26 Epic Empty Wine Bottle Projects

As much as a full or half-full wine bottle looks irresistible, an empty one is equally useful and attractive. If your days are filled with delectable wine, put the empty bottles to good use by not throwing them away. If you like it or not, repurposing old wine bottles is a very smart way to reduce garbage and to recycle them for immensely useful DIYs. By adding your imagination, there really is no limit to the number of creative ways in which you can make empty wine bottle projects.

The most popular way to use wine bottles would be to place them as attractive pieces of décor to hold anything that will shine and look pretty inside them. You can either make utility items out of Empty Wine Bottles or use colours, craft supplies to turn them into interesting pieces of décor that beautify spaces and look better than store-bought, expensive items. While celebrating and drinking up all your delectable wine, don’t forget to save the bottles for your next DIY. Below are 26 epic empty wine bottle projects that you can try alone or seek the help of friends or family to spend a few, fun hours making them.

26 Epic Empty Wine Bottle Projects

1. Twine Wrapped Wine Bottle

Wrap your old wine bottles with twine and glue them while sticking interesting objects of décor to transform plain bottles with an old-world charm. Good DIY for making a wine bottle flower vase.

Twine Wrapped Wine Bottle

2. Netted Wine Bottle

Another way of using twine and wine bottles is to make a netted, beach décor on a pretty looking bottle. Use a sparkling one to complement the rustic look of the twine.

Netted Wine Bottle - empty wine bottle projects

3. Scarecrow Wine Bottle

The scarecrow themed wine bottle is great for Halloween décor. Use lots of hay and draw an adorable face to make sweet little scarecrows to display on your table or shelf.

Scarecrow Wine Bottle

4. Santa Wine Bottle

Come Christmas and you will need this Santa Wine Bottle DIY. Of course, you will have plenty of wine bottles on the holidays and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a ton of these santas made using paint and twine.

Santa Wine Bottle

5. Home Wine Bottles

This DIY literally screams décor and will catch the eye of your guests who will definitely be all praise for your handiwork.

Home Wine Bottles - empty wine bottle projects

6. Mini Garden Wine Bottle

To make this mini garden in wine bottles, you will first need to learn to cut and melt the bottles before your water lilies and crotons can sit in them and look pretty in the garden. Just make sure you don’t cut or bruise yourself while making this DIY.

Mini Garden Wine Bottle

7. Thank You Wine Bottle

This is an excellent thanksgiving or thank you gift DIY. Make your own hot sauce, fill them in wine bottles and give them away as a token of how grateful you are to someone. They will love you for it. You can find good hot sauce recipes to make these thank you wine bottles.

Thank You Wine Bottle - empty wine bottle projects

8. Dish Soap Dispenser Wine Bottle

Turn an old wine bottle into a utility item. This fancy soap dispenser is just what you need around the house because you no longer have to purchase cheap soap dispensers that need replacing every few weeks. This one will last forever and will motivate everyone to have clean hands always.

Dish Soap Dispenser Wine Bottle

9. Candle Stand Wine Bottle

Iregardless of whether or not you have power outages frequently where you live; there’s no reason why you shouldn’t turn off the lights and use these wine bottle candle stands to reflect light across the house beautifully. A great way to save electricity and to add an alluring charm to your late evenings and nights.

Candle Stand Wine Bottle

10. Candle Stand

Placing the candles inside the bottles will intensify the reflections. Arrange these beautiful candle stands in corners to make for a stunning piece of décor and an amazing way to brighten up the vicinity.

Candle Stand 

11. Beach Wine Bottles

Recreate the tropical atmosphere in your home with these beach themed wine bottles. For people crazy about the waters, you can choose a variety of sea life until you have a whole set of sea creature bottles ready to welcome guests home.

Beach Wine Bottles

12. Van Gogh Art Wine Bottle

Recreate your own versions of famous paintings on wine bottles and keep them for display showcasing your artistic skills. Bottle art is an incredibly attractive home décor that everyone will love.

Van Gogh Art Wine Bottle - empty wine bottle projects

13. Wine Bottle Tree

A Wine Bottle Tree will look fabulous in your backyard, especially if you paint them in different colours and place them where they make your garden look like it’s out of a fairy tale. Bottle Trees have their own, unique history but nevertheless are great companions to your precious potted plants, and trees.

Wine Bottle Tree

14. Wine Bottle Decoupage

Make a few of these decoupaged wine bottle art using floral clip art patterns that you like and watch your living space come alive with their beauty.

Wine Bottle Decoupage

15. Wine Bottle Decorative Tumblers

Who said you had to use whole wine bottles? Instead, cut them in half and make decorative glasses to use during parties and special occasions. Nobody will guess them to be recycled wine bottles.

Wine Bottle Decorative Tumblers

16. Wine Bottle Snowman

Another one for Christmas. Paint your wine bottles to make your snowmen as cute as possible with funny expressions.

Wine Bottle Snowman - empty wine bottle projects

17. Christmas Wine Bottle

Another Christmas special, this frosty wine bottle DIY is to bring in the snow-covered outdoors inside the warmth of your home.

Christmas Wine Bottle - empty wine bottle projects

18. Wine Bottle Chandelier

Now this one looks so fancy, everyone will think you hired an expensive designer to set it up. Use inexpensive lights to shine bright through some wine bottles as they dangle over your bar or dinner table.

Wine Bottle Chandelier

19. Candy Corn Wine Bottle

Make candy corn themed wine bottles for your Halloween DIY. Doesn’t it look smart and handsome with its little bowtie along with some sunny flowers?

Candy Corn Wine Bottle

20. Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Birds and butterflies find it hard to get food and water in cities with very less greenery. Help a cute little birdie by placing this DIY wine bottle bird feeder in your garden and don’t forget to add food and water to it.

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

21. Wine Bottle Lamp Base

A DIY Lamp using a wine bottle lamp base can be placed in the living room for everyone to admire or given away as a gift to someone dear.

Wine Bottle Lamp Base - empty wine bottle projects

22. Fairy Lights Wine Bottle

Fairy Lights in a Wine Bottle is every girl’s favourite DIY. Don’t miss out on trying this one.

Fairy Lights Wine Bottle

23. Wine Bottle Curtain

This may look over the top, but it really isn’t. In fact, every single person who passes by your house will crane their necks to get a second glimpse of this colourful and delicate curtain made with wine bottles.

Wine Bottle Curtain

24. Wine Bottle Stencils

If you can’t draw to save your life, stencils will be of great help to neatly draw and paint on wine bottles and to make intricate patterns or interesting shapes.

Wine Bottle Stencils

25. Wine Bottle Terrarium

Terrariums can be made both in mason jars as well as wine bottles. Just make sure to give your mini terrariums all the love you can muster.

Wine Bottle Terrarium

26. Wine Bottle Cannisters

Wine Bottles with corks make excellent canisters for storing groceries. What’s more, you can use large clear labels to make sure nobody confuses anything.

Wine Bottle Cannisters - empty wine bottle projects


After going through the above 26 innovative ways to use empty wine bottles, you will think twice before throwing away the beauties. Wine Bottles are the best home décor DIY material because they’re so beautiful and will look like art masterpieces if beautified.