Getting Rid of Bags Under the Eyes – Top 10 Ways

Beautiful eyes are captivating and eye-catching. People with beautiful eyes are admired and looked up to everywhere as eyes speak volumes about one’s personality. Even people with rather undistinguished looks catch attention if they have a glow in their eyes. Beautiful eyes are unquestionably one of the most sought-after beauty quotients in one’s body.

Nobody like to have those swollen eyes that make one look diseased and depressed.

Do you also suffer from the problem of round puffy bags around your eyes? If Yes, then it’s time you took right treatment or else it will be too late. Here are the top ten ways to do away with those saggy bags around eyes that can be both depressing and frustrating.

Getting Rid of Bags Under the Eyes

1. Increase Your Water Intake

Increase Your Water Intake

Have you ever given a thought to your unhealthy eating and drinking habits? If you don’t drink enough water, you run the risk of being obese which will further make big bags appear around your eyes.

One of the easiest ways to have glowing and attractive eyes is to drink lots of water so that the body gets hydrated. Hydration helps in the reduction of wrinkles around eyes. Loss of water content from body makes eyes look swollen and drooping. Increased water intake helps one get rid of bags around eyes.

—Increase your water intake.

—Water hydrates body which makes eyes healthy.

2. Avoid Sedentary lifestyle

Avoid Sedentary lifestyle - getting rid of bags under the eyes

Maybe your lifestyle has something to do with those unwanted bags around your eyes. If you do a seating job where you don’t get enough time to move around, you must take it for a wake-up call.

Just change your lifestyle a bit and you will yourself notice the big change coming over your body and, yes, also eyes. Start taking exercise for 15 to 20 minutes in a day and in a matter of a few days, those bags will disappear.

—Avoid Unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle.

—Regular exercise is a must for losing weight.

—Stay Slim to Lose Sagging Skin Around Eyes.

3. Use of Chilled Potato or Refrigerated Cucumber to Soothe Eyes

Use of Chilled Potato or Refrigerated Cucumber to Soothe Eyes - getting rid of bags under the eyes

It is not for nothing that people use potato slices and cucumber pieces to cool down eyes. They have a soothing effect on the eyes which certainly has a refreshing and invigorating effect on the eyes.

You can also try this age-old trend of covering eyes and eyelids with the cold slices of potato or cucumber as they are highly recommended by physicians to keep the skin around eyes tight and soft. The bags around the eyes will certainly disappear with the regular use of this technique.

—cucumber and potato have medicinal properties that lessen dark spots and bags around eyes.

—A natural way to diminish bags under eyes.

4. Hygienic Effects of Rose Water

Hygienic Effects of Rose Water - getting rid of bags under the eyes

There is hardly any home in the world where rose water is not used to enliven the skin. Rose water has a high nourishing effect on the skin and is considered highly effective in reducing wrinkles, circles, and bags around eyes.

Dampen a soft cloth in rose water and lay the soaked cloth on your closed eyes. After about 20 minutes, open your eyes. You will certainly feel the cooling and invigorating effect of rose water.

—Washing eyes with rose water rejuvenates eyes and surrounding bags.

5. Strawberry Slices Reduce Saggy Skin

Strawberry Slices Reduce Saggy Skin - getting rid of bags under the eyes

This fruit is rich in anti-oxidants that produce long-lasting salutary effects on human skin. Strawberry slices have an extraordinary curing effect on the loose skin around eyes. The alpha-hydroxyl is an important constituent in strawberries that make skin young and glowing.

Cut fresh and cold strawberries into slices and keep these slices on your eyelids for about 25 minutes. Repeat this process twice or thrice a day. You will definitely notice a gradual and steady change in your looks as those ugly-looking bags will start disappearing with the regular use of this nutritious fruit.

—Fresh strawberries make skin young and lively.

—Dark circles and bulging bags gradually diminish and disappear with the regular use of strawberry slices.

6. Use Green Tea Bags for Beautiful Eyes

Use Green Tea Bags for Beautiful Eyes - getting rid of bags under the eyes

Green tea is a rich source of anti-oxidants and is best-known for its healthy effects on the human body. Green tea bags can be used to have glowing skin and beautiful eyes.

Take two cold green tea bags and have them soaked in water. Lie down for about 20 minutes with your eyes covered with these soaked tea bags. Make it a routine to refresh your eyes with damp green tea bags. It will certainly benefit you a lot in the long run.

—Effective in reducing eye puffiness.

—Anti-inflammatory in effect.

7. Make Saggy Bags disappear with Anti-allergic medicines

Many a time it may be due to some sort of allergy that eyes come to have dark spots and ugly-looking bags under eyes. Your eyes may have become sensitive to some allergens that cause redness, itchiness and saggy bags under eyes.

You can take some anti-allergic medicines to minimize the effect of allergens. After properly consulting your doctor, you can take an anti-histamine that may have a healing effect on the allergy.

—Anti-allergic medicines are taken after consultation with a doctor.

—Avoid the allergens that may cause allergy.

8. Use Tomatoes to Get Rid of Puffy Bags

Use Tomatoes to Get Rid of Puffy Bags - getting rid of bags under the eyes

Tomatoes have cooling and refreshing effect on eyes. Mixed with a few drops of lemon, tomatoes become highly effective in curing rashes, dark spots, circles, and bags around eyes. Tomatoes are used in almost every house for nourishing and softening skin under and around eyes.

Mixed together, tomato juice and lemon juice work effectively to enhance the glow of the skin. This blend of the two reduces the saggy bags to give a more attractive look.

—Use this mixture twice or thrice a day.

—Hundred percent effective in reducing in bad-looking bags.

9. Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Develop Healthy Eating Habits - getting rid of bags under the eyes

Your eating habits go a long way in making you healthy or unhealthy. If you have unhealthy eating habits, your looks will be adversely affected. High calorie food makes us obese and unhealthy. Obesity will surely make you look ill and stressed. Dark spots, dark circles, and puffy bags are the symptoms of ill health.

Eat more iron-rich, collagen-rich and fibrous food that will certainly cure you of a number of diseases. High protein vegetables and healthy food will make your skin glow.

—Develop healthy eating habits

—Eat a high protein and fiber-rich food.

10. Have a Sound Sleep

Have a Sound Sleep - getting rid of bags under the eyes

Sleeplessness is the reason for so many diseases. If you are tired and don’t sleep enough, you will be stressed and that will make you look unhealthy.

Dark saggy bags under eyes are the clear indication of your exhaustion. Make sure you sleep for at least 7 hours at night so that you feel fresh after waking up. Complete rest will surely resolve most of your health issues.

—Sleeplessness causes puffiness under eyes.

—6 to 8 hours sleep is a must for good health.


Puffy and baggy eyes are the symptom of bad health. Unhealthy lifestyle, Exhaustion, tiredness and long waking hours can play havoc with your health and can turn you into an unhealthy person in a matter of a few days. By taking recourse to some quite easy methods, we can get rid off the problem of bulging and saggy eyes.


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