Top 10 Best Foods to Cure a Hangover

Hangover! Every drinker knows the worst thing about it. You can’t be able to do anything. Many people already research the effects of a hangover. If you have drunk too much at night then you didn’t have any control in the body. At that time, you think to cure this hangover soon to get up but you didn’t have any option than lying on the bed or somewhere else. Mood up at night can make anyone hangover easily. Enjoying with friends or relatives can make you please so much but you have to be in control of not having a hangover. So, here are some best foods to cure a hangover.

Many foods are also helpful at that time to cure the hangover instantly and you can behave properly soon. These foods are easily available near to your place and also possible that you are using those food products in your daily use as well. Without wasting your time we are providing the best cure for the hangover below.

10 Best Foods to cure Hangover

10. Ginger


You have already listened to the throat problem, cough or cold the people love to take ginger tea or with honey. It can be more effective at the time of Hangover. The ginger can be helpful to provide the energy to your immune system and makes you fit and fine. The procedure to take the ginger is very easy, you have to take a small piece of Ginger and boil it in the water. It may take more than 5 minutes to change its color. After this process, wait until it cools down and inhales rapidly. This process may help you to make relief from the hangover soon.

9. Asparagus


According to the different studies, it is clearly said that the amino acid that is available in the Asparagus and several minerals may provide relief to the person at the time of Hangover. You can take it in streamed form also to get the effect rapidly. The vegetables are the most effective method to cure hangover as it contains all type of vitamins, minerals in it which gives energy to the body. Asparagus is very common veggies; you can get it anywhere near to your place and can consume it with different dishes form.

8. Eggs


Eggs are the richest source of proteins. Those who eat eggs after the hangover can cure it efficiently. The eggs contain amino acid which may help to provide relief at the time of hangover. Moreover, it can be consumed in any of the forms. You can make dishes of it or can take simply boiled. The effect of the hangover can be cured by consuming two eggs only.

7. Bananas


Bananas are considered as the all season fruit. It can be consumed in any of the seasons and can be easily available in the market. The inner part of the banana contains minerals and potassium which can help the drunken person to gives relief at the time of hangover. Banana also contains a huge amount of vitamin B6, which is also written in different books that it can be helpful in cure a Hangover.

6. Milk


Milk is the richest source of Protein and minerals. The doctor considered to the teenage children’s to consume milk to makes bones stronger and body fit. Perhaps, it can be useful for the drunken people also. In different studies, it can be clearly mentioned that the consumption of milk before the drink can help you at the time of hangover. When you consume the milk, the protein and fat that are present in the milk helps to move slower the absorption of alcohol. This can be helpful to cure the hangover and also provides the energy to the body.

5. Pickles


Pickles contain different ingredients which are used to make it. Most of the people love to eat pickles every day at any time. They didn’t know about the benefit of pickles as it can cure the hangover rapidly. The pickles contains sodium in it which can makes the immune system work faster and provides you relief very soon.

4. Nuts


Nuts are the good food item to consume for the full body fit. It can be available in different forms with different benefits. Some of them are effective to the brain some of them provides energy and more. The great thing is that you can cure your hangover too while consuming nuts after hangover. In America, most of the people drinks while taking nuts as it can be helpful for the body to prevent intoxication in the body and the person can be cure hangover.

3. Burger

A Burger

It’s a very best trick for the teenagers to consume alcohol without having hangover. Most of the people love to take burgers from their personal shops where they like the taste. It is surprising news that, it can helpful to cure the hangover very soon and you can treat like normal. There are different types of burgers; you have to eat the juicy burger which may reduce the effect of alcohol in your body.

2. Pear Juice

Pear Juice - Foods to Cure a Hangover

According to the Asian research, those people who usually take pear juice are not so longer in hangover. This can be a good idea to drink pear juice at the time of hangover. From the research of Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, it was examined that the people who have drink pear juice before the drink are more active than the normal people. This research provided a great idea to cure a hangover rapidly.

1. Lemon Water

Lemon Water - Foods to Cure a Hangover

Most people consider the lemon water at the time of hangover. It is very common and old techniques which is 100% effective. You have to take the lemon water or any product which contains lemon in it. The lemon water solution can be helpful to stimulates the liver enzymes and overcome the absorption of alcohol in body. After taking the solution, you can be cure from hangover within few minutes. Sometimes you may occur vomiting but after it you will be totally fine.


These food products and natural occurring items are more helpful at the time of hangover. You have to avoid the junk food at that time and consume the good food products which you can take easily and get cure from the last night hangover.