15 Exterior design Lessons That Everyone Should Know

Like every other disciplined aspect of life, designing also has some rules and regulations. Every neighborhood has a few houses that stops you in your tracks. Now is the time to make your own house just like that perfect house of the neighborhood by learning the simple Exterior design Lessons. A beautiful house has to look beautiful inside-out and that is why it is important to know more about exterior designing.

Even though you would have hired the best architect to build your dream house, you would do better if you do some homework on exterior design. This way, you do not need to compromise on your house design and can also put forward your views during the design phase.

15 Exterior design Lessons That Everyone Should Know

1. Shape

Shape and symmetry play a very important role in exterior designing. A symmetrical building seems pleasing one`s eye and does not look out of place. All in all, a proportionally designed exterior looks tasteful and classy. The shape should be chosen after a good research work, depending on the over-all area of the house and the plot in general.

Shape-Exterior design Lessons

2. Main door

The main door of the house is the first thing that guests or visitors would encounter in your house. Thus, it needs to stand tall and be majestic to welcome the invitees and keep out the intruders. Everything about the main door, from its material to size, need to be properly selected. Sturdiness should be one of the main characteristics of the main door besides its ornate properties.

 Main door-Exterior design Lessons


3. Color combination

The color combinations used for the exterior of your house matters more than what you use for your interior walls. Your house exteriors will be at display for every passer-by and hence you should go for neutral shades to make it look more appealing to the eyes. When combining colors, it would be wiser to select the shades from the same color strip, whether you are choosing to combine dark or light colors.

Color combination-Exterior design Lessons

4. Symmetry

The symmetry of a house speaks volumes about its architecture. You have to make sure that the placement of doors and windows are all symmetrically done in the overall shape of the house. Any mistake in the symmetry of the house is an unpardonable offence on the architecture of your house. For example, two windows next to a centrally placed door need to be equidistant from the door. This is the most basic rule of architecture.

Symmetry-Exterior design Lessons


5. Contrasting

You can contrast the main-door color from the rest of the house color, to make it stand out. The door knob, handle, etc. can also have a difference from the door color to add to the appeal. This contrast color trick will definitely make your dream-house a class apart in your neighborhood. The main door of the house is the star of the whole movie and it better look it!

Contrasting-Exterior design Lessons


6. House material

This can be a very difficult decision at times. However, in most places your house material is chosen according to the weather conditions of your place. The best material chosen is the one that balances aesthetics as well durability. Sometimes, the house material is automatically decided depending on your budget as well. Stone, wood or brick, your house material will determine the strength and form of your house, so choose wisely.

House material-Exterior design Lessons


7. Roof design

The roof of the house is what protects you and your family against all natural calamity. Thus, a roof that is durable is what should be chosen. Every material that you would build your roof with has its pros and cons, you need to consider. Not only cost but their life-expectancies also vary from material to material. Slate, tiles, wood or asphalt shingles, you must consult your architect to see what best suits you house design.

Roof design-Exterior design Lessons


8. Placement of the garage

It is important to decide the placement of your garage thinking about the exterior aesthetics of the house. This also involves the judgement of symmetry. If you have a big plot you can have a separate garage shed whereas smaller plots demand fusing the garage area with the house.

Placement of the garage-Exterior design Lessons


9. Garage doors

Majority of house owners do not give enough importance to the material or color of their garage doors. However, even the garage doors add to the overall aesthetics of the house, since they are part of the exteriors. Properties of the garage door that needs to be surveyed before choosing one are: its safety feature, its insulating properties, its durability, warranty and price.

 Garage doors-Exterior design Lessons


10. Type of windows

Windows are more a part of your house exteriors than interiors. Your house breathes through your windows and that shows their importance in your house in every aspect. The size and type of the windows reflect the character of your house. Whether you choose large floor-to-ceiling windows or small rectangular windows, your choice defines your home in a certain way. The number of windows you choose to place in the house would depend on how much exposure you want with the outside world.

 Type of windows-Exterior design Lessons


11. Patio or sit out

While many people like to design their patio in the very front of the house, some people like it in the rear of the house and the rest would just want a house without a patio. While patios are a good bargain in summers, they are a lot of work during the winters. If you want a patio, its positioning also needs to go with the symmetry of the house. You can also decide to have an open-air one or one with a roof.

Patio or sit out-Exterior design Lessons


12. Entryway design

If you have a sufficiently big plot to build your house, you need to also design a proper driveway or entry way to your door. This when properly done increases the aesthetic value of your property. Everyone entering your house must take this way and hence its design, mapping and maintenance must be looked-into properly.

Entryway design-Exterior design Lessons


13. Adequate Lighting

The exterior lighting of your home is also an important property of your house`s character at night. You do not want people to get an image of a haunted house when passing by your house in the night after all. The lights must be placed strategically in your entire property to guide visitors at night. The lights must be chosen in a manner that they are neither too bright nor too dim.

Adequate Lighting-Exterior design Lessons


14. In-sync with the neighborhood

When designing the exterior of your house, always remember to sync your style with that the overall style of the neighborhood that you are going to live in. This way, you would stay in harmony with your surroundings, which is an important secondary point to consider when designing the exteriors of your house. Else, your house might just look like a fish-out-of-the-water in your entire neighborhood.

In-sync with the neighborhood-Exterior design Lessons

15. Overtly display house number

This is another important point that many of the house owners ignore. Going for different fonts and writing styles is fine as long as your house number is visible from a few yards away. Big, bold fonts are preferred all the way. You can represent your house style by the font you choose to display your house number. While a stylish font goes with modern exteriors, copper or hand-painted tiles go with the ethnic exteriors of your home.

Overtly display house number-Exterior design Lessons