G-Eazy Net Worth 2018 – How much is G-Eazy Net Worth?

What is G-Eazy Net Worth? That million dollar question’s answer is available to you. Having realized how his fans would appreciate this piece of information, we got out of our way to put it at their disposal. That portrays just how successful G-Eazy has become over the years. There is more to learn about him and the exact G-Eazy net worth and that I why we have you covered.

G-Eazy Net Worth 2018

G-Eazy Net Worth 2018 - G-Eazy net worth

Who is G-Eazy for those hearing this name for the first time? G-Eazy who is officially known as Gerald Earl Gillum is an American record producer as well as a rapper. His major album’s release was in 2014 on 23rd June. It bore the title These Things happen, and it was position three on the US Billboard 200. Other albums include When It is Dark Out (2015) as well as The Beautiful & Dammed (2017).

The former one has a hit single, Me, Myself & I that was among the best 10 in the US Billboard Hot 100. Before that, he had other works such as The Epidemic LP (2009) and Must Be Nice (2012). In addition to that, he was once a member of a hip-hop group known as Bay Boyz where he performed for years before embarking on his solo career. He has performed opening act for some artists including Lil Wayne and Snoop Dog.

Biography & Wiki

Biography & Wiki - G-Eazy net worth

G-Eazy was born in 1989 on 24th May as Gerald Earl Gillum to Suzanne Olmsted as well as Edward Gillum. His birthplace was Oakland, California, the United States. Edward worked at the CSU Fresco as an associate professor of art. However, things took a turn for the worse when he was in the fifth grade. As a matter of fact, his mother left his father. Consequently, he left Oakland for Berkeley where he stayed with his grandparents. Subsequently, he migrated to North Oakland.

Despite moving to North Oakland, G-Eazy continued to study in a school in Berkley. He graduated, eventually, and joined the Loyola University.

G-Eazy and Devon Baldwin have been dating for a long time. She is a model, actress as well as a singer. The duo met while studying at the Loyola University, New Orleans. There are rumors that their relationship is no longer the same due to G-Eazy’s global tours, what remains now is for them to confirm it.

How much is G-Eazy Net Worth? How much is his income?

G-Eazy net worth is over $9 million. He has earned money through his various activities in his music career. They include producing, songwriting as well as being a rap artist. For more details about the matter, we have critically analyzed the various ways in which he got all that wealth.

How has G-Eazy Amassed his wealth?

How has G-Eazy Amassed his wealth? - G-Eazy net worth

Every journey starts with one step, and that explains the humble beginning of G-Eazy’s career. He was only 15 when he decided to venture into the world of music. His friends joined him in forming a band by the name The Bad Boyz. The group’s first releases were in their page on MySpace.

The next thing was producing his mix tapes. He then released a single, Candy Girl (2008) who received high praises. Subsequently, he included it in The Epidemic LP of 2009. The tour move would help him expand his audience, and therefore he embraced it.

After joining the University, he together with Andersson began writing and producing his music albums. He became prominent in the Eat By Area and would walk together with the likes of Lil B, The Cataracs, and Crohn among others. It got even better in 2010 with his collaboration with Snoop Dogg as well as Lil Wayne.

The other big thing was the release of The Endless Summer which is a mix tape in August 2011. That same year, he and Drake toured together. He did not see the end of the tour for fear of failing his exams considering that his professor had warned him. However, he got another chance after graduating and joined Shwayze for one.

His debut full-length album had the title, Must Be Nice. It put him in the spotlight yet again as it was position three in the iTunes Hip-Hop Char. his other albums were a studio, and their names were When It is Dark Out (2015), and These Things Happen (2013).

He together with Kehlan is the recorders of a single, Good Life. In 2017, it was a soundtrack of the film The Fate of The Furious. His fans are waiting eagerly for the release of his third label album.

Awards & Achievements

Awards & Achievements - G-Eazy net worth

His album titled These Things Happen clinched number three on the US Billboard 200. In addition to that, it emerged on top of the list of Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums’ Chart. RIAA certified it Gold. The second one, When It is Dark Out, was position five on the Billboard 200. It had a real hit and was ranked position 1 in the chart mention above. According to RIAA, it is Platinum certified. In 2016, he was a nominee for an MTV Europe Music Award. The following year, he received a People’s Choice Award.

Ten things you need to know about G-Eazy

1. G-Eazy was still in high school when he went on a tour with Drake. He found himself between a rock and a hard surface because if he failed to attend one more class, the lecturer would ensure that he failed.

2. His official name is Gerald Earl Gillum.

3. Circumstances forced him to sell almost all his belongings in order to raise funds for his music career.

4. His role model regarding his Hip-Hop style is Johnny Cash who inspires him a great deal.

5. The long-awaited breakthrough came along with the release of the mix tape, The Endless Summer in 2011.

6. He usually comes with his mother to a tour.

7. The number of his Instagram followers is over one million.

8. His mother once dated another woman while he was young. At first, it was embarrassing, but he learned to live with the reality, eventually.

9. He is of the Ukrainian descent.

10. Having started his career as a university student, his league is mowed in the platinum and gold certified.

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