13 DIY T-Shirt Ideas

There are numerous diy t-shirt ideas making rounds on the internet. It is no secret that they are indeed an inspiration for many people because this serves as an avenue for them to express their extraordinary talents when it comes to enhancing simple designs to more complex pieces of clothes. As an avenue for one to express themselves through their clothing, it has provided many with the chance and opportunity to thrive in the society by making a living out of these t-shirt cutting ideas. While not so many are great at this practice, those that are talented keep making statements with their extraordinary cut outs.

With the rising number of people opting for DIY T-shirt cutting ideas, many people have had the chance of putting to use their t-shirts that they had neglected for a while. Now, they have the chance to enhance their beauty and wear them again as an entirely different piece of cloth. There are very many designs out there ranging from sleeve cut outs to fringes, to making crop tops. All these ideas are fascinating the current generation, and they are turning people into more creative and innovative individuals. Soon enough, everything will have a new use.

The following are 13 DIY T-shirt cutting ideas that will rock your world.

13 DIY T-SHIRT Cutting Ideas


A SIMPLE SLEEVELESS TOP - diy t-shirt ideas


This is one easy to make cut-out t-shirt. All you need is an old t-shirt and a pair of scissors. Cut out the arms all the way down to the ¾ mark of the t-shirt’s length. You may go ahead and cut the neck or leave it at that.

BOW-BACK CUT-OUT T-SHIRT - diy t-shirt ideas


Take your t-shirt and a pair of scissors. Fold the t-shirt to get the middle mark. Cut the back side of the t-shirt from the middle mark horizontally. Cut out the neck also to form a V-shape. Pull together the upper half of the back and the neck to form the bow. Saw it in position.

BLADE CUT-OUT T-SHIRT - diy t-shirt ideas


Take your t-shirt and mark all the areas you will be cutting out using your blade. You can either cut out the t-shirt in a horizontal manner or vertically. It all depends on you. The sizes of the cut-outs will also vary depending on you.

TIE-UPS DESIGN - diy t-shirt ideas


This is a straightforward and fun design especially if you are in the mood to tear something up. Take your t-shirt and make horizontal cut-outs. After that, locate the exact place where your spine will be positioned when you wear the t-shirt. From that point cut through the ‘strings’ all the way down then tie together the ends.

HEART-SHAPED CUT-OUT - diy t-shirt ideas


This is a simple design and very sassy. It is an amazing t-shirt cut-out to wear on that beautiful summer weather. At the back of your t-shirt, draw a heart or use a heart-shaped object for easy tracing while cutting. Cut out the back with a pair of scissors and put on your shirt.

SHOULDER CUT - diy t-shirt ideas


This design will make your shirt look elegant and stylish when done right. When done wrong, you will wish you never attempted it in the first place. It is important that you also make even cut-outs of the shirt. Start from one end as you move towards the other end.

TIE-UP CROP T-SHIRT - diy t-shirt ideas


This t-shirt needs precision. Make markings as shown above. Cut out the neck and the sleeves. Choose the length that is most preferred by you and cut the back horizontally. Cut the front to form a V-shape and cut through the top of the V-shape upwards to a distance that coincides with the edge of the back part. Tie up the two lower parts at the front.

DIAMOND CUT OUT DESIGN - diy t-shirt ideas


All you have to do is to start with a drawing on paper to act as your cut out guide. Place this tracing paper at the back side of your t-shirt. Using a pair of scissors or a blade, cut out the t-shirt following the pattern that has been outlined. There is no room for error because you will mess up your –shirt.

BLADE CUT NECKLINE DESIGN - diy t-shirt ideas


Using a blade, you can make tiny cut outs along the neck line to form a design like that of an accessory. Precision is crucial and also maintain the size of the cut outs. This is a fabulous casual wear that may pass out for a formal look when done properly.

LONG-SLEEVES CUT OUTS - diy t-shirt ideas


This is by far the most interesting way of wearing a long sleeved t-shirt. By making small cut outs on the outer side of the sleeve, you will add that fun and stylish look to it. You will also break the monotony of the design. This makes your arms look very attractive.

DIY FRINGE TOP - diy t-shirt ideas


Making this top is incredibly easy and very fast. All you have to do is to cut the t-shirt at its bottom to make fringes. It is advisable to use thinner fringes for this design so that the beauty of the design is amplified. This is a great top to wear to a party.

SIDE CUT T-SHIRT - diy t-shirt ideas


Take your t-shirt and cut out the sleeves and the neck. Cut both sides through to the end from the point that is just beneath your armpit. Finally, tie the sides together to give it a final look. It is a great look to get that cold breeze hit your body amazingly when it blows.

WINGED BACK DESIGN - diy t-shirt ideas


On a piece of paper, draw out your wing design that you will use to trace your way on the t-shirt. Using a pair of scissors, cut out the design. This is a simple but amazing design that will bring out an illusion of a wing on your back. It is angelic.

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