20 DIY Creative Key Holders Ideas

DIY Creative Key Holders make great pieces of creative wall décor, if you’re trying to redecorate your interiors with handmade or artsy pieces. Keys strewn on tables, chairs, and everywhere are a common sight in busy households where people are frequently commuting in cars or bikes, and locking or unlocking doors. They’re handy pieces of décor that ensure you never lose a single key, as long as everyone is disciplined enough to return a key back to it after using. If you’re a person who likes visually appealing, smart home furniture and décor, or if you like to make your own DIYs and put them on display around your home or office; DIY Creative Key Holders are for you.

If you don’t know what a key holder is, they’re essentially a wooden plank with hooks that you can use to hang keys on. There’s no limit to the number of ways you can get creative with them. Colourful and unique key holders brighten up any living space and if contrasted with colours and patterns make for excellent wall décor. You can find unique key holders to match any style and colour. DIY Key Holders aren’t very hard to make and are great for experimenting with. Here are 20 DIY Creative Keyholders for inspiration

20 DIY Creative Key Holders

1. Bird House Key Holder

This cute DIY Key Holder is shaped like a bird house and will definitely be the first thing your guests will look at. You can either buy a tiny birdhouse made of wood or make your own. Paint cute words over it or you can get more artsy by making it bright and colourful. Finally, two hooks go to make a tiny but useful thing to hang on your wall. This is a small key holder and if you have too many keys lying around, you need to make something bigger.

Bird House Key Holder - diy creative key holders

2. The Spoons and Forks Key Holder

Won’t that look amazing? Now you can make good use of old forks and spoons without piling them up as junk. What’s more, you can make a whole wall of these spoon and fork key holders and they still won’t clutter your space. All you need to do is play with colours on wooden blocks and use your creativity to neatly organize them in different patterns on your wall. Anyone who looks at your spoon and fork keyholder will marvel at them.

The Spoons and Forks Key Holder

3. Lego Key Holder

Everyone knows Legos are the greatest things ever made. You will have loads of fun making this Lego Key Holder. You can change the word on it and even add an extra hinge to use it hold a note. This Lego key holder looks so pretty that nobody can resist tucking their keys away on it. Use a Lego Hinge as a note clip and no one will miss any urgent notes you left behind.

Lego Key Holder - diy creative key holders

4. Movember Key Holder

This Moustache shaped key holder will certainly be a treat to look at. The Movember themed design will be a favourite for moustache lovers in your home or office. Just so you know, Movember refers to Moustache November; the time when guys grow out healthy moustaches to spread awareness about issues faced by Men including Prostate Cancer and Suicide. Definitely a favourite with the boys.

Movember Key Holder

5. Horseshoe Magnet Key Holder

This probably is the easiest, simplest, and cutest key holder that will go well on any wall. Simply buy a horseshoe magnet and hang it on your wall. Your keys will stick on it. Simply pull and stick your keys when you feel like it. You can either use a plain horseshoe magnet or paint on it as you like. Definitely key holder eye candy.

Horseshoe Magnet Key Holder - diy creative key holders

6. Chalkboard Key Holder

You can’t get enough of this 3-in-one Key Holder. Almost every human would love a nice little chalk board around to jot down reminders and notes, and to occasionally let out some steam with a good scribble. Place pretty little items on the stand and let your keys hang around until they’re wanted.

Chalkboard Key Holder

7. Tennis Ball Key Holder

This is the cutest key holder you will ever see. You can use to occasionally hold a note, or letter. The only downside to this key holder is that it can hold just one key at a time. Just take a tennis ball, rip open a mouth and draw eyes to make it look like your key holder has a soul. And you’re good to go!

Tennis Ball Key Holder - diy creative key holders

8. The Classic Key Holder

Seen this key holder with a wooden frame, some stylized, classic writing, and a neat array of hooks in movies and hotels? Make this vintage key holder, give it a rustic appeal, and have heads turning for a second look.

The Classic Key Holder

9. Doorknobs Key Holder

This is a brilliant idea for a Key Holder. Not only are you making use of old and worn-out door knobs, you can easily let your keys hang on them. What’s more, the sturdy knobs will hold a handbag or purse without a problem. Back them up with a strong wooden board and watch your living space look more elegant than ever before.

Doorknobs Key Holder - diy creative key holders

10. Key-Key Holder

Old Keys that no longer fit or that have lost their locks only increase junk at home. Instead of throwing them away, use pliers to bend them into a hook shape and nail them on to a wooden board to make a key holder out of keys. Old keys have a rustic charm to them and people will be confused how you made keys hold keys.

Key-Key Holder

11. Driftwood Key Holder

Have a whole Driftwood change the aesthetics of your interiors while hanging all your keys on it like a Pro. Driftwoods are commonly found by the beach. Find one with an odd but intriguing shape. Drill holes for hooks and paint the wood if you like. You can either hang it up on your wall or nicely place it in a corner. Classy key holder to the rescue!

Driftwood Key Holder

12. Frame Key Holder

Simple and easy to make, just take a stunning looking photo frame and get rid of the back and the glass surface. You could choose a slightly bigger frame to accommodate more keys. Get yourself some good quality hooks to ensure all your keys are safely tucked and nicely displayed.

Frame Key Holder

13. Key Holder Storage Box

If you don’t like the idea of drab looking keys hanging on your wall, make a cabinet for them using wood. Nicely paint the door to make your key holder cabinet blend in with the wall and you have a safe and closed space to place for all your keys.

Key Holder Storage Box - diy creative key holders

14. Big Key Key-Holder

This is a very common key holder design. You can buy this or fashion it out of wood. Create a unique design and paint on it. One giant key to hold all your keys!

Big Key Key-Holder

15. Monogram Key Holder

Pick everyone’s favourite letter and make a giant monogram holder for your keys. You can get creative with the colours and design of your giant letter and fix the hooks the way you like.

Monogram Key Holder

16. The Family Key Holder

With this key holder, everyone has a place to keep their keys, including your pet pooch. A tiny wooden frame and some white paint to draw the paw prints along with the words will do.

The Family Key Holder - diy creative key holders

17. Mirror Key Holder

You can either go for a tiny mirror or a large one and add hooks to hang keys on it. Mirrors make the best wall hangings and you can’t have enough of them.

Mirror Key Holder

18. Magnetic Key Holder Board

A magnetic board is great for sticking notes and memos. Combine that with key holding hooks and you have a useful piece of wall décor.

Magnetic Key Holder Board

19. Plug Key Holders

You could install a few sockets without an electrical connection and attach key rings to repurposed plugs to make an innovative socket and plug key holder wall for all the family keys. Definitely a head turner!

Plug Key Holders - diy creative key holders

20. Pot Plant Key Holder

Take a wooden frame and fix a pot holder in which you can place a nicely fitting tiny pot plant. Throw in a bunch of hooks and you have a potted plant cum key holder ready to enhance the beauty of your wall.

Pot Plant Key Holder



Most of these DIY Creative Key Holders require the simplest of materials and very little effort to make. DIY’s are the best way to pass time and the people involved will enjoy every bit of making one of the above DIY Key Holders. There are more ideas you can find and with your imagination, a simple household utility item like a key holder can become your canvas.

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