32 Fall Decorating Ideas in the Style of Farmhouse

Fall decorating ideas always seem to change the mood of people. Therefore, we tend to surround ourselves by beautiful, stylish, or original accessories and objects. Nevertheless, we also pay very much attention to colors and textures. All these generate feelings, sensations, and make us feel better. Now we have gathered the most eccentric ideas in terms of fall decorating style of a farmhouse.

32 Fall Decorating Ideas in the Style of Farmhouse

1. The rustic fall decoration

Pumpkins and wild flowers in extra large flowerpots, arranged all at the entrance of your farmhouse, will definitely make a great impression on anyone who crosses your door. This is a first trick to transform your farmhouse with the help of fall decoration style.

The rustic fall decoration - fall decorating ideas

2. The vintage motives

However, for a vintage plus on your farmhouse terrace, you can include, besides the classical pumpkin and orange wildflowers, two classical, old-fashioned chairs, perfect for the morning coffee in the country. Then, you may choose additional accessories, such as a knick-knack owl.

The vintage motives - fall decorating ideas

3. The flower terrace

By filling your outside terrace with many elegant pots containing flowers on various dimensions and colors, you will obtain a chic effect that transforms your farmhouse into a stylish one. We therefore recommend this idea for anyone who needs to use fall decoration motives for improving the exterior of its farmhouse.

The flower terrace - fall decorating ideas

4. The wildflowers and the door ornament

If you mix the ingredients of orange wildflowers with an olive bouquet door ornament, you will obtain a magnificent fall design for the entrance into your house. Any new guests shall look with admiration at your farmhouse.

The wildflowers and the door ornament - fall decorating ideas

5. Pumpkins and yellow flowers

However, if you need to really impress all your visitors, you should opt for large statues in the form of cups, filled with ornaments made of pumpkins and yellow wildflowers. Also, for a strong effect, add four or five big pumpkins near them.

Pumpkins and yellow flowers - fall decorating ideas

6. The fall party

If you are organizing a party at your farmhouse, you may choose to include some lighting decorations with the message “fall” at the entrance of the house. These decorations can stand on white pumpkins, to add more originality and creativity.

The fall party - fall decorating ideas

7. The modern and happy farmhouse

Now you can see some examples of how to make your farmhouse look more happy and modern. From friendly written messages, to yellow chairs, or flowers arranged in a scale form, interesting carpets, rustic sofas, all the presented elements add an air of freshness and innovation.

The modern and happy farmhouse - fall decorating ideas

8. The rustic living room

Here we are with a rustic, old fashioned living room of a farmhouse. While white large pumpkins and other vegetables from the garden are distributed on the classical old table, rustic chairs are distributed around it. The brown carpet, the furniture, the chandeliers, and all other accessories from the room suggest the traditional fall decoration style.

The rustic living room - fall decorating ideas

9. The vintage style

Similar to what we have seen previously, now we have a vintage style kitchen, where the old-fashioned furniture, and all the traditional objects and accessories from it make it suitable for a fall farmhouse decoration style.

The vintage style - fall decorating ideas

10. When interior design express joy…

Even if fall is often the season of sadness and reflection, we have an example when this is not the case. Here, the house decors, from furniture, floor, roof, colors, accessories, and items organization, all express joy and serenity.

When interior design express joy… - fall decorating ideas

11. The elegant and graceful entrance

Now we pass to an elegant entrance into a farmhouse. There is also an air of grace, given by the purple color combination from the door and flowerpots, as well as windows.

The elegant and graceful entrance - fall decorating ideas

12. The stylish interior

Here we see a beautiful room from a farmhouse, where modern elements, such as the small sofa with colored pillows, combine perfectly with the wood table, and the accessories from above the couch.

The stylish interior - fall decorating ideas

13. The rustic wooden box

An original idea of obtaining exquisite fall decorations for your country house is to use rustic wooden boxes, such as the one in the picture. Decorations of this type will add more style to your farmhouse.

The rustic wooden box - fall decorating ideas

14. The orange and white decoration motives

Here we see an example on how can white be combined with orange so that we obtain an elegant design for our farmhouse living room. The candle lights and the fireplace also add to the mysticism of the place.

The orange and white decoration motives - fall decorating ideas

15. Fall accessories and decorations

The next picture provides many ideas on how to decorate parts of your country house: from elegant combinations of white pumpkins and wildflowers, to beautiful flower arrangements, or other ornaments and similar accessories.

Fall accessories and decorations - fall decorating ideas

16. Calm and serenity

Now imagine you sit at the table from the picture at the left. You will be captured by the beauty of the arrangement: the vase with sunflowers, the classical pumpkin, and the vessels for drinking the morning tea or coffee.

Calm and serenity - fall decorating ideas

17. The elegant style

Now we have an elegant and exquisite fall decoration. You may use a large basket full of white pumpkins, and some green leafs from the garden, together with white wooden boards where to write friendly messages.

The elegant style - fall decorating ideas

18. The fall porch

Now, we have a true example of fall decoration, using the fall ornaments of fruits, leafs, and pumpkins, in autumn specific colors. You may use these decorations to provide your porch a more sophisticated entrance.

The fall porch - fall decorating ideas

19. Exterior decorations for autumn

Now you can see other examples on decorating your entrance with fall ornaments. Instead of fruits, these ornaments use wildflowers in autumn colors, and add some dolls featuring a family of farmers. Of course, the large pumpkins and autumn leafs cannot miss from the decorations.

Exterior decorations for autumn - fall decorating ideas

 20. The dark orange motive

Another idea is to decorate your house entrance using wildflowers, ornaments, and light fixtures in dark orange and red colors. All these contrast with the elegant white pumpkins, creating the perfect autumn atmosphere.

The dark orange motive - fall decorating ideas

21. The elegant and modern entrance

Now, if you need to obtain an elegant and modern aspect for your farmhouse entrance, you can use the ideas from this picture. Prepare dark stone cups with wild vegetation on it, and simply add three different color pumpkins decorating them with flowers. Then, use scarves or ties to tie some letters on the main door entrance, in order to express different messages, such as: ‘fall’.

The elegant and modern entrance - fall decorating ideas

 22. Farm style kitchen decors

Here you can see a nice farm style kitchen décor that express feelings of peace and harmony. The wildflowers are also part of this décor, together with the classical white blue vase or salt and pepper accessories.

Farm style kitchen decors - fall decorating ideas

23. Green elegance

This is a case of introducing green in the home décor, through textures, colors, and furniture. All the elements in the picture below, from paintings, to the sofa, carpet or table, suggest modernity and elegance as part of the fall decoration style.

Green elegance - fall decorating ideas

24. Autumn elements on the table

Now, this is a nice representation of autumn. All the elements from the table: the flowers, the vase, the fruits, pumpkins, and other vegetables, as well as the two candles, contribute to creating the spirit of autumn in a farmhouse living room.

Autumn elements on the table - fall decorating ideas

 25. The gold pumpkins

This is the extreme combination between the farmhouse style and contemporary design. The next picture presents some gold pumpkins that complete the fall atmosphere in any country house.

 The gold pumpkins - fall decorating ideas

 26. The pumpkin balance

Now this is another original idea to impress your guests in the countryside. You can use a balance, two pumpkins, and some vegetation. Then, just arrange them as showed in our picture.

The pumpkin balance - fall decorating ideas

27. The fall dinner party

Whenever you organize dinner for friends, you may choose to impress them using some original decorations, such as the one presented below. Use pumpkins of different dimensions, autumn fruits, parts of the vine, and candles.

The fall dinner party - fall decorating ideas

28. More autumn decorations

Here you may find more ideas on how to decorate your farmhouse door for autumn. From small pumpkins, to bright leafs, or funny dolls, all are meant to bring us the spirit of fall.

More autumn decorations - fall decorating ideas

29. The happy fall motive

Now we have an example on how a wheel, a couple of leafs, and three pumpkins can be used to obtain the perfect decoration for a rustic fall. You may use a light installation for a stronger effect.

The happy fall motive - fall decorating ideas

30. The generous welcome

We very much recommend the following idea on fall decorations. It makes you feel welcomed and comfortable visiting these people, once they used such original elements for decorating their home entrance. From orange pumpkins with colored leafs, to sunflower ornaments, yellow wildflowers, candle lights, and other rustic accessories, all manage to impress any new guest.

The generous welcome - fall decorating ideas

31. The simple vintage style

Even though simple and old fashioned, the following decoration idea for the fall season will impact the personality of your farmhouse. The classical chair with blankets and a pillow, the wood, the ladders, the red leafs, and the circular ornament from wildflowers, all give you the impression of calm and serenity.

The simple vintage style - fall decorating ideas

32. The fairytale motive

We have chosen to finish the article with the most eccentric entrance ever. This fall decoration style used for a farmhouse main entrance makes us think at fairytales, stories and legends. It welcomes you to a land of hopes and expectations, where everything is possible.

The fairytale motive - fall decorating ideas


All in all, we consider that all the ideas presented in this article are constructive for any person who seeks to find new and modern fall decorations for his or her farmhouse. Nevertheless, each country house has its own personality and the ornaments, accessories, colors, and details have to be used accordingly.

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