25 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the World

No matter where the science has led us in the past few years some of the unsolved mysteries still amaze people to the core. Some of the mysteries are so awe-inspiring that people have tried numerous ways to solve them but didn’t find its solution. From the unexplained Voynich Manuscript to black Dahlia Murder there are numerous inexplicable theories which still need to get resolved. Although this is the time where scientists have reached moon and mars but these greatest unsolved mysteries are beyond the imagination and therefore still unanswered.

If you are also looking for some of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the world then you have landed just in the right place. Here we have compiled some of those mysteries which are so mystic that people are hunting for their answers since a long time. Check them out and get amuse!

25 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the World

1. Voynich Manuscript

Voynich Manuscript - greatest unsolved mysteries

If you see the language written on the Voynich Manuscript you would feel that it is full of mysteries and inexplicable things. Since time immemorial people have tried hard to decode it but didn’t get success.

2. Kryptos

Kryptos - greatest unsolved mysteries

If you reach CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia you would see a grand statue which has different encryptions written in it. Since the time three of the encryption has been decoded but the fourth one is still needed to get cracked.

3. Rongorongo


If you have been in Easter Islands you could get the chance to see the glyphs which are located at the moai stands. These glyphs are known as Rongorongo. It is believed that these glyphs showcase the deeds happened in the islands long back. But still, no one is able to guess there exact meaning.

4. Tamam Shud

Tamam Shud

The story of Tamam Shud is very old, dated back in December 1948 when a man was found in Adelaide, Australia at Somerton beach. There was a piece of paper in his pocket which read Tamam Shud. The meaning of these words is decoded as finished or ended but no one knows the exact meaning till date.

5. Shepherd’s monument inscription

Shepherd’s monument inscription - greatest unsolved mysteries

The words written on Shepherd’s monument located at Staffordshire, England are DOUOSVAVVM. People have tried really hard to decode these words but failed to do so. This mystery is as old as 250 years old.

6. The Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness Monster

This monster is believed to be one of the most horrible creatures in the past. There are pictures as well as videos that have captured the Loch Ness Monster. While some people believe that this monster roams around the forests, some believe it to be underwater and came out only when hungry.

7. The Taos Hum

 The Taos Hum - greatest unsolved mysteries

Taos Hum is a voice that has baffled people all around the world. This particular voice resembles the sound of a distant diesel engine. The mysterious part of this voice is it can be heard by the naked ears but the sound detection devices are not able to detect it. Till date, numerous devices have been used but Taos Hum can’t get detected.

8. Big Foot

Big Foot

When people start seeing the imprints of large foots in the snow-clad mountains of the United States and Canada, they try everything possible to find it. But till date, there is no evidence of such a giant creature. Although it was compared to that of gorillas, the feet imprints are more like that of a man.

9. Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle - greatest unsolved mysteries

Bermuda Triangle has always amused people to the core. Located at the points between Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico the Bermuda Triangle is supposed to the place where many ships have been lost and haven’t found. People believe that there are gas bubbles while some say as aliens are the main culprits but the exact reason is still unknown.

10. Georgia guide stones

Georgia guide stones

Some call the Georgia guide stones as one of the mysterious version of Stonehenge. This place is supposed to get erected in the year 1979 in Elbert County and since then it has become the mystery which is still unsolved.

11. Black Dahlia Murder

Black Dahlia Murder

The name of Elizabeth Short is involved with the Black Dahlia Murder. This murder becomes the unsolved mystery since the time immemorial and till date, no one is being able to solve who the actual murderer was.

12. Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper - greatest unsolved mysteries

A lot of movies and stories have been made which involve the name Jack the ripper but till date, no one knows who he was. Jack the Ripper is believed to murder women and especially the prostitutes in the last 1800s. The women murdered by Jack the Ripper were found with slashed throats and mutilated bodies.

13. Mackenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars

Mackenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars

People who have taken a tour to City of the Dead inside Greyfriars encounter some of the most mysterious things. They came out with bruises and scratches on their body. Some even get fainted while entering the Black Mausoleum. The reasons behind it are still unknown.

14. Shroud of Turin

 Shroud of Turin

There is a face imprinted in the Shroud of Turin. It is believed that this face is of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Considered as the main part of Christian research this is one of the greatest unsolved mystery so far.

15. Aluminum wedge of Aiud

Aluminum wedge of Aiud

The next greatest unsolved mystery in the row is the aluminum wedge of Aiud. When the Romanian workers were working way back in the year 1974 they discover two elephant bones inside the earth along with an aluminum wedge. As per the scientists, the aluminum was impossible to construct in the 19th century and this led it to become an unsolved mystery.

16. Zodiac killer letters

Zodiac killer letters

Way back in the year 1960s and 1970s there came a series of letters to the police. Those letters were supposed to be sent by a zodiac killer who used to kill the person whose name is written in those letters. Although some of the letters got cracked by the police and decoded, some remain a mystery. The person sending those letters is the mystery as well.

17. SS Ourang Medan

SS Ourang Medan

There came an SOS message in 1947 that the captain along with the rest of the aboard and crew are dead. This is when SS Ourang died as well who was considered as the Man from Medan in Malaysia. While some people believe that there were ghosts some consider that there is attack of aliens or even chemical attack.

18. Nazca Geophylis

Nazca Geophylis

If you have heard this name before you must be well familiar with different faces they had make. From spiders to monkeys, sharks to flowers there is nothing left on earth which are not imprinted there. Nazca civilization is always been one of the unsolved mysteries around the world.

19. Stonehenge


The Stonehenge is worth a visit if you are in UK. Apart from the fascinating stones laying on the top of one other the clue who have placed them like this is completely unknown. People don’t even have an idea as for why these stones have been placed like this.

20. The Lost city of Atlantis

 The Lost city of Atlantis - greatest unsolved mysteries

People know about Atlantis as the crowing city of Neptune. It was considered as the place where mermaids and mermen used to live. Lesser knowing the fact that this was all suggested by the writings of Pluto and his findings. People still wonder whether this place was real or just a myth.

21. Wow! signal

Wow! signal

It was Jerry R Ehman who once while working on some SEIT project on an Observatory got the signal from some deeper space. The signal lasts for around 72 seconds and was supposed to some from constellation Sagittarius. No one ever received the signal again and it is still a mystery as for how and from where does it came from.

22. Lal Bahadur Shastri death

Lal Bahadur Shastri death - greatest unsolved mysteries

The death of one of the revolutionist from India, Lal Bahadur Shastri is still under one of the unsolved mystery as for how and where did he die. While some claim him to get a heart attack some says that he was poisoned. Since the body was not available for postmortem diagnosis this death is still considered as a mystery.

23. D B Cooper

 D B Cooper

D B Cooper once hijacked a plane and later jumped from it with a parachute. But he is the man who was never found out even by the US aviation and thus remains to be one of the unsolved mysteries of the country.

24. Severed foot beach in British Columbia

Severed foot beach in British Columbia

There is one foot which is seen floating on the shore of one of the beaches of British Columbia. People sometimes get scare seeing it but no one knows from where it comes from and why it didn’t sinks.

25. Extraterrestrials


The extraterrestrial bodies encountered every now and then always remain the matter of concern as no one know whether we are alone in this planet or there are aliens residing on some similar planet like ours.


These are some of those unsolved mysteries which are not only interesting but also fascinated people to the core. Ponder upon them and try to solve if you can!

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