Doug Hutchison Net Worth 2018 – How much is Doug Hutchison Net Worth?

How many are aware of the famous Doug Hutchison Net Worth? If yes are you sure that is the exact amount of figures behind this American star? If not why then don’t you make a smart choice of reading this article to know more about Doug Hutchison. With this article, you will be able to understand how Doug Hutchison amassed his remarkable net worth and for how long he did it. In addition to all that, this article will ensure that you will only get the facts other than the typical gossip and rumors. Read this, and you are sure to get just the best.

Doug Hutchison Net Worth 2018

Doug Hutchison Net Worth 2018 - Doug Hutchison Net Worth

Doug Anthony Hutchison is a famous actor who is best known for his roles as an antagonist in most of his movies. Some of these roles that he is known for are Obie Jameson in The Chocolate War, Sproles in Fresh Horses, Eugene Victor Tooms in the X-Files and others. His other source of income is Dark Water Inc., his own production company. When he was 50 years, Doug Hutchison received critics from millions of people worldwide after marrying Courtney Stiffen who was by then 16 years old only. He has been active for the last three decades and has received a high level of success.

Biography and Wiki

Biography and Wiki - Doug Hutchison Net Worth

Doug Anthony Hutchison was born in 1960, 26th May. His place of birth is Dover, Delaware, United States of America. He went to Bishop Foley High School in Michigan before joining Apple Valley Minnesota. He graduated from the school in 1978. Doug went to both University of Minnesota and Juilliard School located in New York. He left both schools without graduating. When Doug was still studying at Apple Valley High School, he starred in some of Dennis Swanson productions. He was featured in Carnival as Paul Berthalet and Don’t Drink the Water as Walter Hollander.

Doug Anthony Hutchison has married three wives so far. His second wife was Amanda Sellers whom he married in 2002 and divorced in 2005. Six years later, Doug married his third wife Courtney Stodden who was by then 16 years while he was 50 years. The marriage was a real disaster since millions of people criticized it, his whole family was ashamed of him, people sent him death threats, and even he lost his agent. Moreover, he was named a pedophile by lots of people. The couple met in acting class when Doug Hutchison used to give acting lessons to people.

The only two people who came to Doug’s defense were Stodden’s mum, Krista Keller, and Dr. Jenn Berman. The doctor starred as a therapist in the reality show, Couples Therapy in which the couple starred. The real reason why they starred in the reality show was to try and solve their marriage issues mainly because of their age difference. The couple has faced ups and downs and has had an on-off romantic relationship for the past years. In 2016 May, they announced that they were having a baby, but Stodden suffered a miscarriage later in the year. In 2017, rumors about their separation went around the internet only to be confirmed this year. Stodden recently filed for a divorce, and the petition is currently waiting for its processing in court.

How much is Doug Hutchison Net Worth? How much is his income?

Doug Hutchison Net Worth is $3 million. This remarkable net worth is through his work as an actor and reality show personality. He has been active in the filming industry for the past three decades that is since 1988. With such focus, determination and the time it is only fair to say that $3 million is a possible amount.

How did Doug Hutchison amass his net worth?

How did Doug Hutchison amass his net worth? - Doug Hutchison Net Worth

After graduating from high school, Doug Hutchison was lucky to get himself in the television show department shortly after his graduation. He appeared on a television show, Saint Paul Minnesota where he took the role of Alan Strang. Equus Productions produced this, and it ran from 9th February to 4th March in 1979. Earlier before this happened, Doug had formerly appeared in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and Sing Me through an Open Window. Years later, Doug guest starred in numerous television shows such as Millennium, Guiding light, 24, The X Files and others.

Doug Hutchison ventured into filming in the late 1980s when for the first time he appeared in a television drama, Fresh Horses where he starred as Sproles. He later appeared in The Chocolate War as Obie Jameson. The following years were terrific for Doug Hutchison since he appeared in many other films. His career which was already very promising started declining back in the 2000s. It was after he started getting offers for only the short films which ran in a short period. In late 2008, Doug Hutchison Company produced a series, Vampire Killers. The series revolves around four vampire hunters who fight thousands of vampires in Los Angeles.

Awards and Achievements

Awards and Achievements

Doug Anthony Hutchison has achieved a lot in the filming industry. He has received three nominations in different filming industry categories. Doug is a man who has faced Critics from millions of people worldwide, but this has not pulled him down. His most significant achievement is being able to continue with his filming career despite the ups and downs he faced after marrying Stodden. That has helped Doug Hutchison amass his net worth.

Ten things you need to know about Doug Hutchison

1. Doug Hutchison at the age of fifty years married a sixteen-year-old teenager, Courtney Stodden.

2. His marriage to Courtney Stodden caused many problems in his career.

3. Doug Hutchison has married three wives so far.

4. He owns a production company, Dark Water which produces and releases films.

5. The only two people known to have supported his relationship with Stodden is Stodden’s mum and Dr. Jenn Berman, a therapist in the reality show Couples Therapy.

6. Doug Hutchison career faced real challenges in the 2000s when he could only manage to get small roles.

7. The public labeled Doug Pedophile after his romantic relationship with Courtney Stodden.

8. He is one of the best antagonists in the American filming industry.

9. The age difference between him and Stodden’s dad is four years. He is the senior.

10. He and Courtney met online.