29 Fabulous Shoe Makeovers anyone can do

If you hate splurging on expensive shoes that don’t highlight your colourful personality and look nothing like the high price you paid for them, worry not! There are plenty of ways in which you can improve the look of your plain old pair of shoes into beautiful pieces of art that will complement your unique taste in clothing. Shoes come in different varieties, best suited for various purposes but the most attractive ones are those that people look at first. Fabulous shoe makeovers anyone can do not only are cheap, inexpensive, quickly done but are also interesting DIYs to spend your free time in.

Shoes are a girl’s best friend and you can never have enough of them. But designer shoes go hard on your wallet and aren’t suited for rough, everyday use. Instead, buying lots of simple and inexpensive shoes and having your way with beautifying them with your eye for art is a better idea and one that will appeal to all. If you want to make fabulous shoe makeovers, get a whole bunch of plain shoes that you can use as a canvas and have fun with these 29 cool shoe makeover ideas anyone can do.

29 Fabulous Shoe Makeovers anyone can do

29. Painted Pineapple Shoes

Painted Pineapple Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

This summer shoe makeover is very easy to make and will look adorable on anyone; including kids, teens, and adults. Get Fabric Markers and Disappearing Ink Markers to transform a plain pair of canvas shoes into this fruity, sunny shoe makeover.

28. Gold Sequin Shoes

Gold Sequin Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

Become the life of any party you step in to with these utterly glitzy and glam gold sequined shoes that you definitely do not want to wear anywhere else other than to a club. Stick gold sequins to flat shoes and dazzle your way through to the dance floor.

27. Heels Makeover Shoes

Heels Makeover Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

To make this absolutely bedazzling shoe makeover, get a pair of plain blue stilettos and add silver rhinestones to the heels. You wouldn’t find a single person who wouldn’t look down at these beauties once you’ve slipped them on.

26. Crystal Flip-Flops

Crystal Flip-Flops - fabulous shoe makeovers

A pair of white flip flops are too plain to notice. But add a few crystals, and you have the most beautiful shoe makeover for miles. You’re free to wear these anywhere and everybody will love them, guaranteed.

25. Floral Decoupage Shoes

Floral Decoupage Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

Not everyone can handle the pinkness and prettiness of this floral decoupage shoe makeover. But then again, they’re perfect for a day out in the sun.

24. Watercolour Sneakers

Watercolour Sneakers - fabulous shoe makeovers

This makeover will transform your boring pair of white sneakers into a work of art. Mix the most eye-catching watercolours together and treat your white sneakers like a canvas.

23. Pom Pom Shoes

Pom Pom Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

You’re not messing with your partying scenario with these babies on! Take a pair of metallic heels and add tiny pom poms along with cute little disco balls to make these pom pom shoes and welcome in the new year like a true party god.

22. Embellished Shoes

Embellished Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

Take a pair of your favourite but plain pumps and add some glamour to it using rhinestones and sequins to get this amazing embellished pair that everyone will stop and stare at.

21. Sparkly Vans Shoes

Sparkly Vans Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

Even a serious pair of Vans can look like a fabulous way to spend the night at the club in. Use a paintbrush to glue some gold glitter all over a pair of white vans and finish with rhinestones.

20. Rainbow Tie Dye Shoes

Rainbow Tie Dye Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

Use Tie Dye to turn a boring old pair of cotton shoes into this wonderful pair that looks like the rainbow god himself presented them to you.

19. Bow Tie Shoes

Bow Tie Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

This bow-tie shoe makeover gives off a serious aura while displaying your feminine side with a no-nonsense attitude.

18. Tribal Heels Shoes

Tribal Heels Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

This Tribal Heel Shoes Makeover is a to-die-for DIY that you can make easily with a few pairs of bead chains for a unique, fun, and quirky day out.

17. Scarf Flats

Scarf Flats - fabulous shoe makeovers

Make good use of your vintage scarf by improving the look of your regular flats with a colourful bow tie that adds a touch of colour and style to a regular look.

16. Gold Shoes

Gold Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

Crochet shoes are very basic but you can make them glam by painting them gold to match bold outfits with a hint of subtlety.

15. Colour Block Heels Shoes

Colour Block Heels Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

Block Heels make excellent shoe makeover canvases. Use spray paint to make bright colour blocks out of plain black heels.

14. Galaxy Shoes

Galaxy Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

Bring the skies on your feet with these intensely appealing, colourful galaxy shoes with twinkling stars and planets all over.

13. Polka Dot Shoes

Polka Dot Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

Have fun to make polka dots over a pair of red flats for a bright and funky way to express how delighted you are to wear them.

12. Dye Shoes

Dye Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

Dying your shoes really is a good idea, especially if you have plain pairs. There are dyes available in the most beautiful colours. Choose colours that match outfits.

11. Rainbow Shoes

Rainbow Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

This may look slightly over-the-top but you can reserve this rainbow shoe makeover for when you’re feeling extra colourful and when it’s permissible and acceptable to wear them. However, this is a great shoe makeover for kids and teenagers.

10. Sharpie Shoes

Sharpie Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

If you draw well, consider getting a sharpie and drawing intricate patterns all over your sneakers for an artsy shoe makeover.

9. Cat Shoes

Cat Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

Paint this cute little cat peeking out from your plain flats for an easy and simple shoe makeover.

8. Dot Patterned Shoes

Dot Patterned Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

Use fabric markers and a stencil to make these dot-patterned shoes with alternating colours for a simple, yet attractive shoe makeover.

7. Neo Gem Shoes

Neo Gem Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

Gemstones in neo colours contrast a plain pair of flats excellently. This is another simple and easy shoe makeover.

6. Lace Shoes

Lace Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

A pretty lace is all you need to add some fun to an otherwise plain pair of stilettos. This lacy shoe makeover is for all those times you’re feeling extra lady-like.

5. Studded Kitten Heel Shoes

Studded Kitten Heel Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

These studded kitten heel shoes will make you feel like the lady-boss you are, as you flaunt them in your classiest outfit.

4. Rhinestone Shoes

Rhinestone Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

Rhinestones will shine from a distance and are the glitziest thing you can put on your sneakers for quite a few head-turns.

3. Floral Wood Wedge Shoes

Floral Wood Wedge Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

Floral designs on wooden wedges are a simple way to bring a dull pair of wedges to life.

2. Patch Patterned Shoes

Patch Patterned Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

You can get a whole set of the best patch patterns to complement your style and sow them on to your sneakers for a fascinating shoe makeover.

1. Rainbow Glitter Shoes

Rainbow Glitter Shoes - fabulous shoe makeovers

These are less of an eyesore than the previous rainbow sneakers. This is a good party shoe makeover that will match a variety of outfits.


Sneakers, Flat, Loafers, Heels; whatever shoes you may possess, don’t leave a single one looking dull and plain. Add your colourful personality to your shoes with a bunch of craft supplies and have your way with beautifying them as you please.