French Montana Net Worth 2018 – How much is French Montana Net Worth?

French Montana came to the notice of the public through “choppa choppa down”. It was one of his first singles to gain popularity. That single was released in 2010 and later on, in 2017 his singles were making it to the Hip-Hip/ R&B Billboard top 100. How much is French Montana Net Worth? How much has he made in his Hip-Hop career? Well, before getting that deeper let’s take a look at French Montana’s background. What were the moves that French Montana pulled to break through in this music industry? How long did it take? The analysis of his background will give you the satisfying information about French Montana. Okay, let’s get straight from the beginning of French Montana’s life.

French Montana Net Worth 2018

French Montana Net Worth 2018 - French Montana Net Worth

French Montana is an American rapper with Moroccan roots since he was born in Morocco. He and his parents moved to the USA while he was still young at a tender age of 13 years. He has made a positive impact in the music industry since he has his own record label which is called “Coke boys”. In addition to that, he has a joint recording venture with Maybach music and Bad Boys records.

Biography & Wiki

Biography & Wiki - French Montana Net Worth

Karim Kharbouch was born on 9th November 1984, in Rabat, Morocco. He spent most of his early childhood moments in Casablanca. Even as a youngster he still loved listening to rap music. While he was 13, his family turned over a new leaf and they relocated to the USA. Initially, French Montana used his native language in communication but slowly he learned English in New York. His start off in Hip-Hop was as a battle rapper. Later on, he started his own DVD series which he used to promote himself. The DVD series was called “Cocaine City” and it was all about Hip-Hop especially the upcoming artists. The series extended further for about eight years and it was supported by French Montana’s friends.

French Montana’s first mixtape came out in 2007, it was titled “French Revolution 1”. Additionally, in this mixtape he collaborated with some well-established rappers such as Tony Yayo and Rick Ross. The year after, he dropped another mixtape “Live from Africa”. After doing solo projects it was time to try out something new and together with max B they released their first mixtape. “Coke Wave” was the collaborative mixtape that French Montana did with Max B in 2009. Coincidentally, in that same year French Montana released another mixtape “The Laundry Man”

Still, in 2009, French Montana got a deal from Akon. The deal ended up with the signing up of French Montana to Konvict Music label. He worked with Akon on some of the tracks he had prepared for his mixtape “Cocaine Konvicts”. Even though his deal did not last long, he still maintains the ties he has with Akon. 2010 was the year in which French Montana released “Chopa Chopa Down”. This single became a major hit since it attracted attention everywhere particularly in radio stations. Nevertheless, a remix of this single was done with some other rappers joining to support French Montana. Rick Ross and Wiz Khalifa appeared on the remix.

In 2012, French Montana got into a joint-venture with May Bach and Bad Boys. Those are the two record labels that have been behind French Montana’s music.

How much is French Montana Net Worth? How much is his income?

How much is French Montana Net Worth? How much is his income? - French Montana Net Worth


French Montana’s net worth in 2018 is $10 million. This net worth is from the albums that French Montana has done and from other singles which he has been featured in. His record label Coke Boys could also is a source of his net worth.

How did French Montana amass his wealth?

How did French Montana amass his wealth? - French Montana Net Worth

French Montana’s first studio album, “Excuse My French”, did well. After years of recording several mixtapes. Finally in 2013, he released the album which had 13 tracks. In addition to that, he invited some several artists such as Lil Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz and Diddy to partake in the album recordings. Evidently, the artists appeared on different tracks of the album. After the release in May 2013, the sales in the first week was 56,000 units. The sales elevated after each week and month that passed.

French Montana’s latest album is, “Jungle Rules”, it was released in 2017. Similarly, just like the previous studio album this was a success. In its debut, it was ranked number 3 in the Billboard 200. Furthermore, it was certified gold for the 500,000 unit sales it did. Just like the previous album, French Montana welcomed some artists to record with him tracks on the album and make it complete. Some of the artists were part of the album tracks were Pharell Williams, The weekend, Swae Lee, Quavo and Max B.

Awards & Achievements

Awards & Achievements - French Montana Net Worth

French Montana has been awarded and nominated several times for the work that he has done in his music career. In 2013, one of his singles “Pop that” won the award of the best club banger. Another single in 2016 “All The Way Up” this song got the award for the best duo/group. This was not the end, the next year it was nominated because of the performances that were done.

Interesting things that you need to know about French Montana

1. He is Moroccan, his roots are in Morocco although he is an American Citizen.

2. French Montana first languages were French and Arabic, he learned English in the streets of New York.

3. He is a father to a son.

4. In 2007 French Montana married Deen Khabourch and divorced in 2012.

5. He has an amazing love for pets it came to a point where he kept tigers as pets

6. His father left his family while he was 15 and French Montana became the sole breadwinner.

7. French Montana re-united with his father in 2012

8. His son is the cover photo of his first studio album which was “Jungle Rules”.

9. French Montana is 33 years old.

10. He has his own label called Coke Boys.

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