22 Great DIY Bag Ideas

If you’re thoroughly exhausted searching for the perfect bag that won’t burn your bank, these 22 great DIY bag ideas are your thing. No matter what type of bag you’re looking for; be it a handbag, backpack, or anything else; you can make your imagination run wild with a whole lot of colours, fabric, patterns, etc. For those on a budget unwilling to fish out thousands for designer bags; smart, and attractive DIY bags are a life saver. If truth be told, spending exorbitant amounts of money to buy designer bags is not a wise thing to do for anyone, since you’ll be stuck with it for a small eternity.

DIY Bags are so much fun to make if you’re someone who constantly needs to carry a bag. Not only can you add some variety to your everyday bag-carrying routine, you will leave people wondering how you shell out a fortune on the most amazing bags ever. Instead of sticking to just one bag for years on end, wouldn’t it be amazing to switch to new ones every few weeks. Below are 20 stunning DIY Bag ideas. Pick one that you like and keep making more bags until you have a large collection of DIYs:

22 Great DIY Bag Ideas

1. The Monogram Tote

A large Monogram on a plain bag speaks volumes in terms of elegance and simplicity. Sometimes, you need a large and not-too-flashy tote when you go shopping or simply out to catch some sun. Monograms are the easiest DIYs to make when it comes to bags.

The Monogram Tote

2. The Leather Lunch Bag

Just look at this Beauty! Literally dripping with class, this clutch cum handbag sure does look like your lunch but feels so good to fold and carry around. Simply stitch the sides and add a button or two. Oh, and make sure you get shiny leather to make people take a second look.

The Monogram Tote - great diy bag ideas

3. Knapsack Bucket Bag

Knapsacks are fun for carrying around your favourite stuff, including a book or two, if you like to read. You could also add two back straps to make it easy to carry around. Take this cute knapsack bucket bag on all your short or long trips.

Knapsack Bucket Bag

4. Stripes

Stripe never go out of fashion and this tote bag is the perfect companion for all your lunch dates and shopping sprees. Pair it up with a matching outfit and there won’t be anyone as stylish as you for miles.

Stripes - great diy bag ideas

5. Zipper Bag

What could be more interesting than a bag made solely out of zippers? Make a tiny one and gift it to someone or make a bigger bag for yourself. Whatever you do, don’t forget to try this zipper DIY bag.

Zipper Bag

6. Denim Bang

There are a ton of things you can do to repurpose old jeans and making a bag out of them is the best way to make sure your favourite old pair isn’t wasted. Make this comfortable denim bag and watch yourself fall in love with it.

Denim Bang - great diy bag ideas

7. Phone and Earbud Holder

Your Phone and your Earphones never want to stay away from each other. Make sure they’re always together with this super useful phone and earphone holder to take with you whenever you feel like you can’t survive without some music.

Phone and Earbud Holder - great diy bag ideas

8. Braided Belt Messenger Bag

Messenger Bags are the most comfortable bags that can be used for almost any occasion. Braided Belts are quite strong and don’t break easily. Make this striking braided messenger bag to complement your quirkiest outfit.

Braided Belt Messenger Bag

9. Washi Tape Clutch

Washi Tape is the most versatile material you can use to make a clutch and since it comes in the prettiest patterns, your DIY will never go unnoticed. Make this Washi Tape Clutch as your staple weekend accessory.

Washi Tape Clutch - great diy bag ideas

10. Beach Tote Shell Bag

Going to the Beach is like a Festival. You don’t need to wear your most expensive clothes, but what you do wear should be brighter than anything you have. This Beach Tote Bag with nicely decorated shells is for that perfect day out in the Beach.

Beach Tote Shell Bag

11. Fringe Tote Bag

Ever seen one of these in shop windows and sighed at how expensive they were? Now you can make them at home. Beg, Borrow, or Steal your Boyfriend’s or Dad’s old leather jacket and convert it into this fringe tote bag.

Fringe Tote Bag

12. Bunny Bag

I’m sure Bunnies were meant to go on bags. Turn this simple bag into a cute accompaniment for your shopping spree by painting a peeking bunny on to it. This simple bunny bag is for all those rainy days when you’re feeling down but still want to have some fun.

Bunny Bag - great diy bag ideas

13. The Cinch Bag

This bag looks so interesting that you absolutely must try to make it. This is an all-in-one bag and from the looks it, can pass off as a real, store-bought, designer bag. So, make it and flaunt it, and watch the rest of the world go green with jealousy!

The Cinch Bag

14. Cute Gift Bag

Gift Bags are more attractive to look at than the gifts. If you give someone one of these DIY gift bags made with scrapbook paper, they’re sure to squeal in delight even before they’ve checked out the gift inside.

Cute Gift Bag

15. Trick or Treat Bag

Halloween is the perfect occasion for making DIYs and this bag will fit seamlessly in your costume designing project. A tiny bag to hold your precious treats with the cutest monster is all you need for your Halloween Trick or Treating.

Trick or Treat Bag

16. Box Makeup Bag

I don’t get how people can spend a lot of money on these at stores when you can make one in less than no time at home. This tiny makeup bag will hold your lipstick, eyeliner, foundation, concealer, etc. so you don’t lose them while juggling to carry them around.

Box Makeup Bag - great diy bag ideas

17. Lunch Bag

Are you sick of disposable lunch bags that make crunchy noises and are ruined at the slightest touch? Make a permanent canvas bag for yourself and your lunch will be happy and safe every day, until its time to eat.

Lunch Bag - great diy bag ideas

18. Straw Circle Bag

Who wouldn’t want to make this bag? In case you’re wondering, a bunch of useless stuff will fit into this bag and how cool would it be to carry this wheelie bag around? Why make boring square bags when you can make circles?

Straw Circle Bag

19. Reversible Bag

What’s the point of a DIY if you can’t reverse something you do? Reversible Bags are great for hiding the fact that you don’t splurge on a lot of stuff and you just like to work with what you have. Two bags in one!

Reversible Bag - great diy bag ideas

20. Fabric Tassel

As long as you don’t take this bag to work, you can have fun watching people stare in wonder. Insanely creative and unique to the last tassel, this fabric tassel bag deserves your best vacations.

Fabric Tassel

21. Studded Bag

Studs against a bright colour. What more could you ask for? Step out in style with this stud colour play that’s super easy to make and super spacious to carry your essentials. Have your way with studs and fabric glue and make interesting patterns for everyone to love.

Studded Bag

22. Retro 70s Bag

This Retro bag with its 70s style large and bold print is perfect for your shopping sprees. Fit as much as you can and show that you’re serious on your shopping mission. This bag is easily sewed and very useful to have around.

Retro 70s Bag

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