10 Lovely Flowers Which Bloom Only At Night

Mother Earth collections are the greatest stunning matter in the universe. We are going to discuss the Lovely Flowers Which Bloom Only at Night. Watching those blooms in your garden after a hard day night is the best experience. Such experience could free you from stress and tension. The joy and relaxing moment is incomparable.

10 Lovely Flowers Which Bloom Only At Night

10. Dutchman’s Pipe Cactus

Dutchman’s Pipe Cactus - Flowers Which Bloom Only At Night

Dutchman’s-Pipe Cactus or Epiphyllum Oxypetalum is also known as the queen of the night. It is a large floral variety of cactus native from Mexico to Brazil. The plant can grow as tall as 20 feet (6.1 m) in height. The blooming of the flower is followed by a small fruit which is edible. The plant grows best in partial shade and moderates to high humidity. It blooms for only 1-2 days. Individual flowers can be up to 11 inches (27.9 cm) long and 5 inches (12.7 cm) wide.

9. Dragon Fruit Flowers

Dragon Fruit Flowers - Flowers Which Bloom Only At Night

Dragon fruit flower or Night Blooming Cereus is also known as Pitahaya. It is the species of Cactaceae. Dragon fruit is a unique fruit from Mexico and Central America which is cultivated in the South East Asia countries like Vietnam and Malaysia. The flowers first form a bud and then they flower within 10-13 days. The dragon fruit flower will bloom on 7-12 p.m. This flower will bloom in early October until May.

8. Saussurea Obvallata / Brahma Kamal

Saussurea Obvallata / Brahma Kamal - Flowers Which Bloom Only At Night

Saussurea Obvallata or the Brahma Kamal is named after Brahma, the Hindu god of creation. It is also known as the king of the Himalayan flower. It blooms once a year at night time and has many medical uses. The flower heads are actually purple and are enclosed in layers of greenish-yellow boat-shaped cover papery in nature. The flower begins to bloom after sunset and reaches its maximum beauty in the midnight after 10 PM. The scientific name indicates that it is a type of cactus.

7. Four O’ Clocks

Four O’ Clocks - Flowers Which Bloom Only At Night

The tender perennial four o’clock also known as Mirabilis Jalapa, is another kind of pretty flowers that bloom at night. They are seen only during summers and spring but in a fascinating range of colors including red, yellow, pink, blue and white. The growth of these flowers requires full exposure to the sun and it is not before 4 pm that they are able to bloom in full- hence the name four o’ clock. Dense bushes will not only mark lawn boundaries but will also create a scene that would be healthy and appealing to the tired eyes.

6. Nottingham Catchfly

Nottingham Catchfly - Flowers Which Bloom Only At Night

Nottingham catchfly is a yellowish-white, wildflower that mainly found in rocky banks and hillside ridges of Southern Finland. This flowering plant is known as Eurasian catchfly in U.S. Nottingham catchfly is first found on Nottingham place in England. The Nottingham catchfly bloom between the months of June and July. The flower is a vespertine plant which remains closed during daytime and opens late in the evening or night.

5. Casablanca Lily

Casablanca Lily - Flowers Which Bloom Only At Night

Casablanca lilies are one of the most popular lilies and are known to be developed as the hybrid of Oriental lilies. It is a part of Lilium Category which has greater than 110 species. It has 6 petals and also the shades differ from yellow, white, purple, orange and also pink. These flowers are also used in perfumes because of its sweet smell. The plant is easy to grow and is tolerant of sun rays. Apart from the excellent fragrance, the Casablanca Lily is also very delicate and elegant looking.

4. Night Gladiolus

Night Gladiolus - Flowers Which Bloom Only At Night

The Night Gladiolus is known as the Gladiolus Tristis. It is the Latin word for sword, and that is why the night gladiolus is also known as sword lily. This suggests that sunlight does not have a lot of roles to play in its development. It is found along with numerous elevation levels ranging from the sea level to high-level elevation. The usual height of these plants is 36 to 48 inches and they bloom in late spring to early midsummers.

3. Moon Flowers

Moon Flowers - Flowers Which Bloom Only At Night

The Moon Flower or Ipomoea is called so because it blooms in the moonlight. These are beautiful pink or white flowers. The flowers quickly open at night and last the entire night. They close when the sunlight touches their petals. The plant has a height of up to 15 feet. It is recommended that they should be planted while the moon is new or increasing gradually. Heart-shaped leaves grow on the creeping plants. Pollinating moths are enticed to the white blossoms.

2. Night Bloom Water Lilies

Night Bloom Water Lilies - Flowers Which Bloom Only At Night

Night bloom water lilies are also known as jewels of ponds. The deep crimson red to purple water lily does not go unnoticed in ponds. It is one of nature’s most beautiful ironies to let grow a plant as pretty as the night blooming lily in nothing but dirty ponds, because it may not survive otherwise. The tropical lilies are larger than the hardy lilies and in most cases; the colors are more intense than the hardy lilies. The flowers are 7” – 10” in size. Each flower has 19 – 20 petals and a faint but pungent smell.

1. Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose - Flowers Which Bloom Only At Night

Evening Primrose or Oenothera biennis is a plant from Onagraceae family originally indigenous to North America but is now found in Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia too. The yellow colored Evening Primrose is of medicinal importance and its leaves, seeds, and root are used in medicines. The oil of its seeds is also used for different purposes. This plant grows between 3 to 5 feet and the flowers are somewhere between three-quarters of an inch to 2 whole inches.


So, above given is the list of 10 Lovely Flowers which only blooms at night and are must to look at once.