its origin which was the punk style. Shave the sides, but keep a strip of hair in the middle continuing until the end to add a roughness to the look. Guys with a well-built stature and good physique would look superb in this kind of hairstyle.

4. Balding Fade Haircut

Balding Fade Haircut - balding men

The bald fade haircut, unlike the previous ones, is not a single haircut, but a complete range falls under this category from bald fade comb over, low bald fade, mid bald fade, and various others. In this particular haircut, fade the hair as low as to the skin. However, there is a wide choice between skin fade which can be kept low, high or medium. People with short or long straight or curly can try this out as this is one of the best hairstyles for balding men.

3. Messy Side Part

Messy Side Part - balding men

For men wanting to keep the length of their hair a bit longer, the messy side part is one of the best in the list. Leaving the hair messy adds a certain amount of natural volume to someone’s already thinning hair and also a natural texture to it.
If you are someone not very cozy with drastic changes, then this is the perfect haircut for you as not much of your hair needs to be chopped off to bring this look. Men with spiky hair texture and long faces would look amazing in this look.

2. Fashionable style for receding hairline

Fashionable style for receding hairline - balding men

This too consists of an entire range of haircuts that you can opt for to avoid the problem of receding hairline. Firstly, you can do a neat, clean shave which would put a full stop to all your existing problems.
Or you can go for buzz haircut which is the one most military guys have or faux-hawk haircut as per your wish. Do a comb-over hairstyle, or short slicked back hairstyle, whatever suits you.

1. Short comb over hairstyle with temple fade

Short comb over hairstyle with temple fade - balding men

Short comb over hairstyle with temple fade is a mélange of two trending hairstyles, one is the comb over, and the other one is the temple fade. Both of these are merged to create a charming look.
In this type – the hair on the crown is kept short while the sidelines are kept fading away. For men with thinner hair, this is one of the most suited hairstyles for balding men to try out.

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