45 Awesome DIY Gift Ideas That Anyone Can Do

Here’s a list of 45 awesome DIY’s which are amazingly easy to make and will be cheaper than you think. With 3 or less than 3 materials the following DIY’s are an awesome new way to gift something unique to someone really special. It is easy and requires much less time hence is best for last minute preparations in case you forgot a really special date. Anyone no matter what age group they belong can try this whole new range of simple, easy and amazing DIY ideas. So try out these awesome DIY ideas and appreciate your love for the nearest and dearest.

45 Awesome DIY Gift Ideas That Anyone Can Do

1. Easy Crown crafted from a toilet paper roll

Easy Crown crafted from a toilet paper rollAll you need is a toilet paper roll, scissor, and colors of your choice.Just cut out triangles from one end and feel free to color your heart out. There are endless possibilities for this one

2.Transform any boring t-Shirt into a super cool cutout tee

All you need is the paper having desired design a pen and a scissor. Trace out the design from the paper onto the t-shirt and cut carefully. There you have a perfect and cool tee ready to be gifted to special one

Transform any boring t-Shirt into a super cool cutout tee

3.Surprise pyramid gift box

This is super simple all you need is paper, ribbon, and scissor. Cut the paper in the shape as displayed in the picture below, cut fold and for a little surprise write some quotes or pick up lines and top it with candy and chocolates and conceal everything using a ribbon.

Surprise pyramid gift box

4.Small and cute Booklet for the loved ones

Write down few awesome things about your BFF or loved one or just collect the memorials of the time. You have spent together and hold everything together using a key holder.


5.Old Keyboard message DIY

All you need is old keyboard and a frame or plain board. Take out the desired keys and assemble it to create your own personalized gift.

Old Keyboard message DIY Old Keyboard message DIY

6.Personalized cup

All you need is a plain cup and marker. Write your heart out and bake it for 30 minutes at 170 degree Celsius

Personalized cup 6.png

7.Popping surprise

Hide your message, gift or just candies in a balloon blow it and gift it to the loved one it takes absolutely no time.

Popping surprise 7.jpg

8.Paint cans DIY

Assemble empty paint cans to make a personalized storage shelf.

Paint cans DIY

9.Beautiful yarn balls

Blow a balloon wet yarn in white glue around the balloon and let it dry.

There you go you can make wall hangings or just add a surprise to the balloon.

Beautiful yarn balls 9.png

10.Scented candles DIY

Take a simple candle and some cinnamon sticks. Wrap cinnamon around the candle using a thread. The warmth around the candle makes the air around it smell awesome.

Scented candles DIY

11.Candy coins

Warp candy coins in a colorful paper and spin a ribbon around it. Perfect and awesome gift.

Candy coins 11.jpg

12.Reuse that old DVD

Break that old use less DVD into pieces and randomly arrange and paste to form a beautiful mosaic.

Reuse that old DVD

13.PVC Pipe storage stand

Cut PVC pipe of desired length and stick it using glue. Paint if required.

PVC Pipe storage stand

14.Amazing party cap

Break that old DVD into bits and stick it to the plain cap using fabric glue.

Amazing party cap

15.Beautiful wall décor using newspaper

Fold paper into strips and roll it to form circles.

Beautiful wall décor using newspaper

16.Simple wall hanging

Cut out circles from colorful papers. Join them using a string.

Simple wall hanging

17.Simple Jewell cap

All you need is jewel beads and a simple cap. Stick those beads on the cap to give it a perfect look.

Simple Jewell cap

18.Amazing star wall décor

Cut out star shaped paper and connect using a string

Amazing star wall décor

19.Photo Gallery

Assemble all the photos of your loved one and clip them to a string

Photo Gallery

20.Crockery wall décor

It’s a perfect surprise for your spouse or family member. Just collect all the useless at beautiful plates from kitchen and add them to display

Crockery wall décor

21. Give that old and simple mirror an awesome twist

Stick broken pieces of a DVD along the frame

22. Time to use that old and useless DVD’s

Tie all the DVD’S using a knot and end up hanging everything to single bar.

15.png23. Stick wall hanging

Collect all shapes and sizes of sticks from backyard and paint to give it a funky look


24. Modified greeting card

Give simple and boring card a twist by adding a necklace.


25. Artistic stick frame

Put your garden to work collect all types of sticks and join them to form a network in the shape of a frame


26. Scrabble game twist

Bring that old scrabble game letters to form your own personalized gift.


27. Scrabble twist to a frame

Add scrabble letters to a usual frame for an awesome DIY effect.


28. Awesome DIY phone case

All you’ll need is hot glue, make a close network of glue and let it dry.


29. Or just use a marker

Make desirable design on a transparent phone case.


30. Awesome and quick jewelry stand

All you need is ice-cream sticks. Color and join the sticks as shown in the picture.


31. Scratch DVD Art

Paint old DVD pitch black and scratch out the design of your choice to personalize your gift


32. Display quote

Join ice cream sticks to form a board add your thought and some craft to make it a awesome gift.


33. String art

Use push pin to form a figure and wrap colorful strings around it make it flawlessly splendid.


34. Oil pastel painting

Use oil pastel or wax crayons to form a figure and use hair dryer to melt the wax and form a tremendous art work


35. Pull out photo album

You’ll need a small wooden box and few adorable photos of loved one. Attach photos in a zigzag format and add a string at one end.


36. Yummy Chocolate tree

Crumble some newspaper to form a ball, cover it using chocolates and make it stand like tree.


37.Transform plain and dull shoes into awesome shoes

Just wrap a lace around the shoe.


38. Show your artistic side

Collect pebbles and set them to form a great piece of art.


39. Flowers made out of ear buds

Stains ear buds and fix them in to a thermocol ball.


40. Turn a paper cup into beautiful flower basket

Cover the paper cup using Thermo col balls.

Turn a paper cup into beautiful flower basket

41.Give your child a scientific surprise

Transform thermocol into planets and satellites.

Give your child a scientific surprise

42. Thermocol sheet wall decor

Cut thermocol sheets into various shapes and color. And form a great piece of art.

Thermocol sheet wall decor

43. Beautiful Lotus

All you need is ribbons, scissor and athermocol ball.

Beautiful lotus

44. Pen holders using straws

Assemble straws one after the other around a paper cup.

 Pen holders using straws

45. Awesome Flower case

Take a waste and empty bottle and wrap a thick yarn around it, fix it with glue and color.

Awesome Flower case-DIY Gift Ideas

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